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Savoring Charlottesville: Top 8 Restaurants for a Culinary Journey in Virginia

Charlottesville is a well-cultivated and sophisticated city in Virginia, US. Charlottesville, VA, is the gateway to Blue Ridge and Shenandoah National Park mountains. This place is the birthplace of the University of Virginia.

The eclectic energy and diversity of this city captivate many visitors from around the world. This article will help you collate a perfect guide to your culinary treats in the best restaurants in Charlottesville, VA.

1. Top 8 Restaurants in Charlottesville

1.1 The Ivy Inn Restaurant 

A table served with american cuisine
By Ali Inay / Unsplash Copyrights 2015

The Ivy Inn Restaurant is located near the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. The restaurant is famous for serving locally sourced Seasonal American cuisine. The Ivy Inn Restaurant is themed on a house built back in the 1790s. 

The outdoor patio and a cozy interior environment captivate the visitors at the Ivy Inn Restaurant. The restaurant offers an extensive selection of American food on its menu. There are certain choices for vegan and gluten-free options as well.

The outdoor patio is enclosed in a garage with blowing heaters to keep the temperature warm during winter. The prompt and friendly service from the staff accentuates the experience of visiting The Ivy Inn Restaurant. 

Creamy red pepper soup, the Ivy mixed greens, three cheese ravioli, mustard herb-crusted rack of lamb, and tomato braised green beans are the most popular dishes at The Ivy Inn Restaurant. 

1.2 Oakhart Social Restaurant 

Oakhart Social Restaurant is located on Main St, Charlottesville Va. The restaurant offers a taste of modern American food in a bright and contemporary environment. Oakhart Social Restaurant offers sharing plates of food, craft cocktails, wine, and beer. 

Oakhart Social Restaurant is known for curating innovative and different tastes of local cuisine. The ambiance of Oakhart Social Restaurant is modern and eclectic. Most of the visitors prefer dining at the covered outdoor patio.

The restaurant is mostly filled with customers and is completely packed on weekends. The menu has a wide variety from cocktails to desserts. Oakhart Social Restaurant offers professional and quick service.

Shaved salad, charred carrots, hanger steak, ricotta toast, grilled pork steak, house sausage pizza, and wood-fired oysters are the chef’s specialty at Oakhart Social Restaurant. 

1.3 Hamilton’s at First and Main 

An American Bar
By Hybrid Storytellers / Unsplash Copyrights 2022

Hamilton’s at First and Main is a full American restaurant and bar located in Main St, Charlottesville VA. The restaurant offers an experience of fine dining with extensive and elegant wines. 

Hamilton’s at First and Main reflects a sophisticated and rich vibe to the visitors. The restaurant has an inviting atmosphere for an American lunch or a romantic dinner. There is an outdoor patio to dine in the bustle of the street too.

Hamilton’s at First and Main was founded in 1996. The menu has an assortment of vegetarian and gluten-free options along with the local cuisine. The attentive and efficient service from the staff makes the visiting experience at Hamilton’s at First and Main enjoyable. 

Crispy fried oysters, fried oyster salad, grilled ancho marinated pork chop, grilled local dry aged beef tenderloin, and nasi goreng are the most popular dishes at this restaurant.

1.4 Soul Food Joint 

Soul Food Platter
By Sam Moghadam Khamseh / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Soul Food Joint is a restaurant cum kerbside pickup located on Main St, Charlottesville VA. The restaurant is renowned among the locals for serving fantastic soul food and platters. The daily specials and southern cuisines reflect the culinary haven of Soul Food Joint. 

The atmosphere of Soul Food Joint is small and energetic. The owner curates all the orders with a tinge of his creative flavors. The restaurant offers an assorted selection of soul food. Soul Food Joint allows the visitor to craft their platter as well.

Soul Food Joint provides a good taste and visiting experience. The service is a bit hectic as most tasks are one-man operation. However, the reception from the owner uplifts the overall experience at Soul Food Joint. 

Fried chicken, deviled eggs, baby back ribs, soul sandwiches, and fried fish are the chef’s specialty at Soul Food Joint. Soul Food Joint is worth your visit among other restaurants in Charlottesville if you’re looking to taste some local soul food. 

1.5 Guajiros Miami Eatery 

American Burger
By Farhad Ibrahimzade / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Guajiros Miami Eatery is a Latin American restaurant on Main St, Charlottesville VA. South Florida and Miami inspire the taste and culture of this restaurant. The menu serves a wide variety of Cuban, Central, and South American flavors. 

Guajiros Miam Eatery has tried to radiate tropical energy in its environment too. The food and decor project a tropical vibe to the visitors. The restaurant is famous for its pure taste and quality.

The small environment with beats of music makes the visitors feel energetic and charmed. The service from the staff is efficient and exhibits professionalism. Gujairos Miami Eatery has a dedicated menu of drinks, beer, and wine too. 

El Cubano sandwiches, breakfast tacos, huevos guajiro, hands-on breakfast, and pan con lechon sandwiches are the must-try dishes at Guajiros Miami Eatery. 

1.6 Crobby’s Urban Viddles 

Food served in a plate, restaurants in Charlottesville va
By Jay Wennington / Unsplash Copyrights 2014

Crobby’s Urban Viddles is located on Milk Creek Dr, Charlottesville Va. The restaurant serves an extensive selection of chicken and pork along with local seasoning and flavors. Crobby’s Urban Viddles is a family-owned restaurant. The owner’s family believes in cooking from scratch and expressing the creativity of recipes in their dishes. 

Crobby’s Urban Viddles has a menu curated for chicken and pork lovers. There are some vegetarian and vegan options too. The atmosphere has been kept family-friendly with a dedicated soft corner for kids.

There are a few captivating games to keep the kids entertained. Crobby’s Urban Viddles is mostly packed during operating hours. The staff puts in efforts to make the service prompt and friendly. 

Lobster rolls, pulled pork sandwiches, cauliflower mesh, French toast, and dipping mac are the most popular dishes at Crobby’s Urban Viddles.

1.7 Red Hub Food Co. 

roasted and grilled ribs
By Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita / Unsplash Copyrights 2018

Red Hub Food Co. is a southern restaurant located on 10th St, Charlottesville VA. The restaurant is a small dining place around the University of Virginia. Red Hub Food Co. is a locally owned restaurant serving southern cuisine with amazing desserts. 

Red Hub Food Co. has a cozy and small seating experience. The restaurant radiates positive vibes and enthusiastic energy.

There is a small outdoor patio too. The menu at Red Hub Food Co. offers handcrafted dishes extending from grilled pork to BBQ. This place makes use of fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The service from the staff of Red Hub Food Co. reflects professionalism. 

Smoked pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken fingers, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans with country harm, and ham biscuits are the chef’s specialty at Red Hub Food Co. If you’re looking to explore a warm and small place to try southern cuisine.

1.8 Farm Bell Kitchen 

Food served on a table
By Mgg Vitchakorn / Unsplash Copyrights 2018

Farm Bell Kitchen is a sophisticated cafe-themed restaurant on Main St, Charlottesville VA. The restaurant serves new southern cuisine with flavors of modern taste crafted from local ingredients. Farm Bell Kitchen tries to serve farm-to-table food to its visitors. 

Farm Bell Kitchen is the third venture of the team that founded Red Hub Food Co. Farm Bell Kitchen provides a blend of elegance with a delicate environment. The restaurant takes pride in serving exceptional quality food with amazing service. The menu has a few gluten-free and vegan items.

Bananas foster French toast, crab beignets, steak bowls, fried chicken and waffles, farm egg cooked your way beacon, and south by southwest are the most popular dishes at Farm Bell Kitchen. 

2. Conclusion 

The home to the University of Virginia, Charlottesville is a busy town with aspects of diversity. The city hosts an assortment of flavors and tastes from around the globe. Other than the above mentioned places, there are many other restaurants in Charlottesville worth exploring. 

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