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Dive into Delight: 25 Exciting Things to Do in Rehoboth Beach!

Are you looking for a good weekend getaway with your family or friends? Do you want to experience the cool Atlantic ocean breezes and sunbathe in the warm sunshine? Are you searching for a tourist destination for people of all ages?

Rehoboth Beach is the place that you should be looking forward to!

Rehoboth, located in eastern Sussex County in Delaware, is known for its beaches. It is one of the most popular and sought-after vacation destinations. Engulfed with a profound history, Rehoboth is a complete holiday destination. 

The Rehoboth town, founded in 1873, was the Rehoboth Beach Camp Meeting Association and was later renamed “Cape Henlopen City.” It was only in 1893 that it got its present name, Rehoboth Beach.

If you are wondering how to explore the best of Rehoboth Beach,

1. 25 Things to Do in Rehoboth Beach 

1.1. Rehoboth Beach

Referred to as the “Nation’s Summer Capital,” Rehoboth Beach is one of the favorite destinations of beach lovers. Delaware Coast offers some of the cleanest beaches on the East Coast.

The beach has a 5-star rating awarded by NRDC for its water quality. Many local businesses have emerged in this area due to the popularity of Rehoboth Beach among tourists. Seashell shops and gift shops line up Rehoboth Avenue.

The vibe of Rehoboth Beach will make you desire to stay longer and return more often to enjoy what the city offers.

1.2. Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk 

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Considered the city’s best scenic spot, it draws the maximum number of tourists throughout the year. The one-mile-long Boardwalk is perfect for taking a leisure stroll. The stroll along the Boardwalk will make you admire the exotic beauty.

The one-mile-long Broadwalk is flanked on both sides by local shops, restaurants selling mouth-watering dishes, and various other family amusements. Rehoboth Beach boardwalk will make you fall in love with the ocean city.

Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk has amassed considerable attention and attracts thousands of visitors almost every month. Various festivals and Carnivals lure music enthusiasts and party animals to this city throughout the year.

1.3. Downtown Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach, which has a downtown, is home to many artifact shops with unique items. The downtown lane runs parallel to Rehoboth Avenue. If you are a shopping addict, don’t forget to go on a shopping spree at Downtown Rehoboth Beach. Downtown Rehoboth has numerous eateries selling mouth-watering, yummy food.

1.4. Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market

Another place of interest is the Rehoboth Beach – Farmers Market. Located in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, the Farmers Market is one of the best resort towns in America. It is a place where the local farmers and artisans get together to sell various locally produced items.

The market allows tourists to experience local cuisines and crafts. You can visit the Farmers Market for a quick lunch or a snack. While you explore the market, the children can also enjoy themselves in the playground inside the market.

1.5. Gordon’s Pond

Gordon’s Pond is the perfect place for you if you want to go hiking or biking. This trail runs into the pond and then leads you to the lush green forests of Delaware.

The elevated half-mile trail has two observation points along the route and allows you to capture the breathtaking landscape. Gordon’s pond and the dunes of Rehoboth Beach offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The coastline is home to various reptiles and mammals. Piping Glovers frequent the place in the summer, as the pond is their nesting ground.

Get your eyes and camera ready to capture some beauty!

1.6. Ryan’s Mini Golf

It offers an 18-hole miniature golf course on Rehoboth Beach with a view of the beach and the boardwalk. You can bring your family here for a quick game of mini golf.

A man wearing a green polo t-shirt is playing golf on the green field.
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1.7. Rehoboth Beach Museums

A tiny gem right off the Rehoboth Beach, Rehoboth Beach Museum, gives you a walk through the history. It will take you through the beginning of the town, from when it belonged to the Native Americans to the religious community that established itself in the later years, and how it transformed itself into the present-day modern town resort.

The museum displays artifacts, old restaurant menu cards, and beach weather. 

The upper gallery has a model of the 1962 storm on display. It shows how the storm almost destroyed the township and how the inhabitants rebuilt the city.

The Rehoboth Beach Museum is managed and operated by the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society, a nonprofit organization that showcases the place’s history and culture. They do not charge a fee, though you can always donate to the museum.

1.8. Cape Henlopen State Park 

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A 16-minute drive from Rehoboth Beach, it is situated at the mouth of Delaware Bay, where the bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. The area was developed by William Penn and is a favorite place of the native people for its rich resources.

Fort Miles was constructed here during World War II. It served as the training and defensive post for the armed forces. Fort Miles Museum will explain why the Delaware River was a priority during the war.

1.9. Seaside Nature Center

The Seaside Nature Center offers year-round educational environment programs and recreational activities for persons belonging to all age groups. You can enroll for a family hike like the whole moon hike, where you can see the sunset and the full moon rise. You can explore why and how animals adapted to the nightlife.

Equipped with aquariums, the center introduces the visitors to aquatic animals face to face. The latest 300-gallon touch tank with windows for viewing the animals close up is a crowd puller. There are also five 1000-gallon fish tanks with local fish. These explain the various habitats within the park and its surroundings.

The nature center has a gift shop inside the Seaside Nature Center.

1.10. Delaware Seashore State Park

At the Delaware Seashore State Park, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view from the bridge of the Indian River Inlet. You can walk over the bridge and watch the place where all of the Delaware seashores come together: the ocean, inland bays, and miles of coastline.

The Indian River inlet also allows you to tour the Life-Saving Station and peek into the lives of surfmen who have carried out high sea rescues for over 100 years.

If you are a surfer, Delaware Seashore State Park is the best place to go surfing. Get hold of your surf and catch waves in the beach area.

1.11. Burtons Island Hike

Located north of the Indian River inlet, this island will offer a short trail along the salt marshes and wildlife. Various small islands separate Rehoboth Bay from the Indian River Bay, Burtons Island being the largest.

While on your trail through the salt marshes, look out for horseshoe crabs, osprey, and other animals inhabiting the salt marshes. The trail is best enjoyed during the fall or winter, as the marshes can become loopy during the summer.

The island is home to many birds, especially the favorite nesting ground for Diamondback Terrapin. So, do not disturb the pristine nature and stay on the trail road.

The island is not accessible during certain times due to hunting. On such days, hiking is permitted only on Sundays. Check with the state parks before you head out for the hike.

1.12. Bethany Beach

If you travel nonstop from Rehoboth Beach for 30 minutes, you will reach Bethany Beach, known for its long sandy beach and coastal boardwalks. The beach is one of the favorite destinations for sunbathing and swimming.

The Bethany Beach Boardwalk offers many local beach shops selling quintessential items and eatery joints. Bethany Beach has limited liquor shops, as the place was originally established as a dry state.

Bethany Beach doesn’t have any amusement parks on the beach boardwalk.

1.13. Dewey Beach 

One Day in Dewey Beach Delaware

Yet, it is another beach for all beach lovers. Enjoy the warm sunshine in the evenings and soak yourself in the eclectic vibes of the night. The beach is known for its vibrant and energetic lifestyle.

Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach are 5-star rated beaches for their water quality. Dewey Beach is the best place to go for deep-sea fishing if you love fishing. You can hire boats that have a fishing license.

You can head out to Dewey Beach from Rehoboth Beach for a night of outdoor activities. The nightlife of Dewey has gathered the attention of those who seek pleasure. Dewey is much smaller compared to Rehoboth Beach. The beach is famous for surf-fishing spots.

You can redeem yourself by enjoying the ocean winds by sitting across the broad bays of the beach. The beach is known for its restaurants and many fun spots that can help you enjoy every moment of your trip.

If you want to explore more, Dewey Beach Water Sports is a good option for various water sports entertainment. You can rent a jet ski or pontoon boat or even enjoy banana boating with your loved ones.

If you want to enjoy the sunset at Dewey Beach, you can go on the sunset cruise. If the pontoon boats have a license for fishing, you can enquire with the staff about the main fishing spots. You can also rent pontons to enjoy the mornings in Rehoboth Bay.

1.14. Funland Rehoboth Beach

Funland is a small amusement park owned and operated by a family. The park, located next to Rehoboth Avenue, has 19 rides and many family-style games.

The park, initially opened in 1939 as Rehoboth Beach Sports Center, has gathered a lot of interest from families who love to spend time in amusement parks.

Various rides in the park include Merry Round Boats, Fire Engines, and Helicopters. So get your whole family to have some fun together.

The amusement park is a complete entertainment center with thrill rides waiting to excite you to the fullest.

1.15. Rehoboth Beach Bandstand

The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is an entertainment center located on Rehoboth Avenue. It is known for its open-air venue and has had summer concerts since 1963. The best part of the entertaining summer concerts is that they are free entertainment for the Rehoboth Beach visitors.

Staying true to its entertainment tradition, the Summer Concert Series will offer you more than 40 bands tuning to various genres. You can sing and dance along to the tunes of your favorite bands. You can join the concerts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from mid-June through the Labor Day weekend.

1.16. Delmarva Discovery Tours

Delmarva Discovery Tour is one of the most sought-after tour packages for anyone visiting the Rehoboth beach. It is a tour package that will take you through various paths that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. How to get started with the tour? Book a party bus, and the tour operators will do the rest. Book an outing to Dewey Beach or a wine distillery or brewery trip. They also have garden tours to the nearby lavender flower parks.

You can also sign up for whole family farm tours, garden or vineyard tours, or even book them for bachelorette or wedding parties.

1.17. Delmarva Board Sport Adventures

Delmarva Board Sport Adventures on Dewey Beach is the best area for water sports adventures like kayaking, paddling, and windsurfing. They also provide free lessons and rentals at various locations in Southern Delaware.

The beauty of Dewey Beach can be enjoyed through the peaceful paddling and enjoying the sightings of various birds like eagles. Paddling and kayaking with your friends around the bay, surrounded by lots of animals of the wild, can be an out-of-world experience.

1.18. Junction and Breakwater Trail

It is a six-mile trail suitable for walking and biking away from Rehoboth Avenue’s chaos. The trail was built from old and unused railway lines and opened to the public in the early 2000s.

It replaces the former railway line between Lewes and Rehoboth Avenue that took passengers to the Atlantic resorts in the 1800s. It is located on the western side of Cape Henlopen State Park.

The trail will take you through the forest of Southern Delaware, marshes, and agricultural fields. You can also look at the World War II observation tower along the trail.

The sign boards along the trail will allow you to know more about the ocean city’s plants, animals, and local history.

1.19. Jungle Jim’s

Jungle Jim’s is the largest water park in Delaware. A central mountain structure at the path has six water slides. The major attraction is the lazy river pool, which passes through a wave pool.

The water is clean, and the water park is well maintained. The place also has batting cages and go-kart tracks. You can enjoy mini golf at the park. 

The place is perfect for all age groups, making it best for family entertainment. 

1.20. Rehoboth Art League

The Rehoboth Art League will interest you if you love art. There are three art galleries in the art league. There is a studio that teaches performing arts to those who are interested in exploring more. The gallery gives a tour of the history of various traditional performing arts of the region, of the famous artists from the area, and their contributions.

The art gallery, located away from the bustling city, is inside a nice, quiet neighborhood. The art league is located inside an old historic building. So, if you love to explore architecture, the place is worth stopping for an hour or more.

1.21. Penny Lane Mall

The Penny Lane Mall is a small old alley in Rehoboth Avenue converted into a walkway full of small shops. The lane has been beautifully converted and gives positive vibes, especially at night.

Perfect for shopping, the lane is small and generally usually crowded. The place is famous for selling authentic crepe and croissants.

The alley will be the cutest little thing on Rehoboth Beach. The beautifully arranged plants and landscaping will make you smile as you stroll through the alley.

1.22. Food Joints

Southern Delaware is popular for its famous food joints; as a food enthusiast, you have plenty of options to explore. Food joints serve delicious food in Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach. Downtown Rehoboth Beach is heaven for seafood lovers.

The Lewes Oyster House is the best seafood restaurant in Delaware. Several seafood shacks sell seafood delicacies in Bethany Beach and Dewey Beach. 

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1.23. Cape May Lewes Ferry

Cape May Lewes Ferry is the 17-mile ferry system that connects Delaware to New Jersey. It has two terminal points at North Cape May in New Jersey and Lewes in Delaware.

While taking the ferry, you can enjoy the final intersection of the Delaware River and Delaware Bay before they reach the Atlantic Ocean. The ferry will be a good option if you plan a quick trip to Southern Delaware.

Part of the U.S. Highway system, many ferries are available for those visiting Delaware from New Jersey. Three fleet vessels, regulated by the Delaware River and Bay Authority, can carry passengers and vehicles.

The terminal buildings at both ends have various gift shops, food courts, and information booths. Occasionally, the terminals feature local art exhibits.

1.24. Places to Shop in Rehoboth Beach

What is a vacation if you can’t go on a shopping spree?

Well, Rehoboth Beach will not disappoint you. The Tanger Outlets of Rehoboth Beach will help you have some discounted and tax-free shopping for your favorite brands. Check out Tanger Outlets’ website before you travel. This way, you can equip yourself with the latest offers and discount sales. Tanger Outlets are well-equipped with a lot of parking spaces.

Penny Lane Mall, Rehoboth Mall, Rehoboth Beach Farmer’s Market, and Wilson’s Leather Outlet are a few other places you can explore while visiting Rehoboth Beach.

1.25. Clear Space Theatre Company

It is a private, professional performing art theatre showing the amazing talents of its cast. The small theatre, with its comfortable seating and terrific performances by its cast, will surely give you a wonderful time.

Closing Thoughts

With its numerous private golf courses containing miniature golf, hiking trails, and the best restaurants of Rehoboth Beach offering fine dining, the place offers a complete entertainment package for the whole family. 

The above things to do in Rehoboth Beach will help you chart a basic schedule for your trip to Delaware beaches. Beaches and off-shore tours will help you explore and appreciate the beauty of Southern Delaware.

The fun places sure act as a family entertainment center. The Rehoboth Beach travel will be part of your great memories with your family and friends. The Rehoboth Beach visit will be a journey that you will cherish forever.


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