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The Best of Tribeca Restaurants: 11 Famous Spots

The New York City neighborhood of Tribeca, which stands for Triangle Below Canal Street, used to be full of warehouses. They used to have ships that would come in from all over the world, importing and exporting goods.

Home to a lot of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Robert De Niro, and Taylor Swift, the area is the most expensive neighborhood in New York City. Tribeca restaurants and bars have a range of options, from upscale romantic eateries bars to casual spots serving comfort foods, from steaks to sushi.

1. Tribeca Restaurants in New York

1.1 Bubby’s Tribeca

Ron Silver opened Bubby’s on Thanksgiving Day in 1990, when his friend, who rented the space, took a three-week vacation. Ron decided to cook first and ask permission later, serving pies and Thanksgiving leftovers. By the time his friend returned, Bubby’s was already a hit, and the establishment had been going strong in the same space ever since.

Bubby’s has successfully maintained its wide selection of pies while also introducing a new menu centred around American comfort foods, resulting in an even greater demand for its offerings.

Weekend breakfast and brunch in New York is honestly its institution, It is hard to find a restaurant here that doesn’t have a brunch menu, and Bubby’s has been the best restaurant doing up brunch for decades. Bubby’s offers the best-fried chicken and pancakes in town.

Walking into a restaurant named after Jewish grandmothers, you can expect a homey vibe and hearty, well-cooked food. And Bubby’s does not disappoint on either end Ron Silver after 30 years of owning and operating restaurants, Bubby’s, even he can’t get enough.

Whether you prefer thin and tangy or lean towards sweet and savoury topped with crispy fried chicken, you can’t go wrong dining with a stack of pancakes. And the pancakes are so popular people are willing to wait hours to get a bite to eat.

On Bubby, you can find two types of pancakes. One option is a plate of thin, tangy sourdough pancakes, which are served without any additional toppings. Alternatively, you can choose the classic James Beard pancakes, which are fluffy and slightly sweet.

Other specials include the Bubby’s Burger which is fed and finished beef from Autumn Harvest Farm, New York.

1.2. American Cut

Iron Chef Marc Forgione with a meal perfect for any carnivore, American Cut is an elegant New York City-style Steakhouse.

The restaurant has been dumped in one of the top steakhouses in America most known for the delicious Chilli Lobster Bowl and their cowboy cut steak broiled and cooked and rendered beef fat.

The menu offers various options for amping up wet- or dry-aged steaks, including bacon, foie gras, and Singapore-style lobster.

For those who appreciate simple dining, the Caesar salad stands out, while the Creekstone rib-eye for two is a must-try dinner. Sides can be hit or miss, with the thinly sliced potatoes dressed in dry-aged beef fat and lardon being a bit showy compared to the humble yet delicious latkes with fried chicken and crispy skin.

American Cut’s more-is-more approach may appeal to those seeking a lavish dining experience, but it may leave others feeling underwhelmed.

1.3. 1803 Tribeca

Visit the 1803 NYC for brunch and some tasty New Orleans-inspired dishes. 1803 is a partnership between Chef Rafi Hasid, owner of Brooklyn’s celebrated restaurant Miriam, and Tal Lavi of Amsterdam Ale House a longtime veteran of New York’s restaurant world.

The outdoor seating is massive, and, it is covered, so no need to worry about the rain. Even though the outdoor seating looked nice, the interior look of the space in the dining room is evenly beautiful.

The Watermelon Lychee Sangria and Fais Do-Do for boozy brunch are exquisite. The flavour seeps out from the watermelon into the drink, and the drink gets stronger as time passes, even with the melting ice cubes. Fais Do-Do is very fruity and elegantly sweet—bigger glass than expected, which is excellent.

The food menu is super enticing, it is quite a dilemma. The Jambalaya and Cast Iron Cajun Frittata are a good option. Jambalaya is a perfect seasoning, with loads of tender chicken, plump sausage and shrimp. Frittata is loaded with plump crawfish and sausage and packed with flavour. Every bite is a delight and will leave you satisfied.

While dining, a jazz band plays music from the tables, bar and balcony up top. The music is mellow and soothing, not loud but loud enough to hear every note. Perfect when you are having your food.

Everything is set perfectly in the atmosphere, music, cocktails, and food. You can find the bar and restaurant at 82 Reade Street NY, Corner of Church St.

1.4. Tribeca Grill

This famous Grill is Co-owned by renowned restaurateur Drew Nieporent and legendary actor Robert De Niro in the Tribeca neighbourhood of New York City.

Tribeca Grill has hosted numerous grand parties and exclusive events, attracting luminaries like Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Bono, Tony Bennett, Billy Joel, Julian Schnabel, Yogi Berra, Julius Irving, Aaron Rogers, and Sloane Stephens.

The Grill frequently serves as a venue for film premieres and wine dinners, and has organized notable commemorative gatherings for the 1973 World Champion New York Knicks, the Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers, MTV, Oscar Robertson & NBA Legends, the Democratic National Convention, Tribeca Film Festival, The Innocence Project, and the Exoneration Initiative, among others.

The party facilities at the restaurant exude elegance and charm while capturing the authentic essence of the downtown ambience.

The staff at Tribeca always offers impeccable service and the food is consistently delicious. The Tribeca Grill offers a variety of dishes to choose from. Some of the options include oysters, salmon rillettes with smoked and poached salmon, and toasted baguette.

There is also flatbread pizza with shiitake mushrooms and basil pesto, as well as fried calamari and queso fundido with pepper jack cheese, poblano peppers, and warm corn tortillas. For those who enjoy charcuterie, there is a board featuring prosciutto di Parma, hot coppa, pâté en croûte, truffle mousse, and saucisson sec.

Additionally, customers can select three artisanal cheeses from options such as Bourbon Bellavitano, Manchego, Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen, Epoisses Berthaut, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Roquefort.

To start the meal, there are options like French onion soup with melted gruyere and a Caesar salad with Parmigiano-Reggiano. Other choices include panzanella with heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, focaccia croutons, and ricotta salata.

The Burrata and heirloom tomato salad with blood-orange vinaigrette is also available, along with grilled Spanish octopus anticucho with patatas bravas and tuna tartare with kataifi and avocado.

For the main course, customers can enjoy dishes such as pan-roasted Amish chicken with Yukon gold whipped potatoes and English peas, grilled Atlantic salmon with beluga lentils, lardons, and red wine fumet, and Parmesan crusted Icelandic cod en barigoule with baby artichokes and basil pesto.

The daily burger with cheese and ale sauce, bacon-onion jam, and hand-cut fries is also available, as well as grilled filet mignon with potatoes au gratin, Swiss chard, and green peppercorn sauce, prime New York strip steak with Yukon gold whipped potatoes, and 28-day dry-aged ribeye with Yukon gold whipped potatoes.

1.5. Jungsik

The term “Jung Sik” in Korea refers to a formal dinner and interestingly, it is also the name of the Chef. Jungsik is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant here at 200 Hudson St, Tribeca, NY, known for serving contemporary Korean cuisine using French techniques in elegant and innovative ways. Their signature dinner tasting option comes with 9 tables and up to 12 sets of food.

All-time favourite goes to their “Banchan”, which is beautifully presented as a set of artworks here at Jungsik. The Chef has reimagined the traditional side dishes into this welcoming set, each bite you take is beyond heavenly.

The most beautiful part of this food journey is their artistic presentations and impeccable table service. They make all guests feel like the of the night once they enter the restaurant.

Menu-wise, in addition to its signature tasting menu, It also offers standard wine pairing ($200/person), premium wine pairing (500/person) and non-alcoholic pairing ($115/person) options. For those who wish to order by glass/bottle, they also have an extensive wine list to choose from.

Every dish served at Jungsik possesses a magical quality. The tasting menu starts with a bang, the banchan. You better buckle up, because this food will take you on a ride. The flavours are so intricate and deliberate. Another dish is the octopus, You will never eat an octopus leg so tender and flavorful in your life. The tentacles are charred so perfectly, that it almost tastes like bacon.

The wagyu mandoo is another that stands out. The soup will feel like home and the flavors will feel like a warm hug. The wagyu just melts in your mouth and that’s just to name a few of the meals they serve.

1.6. Locanda Verde

Located in Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Hotel, The Greenwich, Locanda Verde is a beautiful Italian taverna that exudes a casual and energetic atmosphere. The spacious and well-lit interior is open throughout all hours of the day, offering Chef Andrew Carmellini’s exceptional urban Italian cuisine, complemented by delectable home-style desserts and a bakery counter curated by Pastry Chef Deborah Racicot.

The eatery offers a wide selection of trendy, small-portioned “cicchetti,” such as generous servings of fresh sheep’s-milk ricotta sprinkled generously with sea salt and flavorful slices of “testa della casa” antipasti adorned with tangy pickled vegetables.

However, the standout among these appetizers is the crostini, which the chef skillfully layers with subtly spicy summer corn on toasted prosciutto bread, velvety dollops of puréed chicken liver, and generous portions of blue crab enhanced with jalapeño and a touch of cream.

If dining with a large group, consider requesting the generous portion of chicken coated in garlic, intended for two individuals. This delectable dish is elegantly presented by the chef on a sturdy wooden board, accompanied by abundant servings of zucchini and fennel.

While the rustic antipasti and pasta present a varied assortment (in case of uncertainty, the reliably delicious “Grandmother’s Ravioli” or the green fettuccine with “white” meat, pork and veal Bolognese are recommended), the thick and delicately fatty slab of rabbit terrine garnished with stewed cherries received unanimous praise.

Additionally, the mini meatball sliders, crafted from ground lamb and topped with thinly sliced cucumber, were also highly regarded.

Locanda Verde offers a variety of Italian-inspired breakfast and lunch options, as well as an assortment of elegant desserts. The pastry includes a unique panna cotta made with sheep’s milk, a delicious semifredo with toasted almonds, and a whimsical combination of cakes and gelati called “La Fantasia di Tropicale.”

However, the most satisfying options are the simple yet delectable tarts and cakes, such as the spiced caramel chocolate torta and the smooth lemon tart served with a scoop of buttermilk gelato.

1.7. Khe-Yo

Chef Soulayphet Schwader and Iron Chef Marc Forgione collaborate to present the culinary delights of Laotian cuisine at Khe-Yo. This exceptional dining establishment is the only Tribeca restaurant that serves Laotian food.

Khe-Yo is a spot for adventurous diners to explore Southeast Asian cuisine with local influence and food designed to be shared. the chef’s unique spin on Southeast Asian cuisine gives the place a unique identity.

Crunchy Coconut Rice with Spicy Lime Leaf Sausage and Baby Iceberg is an absolute gem, Sticky rice is the one main component of the dish, it makes Khe-yo an interactive dining experience.

The seafood sandwich is a crispy softshell shrimp, it is a take on traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi, except using a beautiful shrimp that you can eat whole which is something light and quick for lunch.

If you are dining out with a group of friends or family, the Sweet Chili Bell and Chicken over Jasmine Rice, and the Nong-Khai Style Pho Fresh Rice Noodle, Creekstone Farms Brisket, Oxtail & Eye Round is an absolutely a must try. Khe-Yo is nestled at 157 Duane St, New York, NY.

1.8. Au Cheval

Located in Cortlandt Alley, New York, serves up a unique take on classic meals, including roasted bone marrow, salads, griddled cheeseburgers, seafood selections, and prime steaks.

Au Cheval means “to put an egg on it,” and is known for its celebration of the egg and offers the option to add an egg to many menu items. Au Cheval is renowned for serving one of the best burgers in the country.

The NYC location is situated between Tribeca and Chinatown and is part of the Brendan Sodikoff Hospitality Group. The interior is more elegant and spacious compared to the Chicago location, which has a diner-like neighbourhood vibe.

Guests can indulge in classic cocktails, a global wine list, and a variety of draught beers while relaxing in leather booths or at the zinc bar. The open kitchen operates to a pulsating and resonant soundtrack, adding to the overall dining experience.

Au Cheval’s burger with bacon is an absolute classic, the burger is a masterpiece – two perfectly cooked beef patties with sharp American cheddar, djone, pickles, and a seasoned fried egg. The bacon is thick and maple-glazed, adding a sweet and savoury flavour. The burger can get a bit messy but it is all worth it once you take a bite. The fries are delicious and pair well with the garlic aioli.

1.9. Tamarind Tribeca

The Tamarind Tribeca is owned by Avtar Walia and is considered the best Indian restaurant in New York, a recipient of a prestigious Michelin star in the Flatiron district of Manhattan,

Tamarind Restaurant’s amazing appetizers include Kozhippdi Chicken, which is chicken cooked in coconut oil with spices, and Dal Vada made with ground lentils, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, and mustard seeds.

For the main course lunch, customers can choose two options from the following entrées. Fish Surka, which is seasonal fish cooked with mustard, fenugreek, ginger, curry leaves, and coconut vinegar, Lamb Kurumula made with lamb seasoned with spices and coconut, Kannur Chicken cooked with coriander, curry leaves, cardamom, and black pepper, and Beans Poriyal made with beans cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and desiccated coconut. These entrées are served with coconut rice, Karive Naan, and the vegetables of the day.

To end the meal and brunch on a sweet note, customers can choose one dessert from the options available. These include Pomegranate Rice Pudding and Pazham Pori, which are banana fritters served with ice cream.

1.10. Smith And Mills/ Small Plates And Cocktails In Tribeca

Smith and Mills occupied and housed inside a restored carriage house in North Moore St, NY. It is a tiny restaurant and bar in Tribeca with a wonderfully quaint aesthetic with weathered maps and old machinery covering the walls. The bar feels like it could be on a boat, or in the Hobbit.

The drinks are well made. The bartenders have a nice list of cocktails to select from. Most drinks have a combination of liquors that create subtle and evocative tastes. There are a couple of draft beers and a nice variety of all-natural wine list.

While the bar offers a limited meal selection, the snacks are prepared with finesse in a compact cooking area tucked away in a corner behind the bar. This establishment attracts the after-work crowd and graciously extends its operating hours until 2 a.m. to accommodate late-night patrons.

With only a handful of tables, approximately 20 to 30 covers, patrons may find solace in the softly illuminated bar area, where seating is often available. The steamed mussels and burgers offered here are unequivocally tasty.

1.11. Takahachi Tribeca

Takahachi is one of the best places in Tribeca that offer sushi of higher quality than typical delivery places.

The beer-battered shrimp and broccoli tempura are recommended starters, followed by the $28 sushi deluxe, which includes eight pieces of nigiri and a tuna roll.

The regular menu has a limited selection of raw fish, but they always have rotating special pieces available. The sashimi served in the restaurant is fresh, rich, and fatty, and the portions are large for the price.

The sushi and sashimi combo for two includes 2 miso soups (choice of red or white), 6 pieces of tuna maki, 4 pieces of taxi driver (big roll with multiple types of fish, avocado, and wrapped in soybean paper), 2 x 5 types of nigiri, and 4 x 5 types of sashimi, all packed nicely and carefully.

The raw fish is incredibly fresh and fatty, with generous slices of sashimi and fish on each nigiri. Although the taxi driver was tasty, the flavors of the many types of fish inside the roll kind of cancelled each other out. The miso soup was also tasty, with firm tofu.

The staff’s friendliness and attentiveness guarantee an exceptional dining experience. Takahachi is the perfect place to go for great quality sushi that won’t break the bank, and they are open for outdoor dining.

The sushi bar is perfect for solo dining, while tables and a small back room are available for larger groups. Takahachi is a standout option in a high-end neighborhood, offering good quality sushi at relatively affordable prices in a casual atmosphere.

2. Conclusion

Tribeca extends from the northern side of Canal Street to the southern side of Chambers Street, encompassing both sides. Towards the west, it reaches the Hudson River, while towards the east, it stretches to Broadway.

The restaurants will leave you hooked and have you wanting to come back for more once you have tasted or finished your meal.

The bar for quality and taste is top-notch and the standard for food is elevated. So if memorable dishes and exceptional service sound right up your alley, Tribeca restaurants will not disappoint.

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