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Savor the Ocean’s Bounty: 9 Seafood Restaurants in Destin, FL

Seafood restaurants are quite something to look for when you are in Florida, and that too when it comes to Destin fl, fresh seafood is inevitable. Starting from the beginning in the late 1940s, the fishermen of Destin voluntarily took part in some of the most legendary fishing from any corner of the world, finding a privilege in that.

This allowed them to explore this seafood arena more and make Destin Harbor the world’s luckiest fishing village, which also has easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, making it the most commercial fishing fleet in the US.

1. Seafood in Florida

Florida provides a blending output of fresh fish, regulating the top-notch seafood restaurants around the state that serve the public some delicious seafood from freshly caught cuisine. Starting from the lobster, rock shrimp, fried shrimp, oyster house, and conch, these all will make the seafood lovers’ lips wider to choose from, which also include the favorite of the season, the crab cakes.

It is also not a myth that the freshness is so intact that you can also find “Gulf-to-table” written on seafood restaurant menus and in fish markets. This just stands out as a proper example of how fresh the fish is served in destin fl seafood restaurants.

2. Seafood Restaurants and Interesting Facts

The seafood has always been on the vibe of Destin for ages, and its craze is also unmatchable. The wholesale seafood market truly is the backbone of the market there, which knows the way to their people’s hearts. This food craze can be seen everywhere, and anytime you visit destin fl.

Destin fl Market
By Martin Clark/ Pixabay. Copyright 2023.

The fact which makes it more interesting is that this whole place is named after a fisherman. It was in the early 1800s that a man named Leonard Destin came to this area and settled down there, where he started fishing with his shipmates. It was years after his demise that the town was named after Leonard Destin by one of the postmasters, who was once his employee.

Another reason why the place is so famous is because of its fresh-caught fish tacos and the family-friendly service. You can go anytime in the year, and that too with your whole bunch of family, and the restaurant at Destin will embrace your entire family with full comfort for sure.

3. Restaurants to Choose from in Destin

Getting this many outstanding restaurants to choose from in Destin can give you a lavish way to spend some quality time, where you can enjoy some fresh seafood and an off-beach dine-out. However, it is impossible to just choose one best location out of these many amazing ones providing luscious seafood.

However, with the numerous outstanding restaurants serving in Destin, one can easily satiate your quench for fresh seafood.

seafood restaurants in Destin FL
Source: By Andriy Blokhin on Shutterstock

These great seafood restaurants give you an ample amount of opportunity to feature a taste and a budget for all Destin travelers across the globe and locals alike. So be ready to taste some of the freshest seafood available on this earth and plan your exclusive dining excursions with this Destin information. And once you are here, you should specifically try the award-winning seafood gumbo, making it a great food.

While many of Florida’s coastal regions are known for fresh seafood, the Florida Panhandle is primarily known for its impressive variety of Gulf fish, such as red snapper, grouper, fried fish fingers, mahi mahi, and oysters.

4. Top Seafood Restaurants in Destin

Once you are in this locale state of Destin, you can go on wondering where to try your food from. Like, there is so much delicious content available in every next restaurant that you will just go on salivating through every restaurant until you reach your one-stop destination.

Each one of them just goes on serving you some of the best local seafood, and you can easily try this amazing food without any hesitation. However, to ease things down, here is some filtered content of the best seafood restaurants in Destin that serve you amazing seafood.

4.1 Boshamps Seafood & Oyster House

It may be for dinner or lunch; Boshamps is a place where you can easily have some of your best times without having any second thoughts. Strongly famous for its sustainable fresh seafood dishes, Apalachicola oysters, and modern seaside-inspired cuisine, which chef Andi Bell and team exclusively prepare, Boshamps gives you the cause of your visit to Destin.

Seafood restaurants in Destin FL
Source: Boshamps

Choosing here as your destination for great food, you can easily find some good appetite for fresh coastal, Caribbean, and southern favorites, while most of the cuisines are served with local greens and cheese grits, making it more delicious to have.

4.1.1 Food to Try Out.

Apart from this, you also have some favorites on the menu to choose from, like fried green tomatoes, smoked tuna dip, corn, crab crowded, blue crab claws, and also the famous splurge-worthy treat, Boshamp’s lobster mac and cheese. A complete meal of seafood range gets included with a heaping serving of southern-styled mac and cheese, with the toppings of plump juicy pieces of lobster.

Although every cuisine of this place has a special place in the heart of the customers, the locals of here love the “The Original” snapper Destin With the toppings of jumbo lump crab and fresh gulf shrimp. Aside from this, if you have an appetite for oysters, then for sure you should try out some of the varieties of oysters by the shot or even baked.

4.1.2 Transportation and Facilities

The transportation system to the Boashamps seafood restaurant is also quite simple, as you can easily arrive by boat, and the docking facilities are plenty. Tourism can live off just more than this, and you can enjoy it more by fishing on Crab Island, grooving some live music, and having some amazing food at Boshamp’s.

4.2 The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House

The Back Porch Seafood And Oyster House has gained its name and fame as a Gulf tradition and the local favorite since 1974. The back story of the foundation of this restaurant is quite interesting as, initially, it was just started in a small framed building on the beach, making it quite fond of watching the beautiful sunset over the beach.

4.2.1 Luxurious Dining Facilities

With the growth, the amberjack sandwich, which is also quite famed for its fresh seafood, including Apalachicola oysters, hyped the restaurant a lot and gave them a proper marketing strategy. Here, you can choose to have what you want to have as the toppings, that may be crabmeat and cheese or firecracker shrimp.

4.2.2 Staying and other facilities

If you have plans to stay and enjoy the scenic and heavenly beauty, you should try their key lime pie, for sure which is their signature item. Apart from that, the stay will provide you with a family-friendly service, and you can enjoy incredible food and wholesome views simultaneously.

4.3 Beach Walk Cafe At Henderson Park Inn

Seafood restaurants in Destin FL
Source: Henderson Park Inn

Located directly on the Flourishing emerald waters of the Gulf Coast and serving dinner with some mesmerizing views from its spacious verandah, The Beach Walk Cafe at Henderson Park is a perfect place to have your memorable moment, having nothing to complain about or even regret.

4.3.1 Cuisins to try

Starting from the local favorite eggplant medallions with crab meat to smoked tomato soup, gourmet delights, blue crab cakes, or even shrimp or grits, you can experience all this with the scenic beauty around you. To add to your dining experience, the award-winning culinary, the Beach Walk, also has an extensive wine list to choose from.

4.3.2 Other luxurious facilities

Before going to this restaurant, all you need to confirm is that all the people who will be dining there must be over 13 years old, and reserving the table is also strictly recommended, especially if you are planning some VIP dining. One such dining includes the “Toes in the Sand” experience, where you will enjoy the serving of dinner and dessert right on the beach, having your foot on the sand.

4.4 Boathouse Oyster Bar

Favorite locals hang out and located in the harbor in Destin, The Boathouse Oyster Bar is truly a well-kept secret that you can even trespass without realizing how good food it serves and such nice entertainment that you can stumble upon.

4.4.1 Foods to Choose from

Plenty of amazing seafood delights like gumbo, po-boys, raw oysters, sandwiches, and a lot more can be found in this area, which is nicely located in the low-key waterside “shack” of Destin. You should also give the steamed seafood available here, which attracts a lot. Apart from this, it also facilitates you to have a good laid-back place with some delicious food and live music every night.

4.4.2 More than just foods

Also, once in a blue moon, some famous musicians barge into the amazing view to play some live music with their local bands on occasion. Not only the inside view of the boathouse but also the border and outside view are also appealing to be with your friends, where you can sit, eat, drink, and have merrymaking, along with watching the boating activities.

4.5 Lulu’s Destin

Famous for its coastal cuisine-flavored foods, Lulu’s Destin is one of those hangouts that is a bit different from the regular restaurants available. It is funky, and its eclectic waterfront hangouts attract a lot to spend some quality time here.

4.5.1 The story behind Lulu’s Destin

Lucy Anne Buffett, who is also known by her childhood nickname LuLu, is the one who started this and is a gypsy rebel who barged in through a long line of sailors, salesmen, storytellers, and generations of staunch and established this. Lucy, who was born to her Mississippi coast parents, gives credit to her love for food, cooking, and entertaining, which made her a successful businesswoman.

4.5.2 Favorite dishes being served

This love for food also brings out the best, serving a delicious range of foods, which include sea bass sandwiches, blackened shrimp, fresh gulf red snapper, and seafood baskets. It may be for lunch or the sunset; LuLu will never disappoint you and will give you some of the best food, capturing some great scenes and also memories.

4.6 The Crab Trap Destin

Seafood restaurants in Destin FL
Source: The Crab Trap

It is located a bit away from the rush of the beaches and on the scenic highway of Florida; the Crab Trap Destin gives you a perfect place to have with your family, both for visitors and locals. This restaurant provides you with a beautiful view of the Emerald Coast of luscious eatery dishes.

4.6.1 Delicious cuisine available

Once you are here, you can go to ask for whatever seafood you want, and you get them all, as it provides a wide array of seafood. Starting from the Crab Trap’s signature hot crab dip to jumbo lump crab, jumbo shrimp, and grilled fish, it can serve you all. Apart from this, you can also try blackened redfish Orleans, southern-style mac, Alaskan crab legs, and more that too with a very affordable price.

4.6.2 Interesting facilities

To attract more of the younger customers, this restaurant also has a fascinating menu, which has crayons and a special treat to win their hearts over, apart from the food. This makes it more family-friendly, and a lot also love this part.

4.6.3 Aesthetic surrounding

The location of this place also makes it more reaching as it is destined with a complete open-air space, sun-beached wood, and a tiki bar, surrounded by local arts and hand-carved seaside sculptures around the sandy beach. Hence, these all add up to make it one of the restaurants you can enjoy having seafood.

4.7 Harbour Docks

The Harbour Docks is one of those restaurants that has taken the responsibility of fulfilling the exquisite taste of its customers for more than 35 years. It provides a variety of seafood, that too with outdoor seating facilities. It provides a fresh variety of locally sourced seafood and a fine dining experience.

4.7.1 Delicious Foods and Cuisine

A wide variety of seafood, including fresh fried and grilled fish, fresh sushi, and some famous southern cuisine, are all available when you visit the Harbor docks, with a hoping waterfront hangout. These all make it to provide tasty dishes you can enjoy while providing you with a great atmosphere.

4.7.2 The Harbor Docks Working Style

Since 1982, Harbor Docks has started its wholesale seafood market, and it imports all the seafood coming fresh from the Gulf of Mexico; after it gets unloaded and cleaned, it gets delivered upstairs to the restaurant. However, you may opt for a morning breakfast, lunch, or even dinner; you will lose your patience in choosing your favorite dish from all the favorites present there.

4.8 Dewey Destin’s Seafood

4.8.1 Location and Structure

Experience fresh seafood in restaurants in Destin, as Dewey Destin Seafood Restaurant provides the best fresh seafood in the city. Although it is a bit difficult to find as it’s located a little away from the crowds, your efforts will be counted in the end. Stepping inside, you can easily find a great atmosphere with a casual and relaxed vibe, which offers you a huge variety of seafood.

4.8.2 The variety of foods

You can find everything there – from the most delicious seafood to mouthwatering local cuisine, to American classics and glutenless dishes, that too served in the way you like, either grilled, fried, or blackened.

This restaurant serves steamed scalloped tuna as well as sea-dried gypsy salmon steamed. Other favorite foods include fish, grilled salmon, squid, and a variety of other species like clams, crabs, and oysters.

4.8.3 The Aesthetic aura

With the authentic aura the restaurant provides, you can enjoy your delicious meal of fresh fish, fried shrimp, or crab cakes, blessing your vision with some spectacular sunset views of the sea. So, this makes it a wholesome holiday destination and some of the best seafood in Destin, FL 32541.

4.9  Brotula’s Seafood House & Steamer

Brotula's Seafood House and Steamer
Source: Brotula’s Seafood House and Steamer

4.9.1 Location and Operation

210D Harbor Boulevard Destin FL Brotula Seafood House & Steamer is an upscale casual family-oriented seafood restaurant located within the Destin Harbor. This is a family-friendly restaurant on the Destin harbor, which is owned and operated locally, which gives a casual vibe.

4.9.2 Backstory of Brotula

The names Brotula were derived from Bearded Brotula or Cusk Eels that are caught right here in Destin’s local waters at deep depths of 350 feet. This amazing-tasting fish was among the most kept secrets among the local fishing communities, so we’d be happy to hear your opinion.

4.9.3 Food and Dining Experience

Brotula has gained its fame for supplying a good content of fresh seafood with a wide array of boiled or steamed shellfish platters integrated in a fun way. The steamed snow crab, lobsters, mussels, fish tacos, and shrimp steers are loved by both the locals and guests. The outstanding view, amazing atmosphere, and sophisticated dining experience make this a must-visit restaurant in Destin.

5. End Note

Humming from every corner of the world, people come to Destin in Florida to enjoy a wide range of seafood while simultaneously reviving their souls with some mesmerizing scenic views on the lap of nature.

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