Top 10 Most Famous Public Golf Courses In Alabama

Seeking a new pass-time activity for Sunday or leisure pursuits to add to your schedule? Maybe it’s time to learn a new sport, what do you think?

If you are keen to find the best public golf courses in Alabama, your search ends here. As USA Tales has curated the top ten places that serve the best golf courses and other facilities that would facilitate your needs.

Alabama is a southeastern state in the united states with a rich growth of crops and other fodders, also it is worth mentioning that it boasts ideal geological conditions suitable for maintaining golf courses in the state.

Most people would have heard of Robert Trent Jones golf trail, which consists of eleven Public golf courses across the state.

It’s quite famous when people think of a golf course in Alabama, but there have emerged so many new golf courses with quality layouts that you shouldn’t be missing out on. Lets’ find out the best-golfing destinations, shall we?

10) The Shoals Golf Course

Best Public Golf Courses In Alabama
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Location:- 990 Sunbelt Pkwy, Muscle Shoals

The Shoals golf course, also known as The Shoals, is a part of the Robert Trent golf trail situated between the wheeler and Wilson dams beside the Tennessee River. There are two courses tailored just for people looking for spending luxury leisure time.

The prices are affordable, and even the food is delicious as opposed to mainstream golf clubs’ routines. This is a definite course to visit with family or friends if you are looking to pass some time, although it is not recommended for professionals since this Golf Course can keep you busy for hours.

9) Limestone Springs Golf Club

hj scaled
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Location:- 3000 Colonial Dr, Oneonta, United States

In this list of the best public golf courses in Alabama, Limestone Springs is surely one of the favorites for many hardcore golfers since it is just thirty minutes off Birmingham and has a beautiful Course designed by former U.S. open winner Jerry Pate.

The Golf Club in itself is a visual treat, spanning over 230 acres and a spectacular 18 – hole championship golf course. This would be your go-to place in no time. Since the Course is a visual treat, day courses are just mind-blowing.

8) Kiva Dunes Golf Course

keva dunes
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Location:- 815 Plantation Rd, Gulf Shores

Along with its pristine nature and a range of facilities, one more reason to visit is that Jerry Pate also designed this course with a fun layout and a professional approach.

I would not recommend this course for people or individuals who want to start golf. Rather seasoned and amateur players could have a wonderful time on this beautiful Course. The country club features a Pros shop and clubhouse for people who want to spend more time in their greens.

7) Cambrian Ridge

Golf in Alabama
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Location:- 101 Sunbelt Pkwy, Greenville

Part of the art golf structuring in Greenville, forty minutes from Montgomery, it is a perfect spot for youths and millennials looking to spend their tee time effortlessly.

The landscape is stunning as sunrise and set can be seen from the mountain ranges surrounding the course. This course can easily be listed among Alabama’s best public golf courses.

The place’s main attraction is that it is one of the most affordable golf ranges one can visit, so first-timers and beginners, this may be your spot.

6) Magnolia Grove Golf Course

Location:- 7001 Magnolia Grove Pkwy, Mobile

This is relatively a new course compared to the others on this list. Part of its courses is situated at the southern end of the state of Alabama.

This trail offers lakes, Lush greens, and fifty-four holes made out of pine and wood. The trail has undergone many changes but has still kept its base integral design, designed by Robert Trent Jones himself.

The magnolia grove was in the recent list of “50 Best Public Golf Courses in Alabama” by golf world magazine readers.

Check out their full list at Top 50 Public Courses in the Golf World

5) Capitol Hill Golf Club

Location:- 2600 Constitution Ave, Prattville

A personal favorite for many golfers and golf writers, The trail situated in Prattville not only provides a decent spot or course but also gives a conditioned luxury branding to golf alike.

In their lavish thousand three hundred and thirty-seven acres of land, the trail features three courses, a massive land to speak of. The facility speaks and boasts luxury everywhere with three 18 – Hole championship configurations.

4) Oxmoor Valley Golf Course

Golf in Albama
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Location:- 100 Sunbelt Pkwy, Birmingham

This course is no less than a golf resort; it is well made and people often get confused if they have turned to the right place. It was built on land earlier owned by United States Steel.

Like other best public golf courses in Alabama, this trial also features scenic beauty, a beautiful landscape, and holes made of pinewood.

Also, this course is a bit different from the trials as they use links-style course structure building to pave their greens.

3) Ross Bridge

Golf In ALbama
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Location:- 4000 Grand Ave, Hoover

Made in the beautiful land of Shannon Valley, this is the ultimate golf trail one would have ever seen. This golf course is designed professionally, keeping in mind providing the best for professional golfers.

This course is not as easy as it seems, as they are designed with narrower and longer holes that will keep most of the casual golfers engaged. It is also one of the longest courses in the world by area and greens.

2) Grand National Golf Course

Location:- 3000, Opelika

Without adding this golf course, the best public golf courses in Alabama list would not have been complete.

Grand National was deemed to be the best work ever designed by Robert Trent Jones, built on an average 700-acre land, it has affordable and value-to-tee courses available for people from all walks of life.

It also has a short course which is a great attraction compared to its mainstream lakes and links courses, the individuals who are not familiar with golfing could spend some time on the short course.

ki scaled
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Location:- 386 Talladega Springs Rd, Sylacauga

There is a great reason why this golf club has topped the list of best public golf courses in Alabama. Its scenic beauty and its carved-out golf club from Pursell farms are owned by the Pursell family. This course, unlike others, has maintained a standard rating and is a definite recommendation from me.

This is an all-weather course and is a bit isolated from its nearest town but rest assured this will cater to all your golf needs.

Summing Up

Well, we are done with our guide of Top 10 Best Public Golf Courses in Alabama. Rest assured, all the golf courses mentioned above would give you and your pals a pleasant experience and pleasure, Have fun Golfing!

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