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Relish High-Quality Tequilas at the San Diego Tequila Tour!

If you are in San Diego and a tequila lover, the San Diego Tequila Tour is your ticket to taste some fine quality tequilas with delicious fish tacos and tortillas around the city, with the tour available on various dates and time schedules, departing from the Old Town, San Diego.

Take this San Diego tequila tour and get to explore the area of San Diego with special tequila breaks in between, while relishing lip-smacking snacks at the well-known restaurants of San Diego.

Book your tickets now from the Fever and get to know more about this unique tequila tour in San Diego. 

About the San Diego Tequilla Tour

Are you very particular about the kinds of drinks you have? Well, this tour might just be what you need to enhance your taste. Get to taste different varieties of tequilas while exploring the city of San Deigo. 

This package tour will take you to some of the most popular as well as iconic places and restaurants of San Deigo. 

What to Expect?

The tour will start from the Rockin’ Baja Lobster in Old Town, a very famous Mexican restaurant in San Diego. Take your first shot of tequila here, while nibbling crispy chips and salsa.

Additionally, you can also try the other dishes from the restaurant menu and enjoy a quick Mexican meal before starting your scenic walk tour. 

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Courtesy: Fever

The actual tour starts from here while you take a beautiful scenic stroll around the area. Additionally, you can also stop at various stores on the way and buy cute souvenirs for your friends and family.

Get to sample another shot of tequila at the second stop of the tour which is the Old Town Tequila Factory, located on the hillside.

Apart from that, you will also get to have a scrumptious fish taco on the rooftop patio, while enjoying a picture-perfect view overlooking downtown San Diego. The best spot to capture some selfies as well.

Your next stop on this tour will be Cafe Coyote and this place is widely known for its authentic traditional tortilla. Get to relish not just one but two fresh handmade tortillas with complimentary salsa and handmade butter. How cool is that?

Last but not least, you will be taken to a bar, a restaurant, and a tequila museum El Agave which houses some of the best and most authentic top-shelf tequilas and boasts more than 2000 varieties of tequila. 

General Information

There are multiple dates available for the San Diego tequila tour with multiple time schedules. You can visit the Fever website and check the dates and times on the ticket selector. Decide and book the best date and preferred time for yourself. 

This will be a 2 hours 30 minutes long tour and only people who are 21 or more years of age will be allowed to participate in the tour; please make sure to bring your valid identity card. 

Additionally, the tour is also wheelchair and stroller accessible and the starting point of this tour is Rockin’ Baja Lobster, located in San Diego’s Old Town.

Apart from that, if for some reason you want to cancel the ticket, make sure you cancel at least day 24 hours prior to the date booked; this way you can get a full refund. 

Book Your Tickets Now

Book your tickets now for the San Diego tequila tour from the official Fever.com where the ticket price of a single ticket is $108.95 and get ready for a tequila voyage!

Be Part of the Amazing Tequilla Tour and a Secenic Walk in San Diego

  • What:  San Deigo Tequila Tour.
  • Where: Embarking from the Old Town, San Deigo. 
  • When: Various dates are available.
  • Time: Varied time slots and the tour runs for 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • Tickets: Buy tickets from Fever

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