Top 6 Smith Lake Marinas: A Complete Guide

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Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama

Are you planning to disburse time with nature and observe aquatic life?

Here is a recommendation from Alabama, USA, the majestic Smith Lake Marinas are a must-visit on vacation. These Marinas assist you in scrutinizing the uttermost dazzling lake in Alabama, Smith Lake.

The Lewis Smith Lake, what they call Smith Lake, renders everything that a hodophile craves. It has assorted natural allures and conveniences which abet in scouting.

You can enjoy aquatic life on 21,000 acres of open water by renting a boat. The facilities in Smith Lake Marinas are friendly and safe. Read on to find out more!

Lewis Smith Lake

Of all the lakes in the continental US, Lewis Smith Lake is in the top three for clean water. With an average depth of nearly 300 ft, it is the deepest lake in Alabama. You can rollick at Goat Islands if you befall this lake.

Smith Lake covers three counties with its wide area: Cullman, Walker, and Winston. You can observe the fishes and other aquatic creatures without getting into the water, there are around 50 species of fish in this lake.

While boating or fishing, you can easily look at what’s underneath you, the best part is that despite being deep, it is impervious.

Smith Lake Marinas offer different facilities, and you can easily cull the best according to your demands.

In addition to this, Smith Lake has a 30-foot-high dam, where you can take a walk on it or ride a bicycle. So, do not forget to visit this dam. The video below will give you a gist of the lake:

Smith Lake Marinas:

Marinas are not just boat renters or sellers; they do provide other conveniences. People consider food, venue, safety, and whatnot when they go on a such foray.

Mentioned below here are the timings, rentals, and other services offered by these marinas. We will go through them one, one by one.

1. Smith Lake Marina & Resort:

Address: 175 County Road 312 Cullman, Alabama 35057; Contact: (256)-737-7131

This beautiful marina and resort profoundly you with a boat launch and store. Smith Lake Marina and Resort has a fishing dock, and oil and gas station, and you can make an enclave, it holds an appraisal of 4.5/5 on Google.

The site is desired for its big boat ramps and comfortable stay at the resort, this is one of the Smith Lake Marinas, the finest for long stays.

2. Rock Creek Marina & Smith Lake Boats:

Location: 288 County Road 4010 Crane Hill, Crane Hill, AL 35053; Contact: 256-747-1148

With an appraisal of 4.6/5 on Google, Rock Creek Marina propounds boat rentals and has nice customer service. The place is best for fishing and campsites, Rock Creek is also considered a kid-friendly marina.

If your kids are unwilling now, they will start appreciating such trips after a strike here. You will observe themselves relaxed at how well the juveniles like the location.

3. Speegle’s Marina & Campground:

Location: 7146 Co Rd 310, Crane Hill, AL 35053, United States; Contact: 256-734-0698

Except for the boating amenities, Speegle’s Marina propounds camping facilities.

Google rating shows a 4.3/5 for this marina, and rightly so, the location is home to friendly, hospitable folks, and you might not want to leave the site.

Besides you can get a sight of beautiful fireworks here. Reserve a spot at one of the most beautiful Smith Lake Marinas.

Trident Marina

4. Trident Marina:

Location: 21680 County Road 222 Crane Hill, Alabama 35053; Contact: 256-286-0050

The Trident Marina keeps closed on Mondays every week, it holds an appraisal of 4.4/5 on Google. You can rent or bargain boats as you fancy, or you can even bargain for a second-hand boat here.

This marina is well-known for its food and location as the cuisine it offers is addictive. Hygiene and sterility are beyond what you anticipate.

Besides, the hired hands are professional and amiable. The clean outdoor dining attracts most tourists and if you are going with your family, it is suggested you visit here.

Squirrel's Marina

5. Squirrel’s Marina:

Location: 65 Marina Drive, Jasper, Alabama 35504; Contact: 205-387-8616

Well-known for its personalized amenities, Squirrels Marina also has an exceptional workforce.

You will probably like to try hiring a boat from here, this minuscule marina holds an appraisal of 4.5/5 on Google and keeps improving among other Smith Lake Marinas.

If you visit this site more than once, you will consider how much they renovate positively. It propounds easy boat hiring with a campground, with all these amenities, you will be complacent.

6. Duskin Point Marina:

Location: 198 Duskin Point Rd, Jasper, AL 35504, United States; Contact: 205-384-6942

Its prime spot, mid-way of the lake, make it a trendy marina. Tour guides endorse this marina too, and among all Smith Lake Marinas, it has an appraisal of 4.6/5 on Google.

Duskin Point Marina will aid you in discovering the finest boat with its discerning staff. You will also detect gas and mends at the locale, you will not get cognizance of time flying by while fishing in Smith Lake.

Smith Lake Marinas


There is more to this loch when it comes to recreational pursuits, visit Smith Lake Park and participate in the activities.

You cannot skip the Natural Bridge of Smith Lake, this Natural Bridge is the longest in the southeast in its category.

One more such venture is golfing where you can have a round of golf with your family and comrades at the Miniature Golf spot.

With all these Smith Lake Marinas, you will relish boating, camping, and trawling. Now, when you drop in, you have a wish list ready to be fulfilled.

Smith Lake experiences a great deal of water fluctuation throughout the year, you can observe an alternation of around 10 feet while visiting Smith Lake, also, do not overlook attempting jet skiing.

Take a mental note to engulf the beautiful sunsets the lake offers, the mesmerizing dusks will fill you with bliss.

Smith Lake is also contemplated safe for swimming as the water is crystal-clear. If you want to appreciate fishing, then bash to stop over at the location on vacation, or, you can luxuriate at this location despite the season.

Except for the lakes’ scenic beauty in Alabama, if you are keen on recreational activities like canoeing, this article about Canoeing in Alabama is for you. For more articles, stay tuned to USA Tales!


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