San Gabriel Valley: Where Nature Meets Urban

In Southern California, amidst some outstanding natural landscapes, the mesmerizing San Gabriel Valley is a must-visit place for all.

The San Gabriel Mountains to the North and the San Gabriel River flow through the valley’s heart. It plays an important role in the prosperity of this city.

Once a land of agriculture, it has now evolved into an entire urban city. Inhabitants have flourished and made this outstanding beauty the talk of the town.

California is a place known for its rich and diverse topographies. And one such gem native to this place is the San Gabriel Valley.

Today, it is home to many communities; it is a land of diverse cultures and a rich history you must explore at least once.

1. About the San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley is spread over 200 Square miles and includes 31 cities and five unincorporated communities.

It falls to the east of Los Angeles and is also included in Los Angeles County. Amongst its 31 cities, it is the largest one is in Pasadena.

One of the major highlights of this place is the natives who have inhabited the Valley, and you can find more Asian American communities in the Valley than in any other region of the States.

San Gabriel castle  with a waterbody alongside in the San Gabriel Valley.
Photo by Lunamarina on Unlimphotos

2. What Makes the San Gabriel Valley So Famous?

Lying to the east of the famous metropolitan Los Angeles, one can see the same development and urbanization in the San Gabriel Valley.

One famous event in this region is the Tournament of The Roses Parade.

It is broadcast each year on New Year’s Day, and the famous Rose Bowl game, a football game is held on the same day. The two back-to-back events are held in Pasadena, a trendy city.

Pasadena is a famous city and one of the oldest in the San Gabriel Valley. It has flourished over some time and now serves high living standards for its people.

The city exhibits several play theaters, nightclubs, shopping centers, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and public libraries. In short, it has everything one can search for in an ideal neighborhood.

Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley

There is also an active radio station, the National Public Radio Station KPCC, which functions from Pasadena City College.

The California Institute of Technology, based in Pasadena, is recognized worldwide. It has secured its position among the top 10 universities worldwide.

This institute also manages the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which carries out NASA’s eminent design and manufacturing of spacecraft.

The institute has also made notable contributions to motion works and the television industry. It has helped them produce many sci-fi movies using a scientific approach.

However, this is not the only educational institute San Gabriel is famous for. The San Gabriel Valley is also known for the very renowned San Gabriel Mission.

It is a Roman Catholic mission, found by the Spanish, a settlement of utmost importance.

Many people visit this building with great reverence; this is because of the remains of the many priests who had served in this chapel, and their memories are preserved here.

It now serves as a Chapel and a museum and is listed in the US National Register of Historic Places. Another famous city of the San Gabriel Valley is Baldwin Park, mostly famous for its fast-food business.

Started as a small chain of hamburgers named In-N-Out Burgers, it has now flourished to give tough competition to other hamburger chains in the market.

Another successful brand is the NakedJuice, famous for its premium quality and fresh juices and smoothies.

The PepsiCo company owns it, and its main headquarters are located in Monrovia.

Other cities have also developed their small setups into successful businesses while also preserving their cultures and ethnicities.

If someone has to take inspiration from the people of this land, it should be about how they made their cultures and values the center point of their profession and then achieved great leaps with what little they had.

3. Places to Visit in the San Gabriel Valley

3.1. Santa Anita Park

Address: 285 W Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA 91007, United States

Located in Arcadia, California, Santa Anita Park is a famous horse racing track open in early fall, winter, and spring.

Santa Anita Derby, Santa Anita Handicap, and Sunshine Millions Day are the most popular race events. It covers a total area of 320 acres and can accommodate 26000 spectators at a time.

3.2. Los Angeles County Fair

The San Gabriel Valley also features a county fair. It is attended by hundreds and thousands of people from all directions and lands far away from the valley annually.

It is one of the most popular county fairs and is the fourth largest fair amongst all the US Fairs held each year in the Pomona city of the San Gabriel Valley.

The fair is famous for its amazing rides, delicious foods and drinks, and a day full of entertainment and thrill. Youngsters, families, and older people alike can have a fun day out at this fair.

3.3. Raging Waters

Raging Waters San Dimas: The Ultimate Water Park Adventure in California

Address: 111 Raging Waters Dr, San Dimas, CA 91773, United States

Raging Waters is a water park in San Dimas, a chain of three water parks in Sacramento, San Dimas, and San Jose.

Each one attracts several visitors and is one of the many successful businesses running across the county.

Aqua Rocket, Amazon Adventure, Bermuda Triangle, Dark Hole, Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror, Dragon’s Den, Dropout, and FlowRider are some of the many activities and attractions here. 

Along with these, the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens of San Marino, Galster Wilderness Park in West Covina, and downtown Covina are some of the many places to visit in the San Gabriel Valley.

Regarding recreational activities, San Gabriel will stand in this niche, too. The city of Diamond Bar in Los Angeles County has a public golf course.

Being a residential community, it has several parks, restaurants, and shopping centers for public convenience and entertainment.

The city is known for its safe housing community and an overall pleasant environment, far away from the crowd and pollution.

The city has also earned its name due to its first hydrogen fueling station in the entire Southern California.

4. Traveling through the Cities of San Gabriel Valley

All 31 cities of the San Gabriel Valley are interconnected, and downtown Los Angeles is via an excellent transport service.

The two main transport service providers are the Foothill Transit and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

This same organization has also extended the Metro Gold line foothill extension. Due to its efforts, the current light rail will move up to Azusa in the North.

Previously, it only traveled from east Los Angeles to Pasadena through downtown Los Angeles.

The 31 m31-mile ht rail takes you to various city tourist attractions and makes your stay convenient and memorable.

Commercially, this transition has contributed to the business of Asian communities. San Gabriel Valley is now accessible to the entire Southern California.

To fulfill your Chinese cravings, the New Chinatown in Monterey Park is the most recommended.

One can also locate Akbar Cuisine of India and All India Café; they serve some excellent Indian food rich in spices and flavors, taking you to the very land across the Indian Ocean.

The City of San Gabriel Valley has many such restaurants serving excellent Japanese and Italian food.

Yet, the impact of Chinese culture is not limited to the culinary segment.

Another iconic Asian element is the San Gabriel Square mega mall. It covers 12 acres and 220,000 square feet and has four levels and just everything Asian.

From delicious restaurants to some amazing cafes and high-class boutiques, one can find and get just everything one wishes for.

The most eye-catching factor is the enormous Sam Woo seafood restaurant at the top level of this gigantic mall.

5. End Note

From calm neighborhoods to high-end residential communities and high-end shopping centers to amazing gardens, the San Gabriel Valley provides a perfect environment.

It is perfect for living a comfortable life and having economic stability due to the various business opportunities.

Why don’t you visit and see for yourself? Happy exploring!

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