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Tips & Tricks To Always Stay Prepared While Travelling

There is no such thing as an inborn savvy traveler, and you will inevitably make a number of foolish mistakes in the first few months of your travels. But with time, you will start to get familiar with the processes and integrate yourself with the tricks and strategies you must know while traveling in a new place.

Now, what if we speed up the process by helping you avoid those mistakes and prepare you like a smart traveler? From saving money and communicating with the locals to keeping travel insurance—there are plenty of smart tricks for you to follow in this article. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Carrying a first-aid kit

It is the first important thing that you need to carry while traveling. It’s true you will find modern medicines everywhere you go. But keeping a small first-aid kit with you will be a good decision.

You can carry Band-Aids, antibacterial ointments, eyedrops, scissors, hydrocortisone cream, and some doctor-prescribed common drugs for stomach illness, headache, or antibiotics you may need in the case of any emergency. Carry the best multitool with you for the best results.

2. Keeping a reusable water bottle

Well, it’s not like you will get lost in the desert or jungle. But it is always good to stay prepared all the time. Keeping a reusable water bottle and a filter comes with two benefits.

First, it will save a good amount of money, and second, it will prevent single-use plastics that ultimately end up in the rivers, oceans, and lakes. Yeah, we need to keep our environment pollution-free while traveling.

3. Keeping some cash

We don’t carry money as ATM cards are around these days. And it’s pretty handy instead of keeping cash with you. But you must know that a small amount of money can protect you in an emergency. You might get stuck in the airport and find out your cards are not working. What will you do then?

So, it is recommended to carry around USD 200 for emergency purposes. But never carry this amount of cash while traveling, as you might get robbed or lose your wallet. Just leave the money in your hotel room and enjoy your traveling.

4. Studying the local language 

Now, don’t think that you need to learn a whole language. But learning small phrases like goodbye, thank you, good morning, and hello will help you make interaction with local people easy. Besides that, it will be helpful for you when you shop, order food or drinks, or need help from the locals.

Another thing that you can apply is studying nonverbal communication. You can practice this by understanding people’s facial expressions. It will help you a lot if you don’t know the local language.

5. Carrying copies of passport & other essential documents

Getting robbed or losing the original copies of your passport and other important documents like travel or health insurance might put you in a difficult situation.

So, keeping digital copies of them is always a good idea while traveling. Keeping the copies will help you file police reports and get the new documents easily.

6. Keep in touch with your loved ones

It is necessary to stay in touch with your friends or family members when you go on a long holiday. There should be someone who knows about your itinerary and your plans. Also, keep them updated if you make any changes during your trip.

You might think it will be a hassle, but staying safe is the most important thing at the end of the day. Moreover, try to keep the emergency numbers on your mobile. If something happens to you, it will help medical professionals to contact the people you know.

7. Having the travel insurance

Yeah, I think this is the most important thing you need when you prepare for a vacation. Keeping travel insurance is nothing but a blessing when you visit the hospital for getting sick on the road or breaking your leg in an accident.

Obviously, nothing will happen to you, but it’s good to always stay in your comfort zone.

How about a bonus tip for you?

So, are you planning your vacation on a beautiful beach? Well, that’s good. But do you know about that area?

Gathering information about the place is always a good idea before traveling there. Knowing etiquette and basic rules of an area will help you avoid misunderstandings you might face while traveling.

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