10 of the Best Kansas City Breweries

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Kansas City Breweries
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Settled on the American Great Plains, this ‘heart of America’ is a world-famous spot for breweries. Kansas City breweries are just as famous as their fountains and jazz clubs!

The city maintains old cattle towns, forts and trails to provide an authentic experience of the Wild West. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ fame has made people often imagine this as a place to get lost in.

Contributing to its rich culture and history is the Kansas-style barbeque. It is characterized by spice-rubbed, slow-cooked meat with burnt ends, which gives it a smoky flavor.

Here are the top 10 Breweries you should look out for in Kansas City:

1. Fields & Ivy Brewery

Located in Lawrence, Fields & Ivy was established in 2019. They specialize in modern craft beer using refined techniques. They were also the first to introduce the Kansas Lager, brewed from 100% Kansas barley malt. The kitchen serves lip-smacking starters, salads and brick oven pizzas.

The bar has a variety of cocktails and a wine menu that’ll make you tipsy! They even have a play area for kids and a fun zone for people to chill. It also comes with a cozy outdoor patio alongside their beautiful beer garden.

They make sure to support local farmers and dealers by converting the produce to brews, adding their own touch of flavor.

2. Black Stag Brewery

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Source: Black Stag Brewery & Pub

It was established back in 2017, making way for other Kansas city breweries. The owners migrated from Germany and Britain to Western Frontier- today’s Kansas City.

They serve a fascinating wide variety of beer and an elaborate array of food to choose from. You can drink and dine in their fine restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.

Their 12,000 sqft space will make you feel at home. The hospitality of the staff adds to the welcoming warmth of the fireplace. You can even consider gaming with your family and friends for amusement and socializing.

3. 23rd Street Brewery

It was established way back in 2006 among the Kansas city breweries. It is situated in western Lawrence, all the way to Clinton Lake. They are a full-service brewery with food and special drinks like mocktails and mixes. The in-house seasonals are acclaimed for.

They have almost every food item you might be longing for – pizza, burger, and other mouth-watering appetizers. They are very famous among beer enthusiasts for their sports bar scenes on game nights, accommodating a great many people.

Their food and outdoor arrangements will not fail to mesmerize you. Their sweet potato waffle fries and chicken flatbread is a hot item from the menu. The mac and cheese is a go-to item for regular customers.

4. The Imperial Brewery

It has had a big foothold in Kansas City ever since it was established. It’s a great cultural imbibed place with a classic dash of modernization amongst the Kansas City breweries.

Farm fresh seasonal items are the main base of any item on the menu. Ask for the specials of the day, which are served hot right beside the chef’s kitchen. The imperial burger is a sure hit on any day!

It has one of the best outdoor beer gardens to eat out at, also equipped with a fire pit. While out there, you can also enjoy the occasional live music from the crossroads. It is a super lively and comfy place to hang out with your friends and family.

5. Alma Mader

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Source: Alma Mader Brewing

This brewery is comparatively small but is quite well-known for the consistent quality of its brews. The location of this thriving microbrewery in the beer Mecca of Boulevard itself attests to their quality. A chat with the owners would definitely convey their passion for their beers.

The wide range of beer includes various IPA, pilsners, ales, Kolsch, porter and stout. The slow pour taps ensure a dense head on the beer. The indoor setting is bright and welcoming, which promises a fabulous experience. They are also pet-friendly!

6. Torn Label

Ever since it was established in 2015, it has always been consistent at providing customers high quality and flavorful craft beer. They distribute their beer throughout the state and some parts of Missouri too.

They opened their brewery and taproom right after 6 months of their establishment. It is tucked into the off-beat paths of Campbell St. Keep an eye out for the sign as it is easy to miss.

Their most recent addition is the Torn Label Public house- a restaurant in the house. It’s a space where people enjoy the facility of the beer pub with great food from their kitchen. They also have on display a decent spread of merchandise.

7. KC Bier and Co.

They’re one of the major Kansas city breweries. It’s famous around the city for its amazing flavor and the varieties of beer they concoct.

They have taken from several brewing techniques from across the globe. This ensures the most variety of brews to be served under the same roof. Dunkel, Hefeweizen, Helles Lager, Pure Pils and Mandarina IPL are available around the year.

Hop in to embrace the German Beer culture to its fullest. It is served in chic style and is eye-appealing. They stick to the German-style authentic aroma and taste that marks the category, tied together by modern craft beer techniques.

It is one of the do-not-miss-out Kansas city breweries which serves unique brews and snacks.

8. Boulevard Brewing Co.

Quirk Blueberry Lemon Lavender Can
Source: Boulevard Brewing Co.

The epicenter for beer enthusiasts, Boulevard is way beyond just a brewery; it’s a big slice of Kansas city breweries. With over 600,000 barrels, it’s now easily the largest among all the other Kansas city breweries. Starting in 1989, it has grown to be the icon of Kansas City.

They offer a wide range of lagers and farmhouse ales which are available 365 days a year. It ships its barrel-aged fine beer both interstate and out.

They give tours explaining the history and behind-the-screen processes, which is also entertaining. The brewery visit is sure to be a top-notch experience that’s unmatched. Do pay a visit to their gift shop on your way out!

9. BKS Artisan Ales

BKS artisan ales bring together ancient and innovative styles. It manufactures fine-aged beer that’s sour and flavorful and holds the farm essence.

They also sell pretzels and local cheese. You can always order in from nearby eateries. The staff is very amiable and knows their beers.

They only make a limited release amount, so make sure you savor every sip of the brew! Since they are open only on weekends, the taproom can get crowded. But you know what they say, good things come to those who wait! Merchandise at reasonable rates is also made available.

10. Crane Brewing Co.

Strong flavorful beer mixed with European culture is manufactured here. It’s finely aged in either steel or wood barrels until it strikes perfectly. Their laboratory is always working towards incorporating new flavors and innovations, which makes them stand out. It’s a great stop to make if you are a lover of sour beers and pale ales.

If you’re looking for a fun time with your friends, taking time away from the stressful life, Kansas City breweries are where you should belong!

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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As an affilate-driven website, USA Tales earns from qualifying purchases.

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