5 Great Things ot Know About Pine Hills Golf Course

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pine hills golf course
pine hills golf course

Enjoy the amazing pine hills golf course where the nature of beauty meets golf.

Here at the pine hills golf course, you will truly understand the meaning of golf and enjoy it not just as a game but experience it as a whole.

Pine hills are one of the best golf courses to be found in the entire Northwood, Wisconsin. Its historic appeal and scenic beauty make this golf course a magical amalgam of fun with pleasure.

As you enter the vast landscape of the pine hills golf course, you are guaranteed to encounter all that you would be hoping for. Fun, food, positivity – you name it, it’s all there.

Enjoy playing unbeatable golf at the panoramic golf course or have a huge feast at the restaurants that serve world-class food, or try your luck at the casino here at the pine hills golf course.

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Pine Hills Golf Course at a Glance

This beautiful golf course was established in the early 1960s and since then has been a favorite place to chill for many families and friends. The golf course welcomes everyone of all ages.

Nestled in between the pines, this beautiful golf course has got its name from its location itself.

The pine hills golf course is just a 30 minutes drive in the northwest direction of Shawano, Wisconsin, off Highway 47. Even though the golf course can be accessed easily, once you step onto their lands, a feeling of luxury will engulf you and keep you wondering if you have entered a true golfer’s paradise.

The golf course resort is just 60 minutes away from the green bay and is a great getaway for those who stay in Milwaukee.

After playing a golf round, enter their stately Club House and enjoy the authentic pine hills dining.  The restaurant has a hot vibe and a light and welcoming ambiance. The fine dining experience at the pine hills golf club is definitely worth many visits in return.

With many innovative features planned weekly by the pine hills golf course staff, like a famous Sunday brunch – the pine hills restaurant will surely grab its place as one of your favorite places to visit and hang out.

Don’t forget to enquire about their amazing stay and play packages that can be altered according to your needs. These packages will help you experience golf in an even better way.

They also provide excellent facilities and catering options if you ever decide on hosting an event at the pine hills golf course.

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1. Golf at Pine Hills

The pine hills golf course is one of the most remarkable golf courses of all the Northwood Wisconsin golf courses.

The beautiful 72 park golf course is very comfortably situated amidst the long pines and beautiful backdrop, helping you enjoy nature while you play.

Skilled architects design the 18-hole golf course, and each hole is made to test your ability and skills at the shot.

All those who commit to playing golf with full focus are welcomed into this secluded golf course that helps you bring out your religious golfer side—the calm and quiet ambiance, without the noise of the busy roads or city.

It would just be you alone with your golf club and the ball while the breeze blows along with the trees and ruffles your soft hair.

2. The Pine Hills Golf Course Club House

Photo by Andrew Anderson on Unsplash. Copyright 2021

Coming to the pine hills golf course clubhouse, the majestic and jaw-dropping centerpiece carved out of a log will make you feel all the luxury and would remark how the golf course has given attention to every detail.

The clubhouse is located at the most beautiful and highest point of the pine hills golf course and overlooks the entire area. The south-facing view of the clubhouse is ideal for enjoying and spectating the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

3. Dining Experience at The Pine Hills Golf Course

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Next comes the amazing dining experience at the pine hills golf course. The restaurant is famous for its spectacular dining experience and delicious cuisine. From Friday fish fry to lavish Sunday brunches, you got them all.

And if you are a bit skeptical about the same old indoor dining, they also have grill and bar dining and serve a large variety of freshly cooked cuisines with beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

You could also enjoy your meal in the seating area arranged on the deck and patio while looking over the beautiful view of the golf course.

3.1 Stay and Play Packages

This amazing feature provided by the pine hills golf course gives you a fantastic opportunity to stay and play at one of the finest Midwest casino golf resorts.

They provide various flexible packages that can be altered and tailored according to your needs.

One of the highest-rated golf courses in Northwood, a casino with approximately 1200 slot machines, a luxurious hotel, and many of your favorite indoor table games – they fulfill all your whims and wishes for a perfect getaway.

Not to mention a salon and spa, a menu filled with a variety of delicious snacks and food, and free entertainment every weekend – the pine hills golf course will satisfy the need for your ideal vacation.

4. Golf Carts

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Jopwell. Pexels.Copyright 2021

The pine hills golf course features some of the top Yamaha EFI golf cart models to provide smooth rides for their customers.

The top features of the golf cart include –

  • 12-inch touch screen display for map
  • Club and ball washers
  • Onboard cell phone charger points
  • Built-in DSG tag GPS

5. Events and Functions

If you plan on organizing an event or function – the pine hills golf course is your destination!

Be it banquets, weddings or meetings – they have all the facilities to serve all your needs.

Choose from two venues – the many trails, banquet halls, and the clubhouse function suite.

The many trails banquet hall is situated on the golf course itself and has its own driveway. It accommodates 300 guests with a full-service kitchen and bar and a dance floor with a high-quality sound system- ideal for lavish functions or weddings.

The clubhouse function suite is located on the ground level at the clubhouse and accommodates 125 guests. It features a full-service bar with internet service. This venue is ideal for small meetings, gatherings, or birthday parties.

6. Pine Hills Golf Course

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Photo by Martin Magnemyr on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

The pine hills golf course is by far the most remarkable golf course ever made and should undoubtedly be on every golf player’s bucket list.

And if you are not that into golf, the pine hills golf course has other amazing amenities down its sleeves to cater to your tastes and needs for the most memorable vacation or getaway!

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