A person using an audio mixer and turntable. A person using an audio mixer and turntable.

Timeless Vinyl Music & Dance at the Sunday Sessions in L.A.!

Get ready all the Vinyl music fans for the incredible party taking place in Los Angeles by Sunday Sessions (Vinyl Only). This party is scheduled to take place only on Sundays from August 27th to September 24th, 2023 at several outstanding locations on each Sunday.

Now get a chance to listen to your favorite and latest vinyls being spun by the most recognized local DJ.

Have a blast and enjoy the evening with your pals by dancing all night long.

You can also take advantage of the outdoor settings while contemplating by listening to the unique and eternal music of all time.

If you are new to the concept of vinyl, it is a disk in which all the sound recording has been stored and which is played continuously, and today vinyl is emerging day by day and is widely regarded as the ultimate musical experience.

Vinyls have started gaining huge popularity in these years and have made a tremendous comeback like never before.

Now add this marvelous event to your upcoming wish list task and set your soul free to dance to the rhythm of melodious music.

Treat yourself and your companions to this special occasion and be up to date to look gorgeous in the crowd. 

Make every moment count and do not hesitate to dance like no one is watching.

All the dance lovers it is your chance to showcase some special and unique moves that will leave the viewers awe-struck.

1. What’s in for You in This Event?

Utilize your Sunday to experience the vintage style of music which is Vinyl under the bridge.

On an external stage, the top DJs will make you groove to your most loved sounds

 Timeless Vinyl Music & Dance at the Sunday Sessions in L.A.!
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So assemble with your closest friends and loved ones, unplug and groove all night long, and neglect all the worries you have.

Grab your Sunday Sessions tickets in Los Angeles now!

2. Duration

The celebration is set to go on all through the night from 7 pm.

3. Age Requirement

People beyond the age of 21 are encouraged to show up at this party with an official ID proof.

4. Venue

On every Sunday a fresh place is chosen. The next venue will be revealed soon.

5. Tickets

The ticket costs $18 per person and is available for purchase only at the FEVER app, so grab them as quickly as you can and enjoy the evening in Los Angeles to the fullest.

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6. This Vinyl Music Concert Will Have You Dancing Your Heart Out Loud

  • What- Sunday Sessions LA (Vinyl Only).
  • When-  This event is accessible exclusively on Sundays starting from the 27th of August until the 24th of September 2023.
  • Where- Venues are not yet disclosed as there are different unique locations set up every Sunday. So stay in touch and get to know the suspense spot as soon as possible
  • Timings- Give your best energetic performance at the event by being present at the venue from 7:00 PM onwards.
  • Tickets- Purchase from the Fever app, unlock fantastic discounts, and unleash the benefits of ongoing deals.

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