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The Top Women Entrepreneurs and How They Reached Success

For many years, men have dominated the business sector. However, the rise of powerful women such as the legendary Coco Chanel and Estée Lauder may have marked the beginning of a new period for businesswomen worldwide. Women are now working side by side in a variety of sectors, such as publishing, technology, fashion, broadcasting, and beauty, to establish their companies as household names. 

With their outstanding achievements, these courageous women are establishing new standards. We’ve listed the top female entrepreneurs in the world today to encourage you to follow their lead.

1. SOHO China co-founder Zhang Xin

The Chinese real estate construction company SOHO China, which went public in 2007, was co-founded by Zhang Xin.

The story of real estate tycoon Zhang Xin is a typical “poverty to riches” one. The former industrial worker wanted to be a farmer when she was growing up in Beijing throughout the Cultural Revolution because that was a profession that was regarded as “glorified” by Mao Zedong’s communist government.

Her current combined net worth with her spouse, Pan Shiyi, is about $3.3 billion. A former factory worker who subsequently earned a master’s degree in economic growth from Cambridge University got the moniker “the woman who built Beijing.” 

Zhang moved with her family from Beijing to Hong Kong when she was 15 years old. For five years, Zhang worked in factories, moving around to earn more money. Because Hong Kong was a British territory at the time, Zhang had the opportunity to move there to pursue her studies. She didn’t even speak English when she arrived, so it was a complete shock. 

Once more in a financial bind, she took a job in a Chinese couple’s conventional British fish and chip store, where she offered customers “salt and vinegar” for their fries in her limited English. She had Margaret Thatcher as her role model and found entertainment in viewing televised parliamentary debates. Some of Zhang Xin’s advice for women entrepreneurs is to never let self-doubt stop you from going after your goals; success frequently requires taking risks; and failure is a necessary component of the entrepreneurial journey. The inspiring tale of Zhang Xin demonstrates that, in reality, nothing is impossibly difficult; our only limitations come from within. 

2. Winfrey, Oprah

One of the wealthiest and most famous female entrepreneurs in the world, Oprah Winfrey, has a net worth of $2.49 billion. She personifies the successful entrepreneur of today. She represents the American Dream in the eyes of Americans.

How did she build the media company that made her famous today, though?

Oprah did not have a stable upbringing or profit from nepotism. In the 1950s and 1960s, she lived in challenging conditions in rural Tennessee and Mississippi. As a result of being sexually abused, she had to deal with money difficulties, a convoluted family dynamic, and the premature death of a baby.

Oprah’s job in media began when, at the age of 19, she switched from presenting at the local television station to being a reporter for her high school‘s radio station. Morning show hosting became her early foray into television, and in 1986 she debuted the enduring Oprah Winfrey Show.

Her own production business, Harpo Productions, was established as a result of her popularity. Then, when it was renamed and broadcast nationwide as the talk-show format we know today, Haro Productions took over the production of her talk program from ABC.

It is amazing how Oprah overcame personal hardships, sexism, and racism to reach this level of success.

3. Rihanna – The Wealthiest Female Musician

With a net worth of an estimated $1.63 billion, Rihanna recently surpassed other female musicians as the wealthiest person in music. Despite her success in Hollywood, Rihanna earned the majority of her money through her cosmetics and beauty line, Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna, who was born in Barbados in the late 1980s, demonstrated a passion for music and looked into singing opportunities while still in high school. In the early 2000s, Rihanna signed a record contract and began her musical career after being spotted by an American music producer.

In 2017, Rihanna’s already successful career underwent a significant shift after she introduced Fenty Beauty. 

The goal of Fenty Beauty is to make cosmetics and other beauty items affordable for individuals with all skin types and tones. The success of Fenty is undoubtedly greatly influenced by this focus on inclusivity.

She chose to pursue better and more chances while adhering to her passions. These two characteristics work well together, which explains why Rihanna has been successful in so many various fields.

Rihanna has developed all of her interests into successful professions despite having modest beginnings. She has become one of the most profitable and well-known female entrepreneurs worldwide thanks to her aptitude for making wise business choices and selecting a good team.

4. Conclusion

Even though each of these women’s tales is unique, they all have determination and bravery at their roots. They are all self-made millionaires who persist in the face of numerous challenges. The experiences of these well-known female business owners show us what it takes to be effective leaders.

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