Top 8 Amazing Malibu Hikes You Cannot Miss

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malibu hikes

This article will discuss some of the best Malibu Hikes and some other experiences of Malibu.

Right outside of the bustling Los Angeles is Malibu, a beach city in California. Known for its slower pace, best beach spots, and hub for celebrities, it is hard not to fall for Malibu. Southern California is a stunning area to visit with its unending sunshine, towering palm trees, and distinctive arid deserts. Of course, the beaches are a must-see for almost everyone, and not to forget Malibu Hikes.

Similarly, Malibu, California, is renowned for its beach lifestyle and fantastic surfing. This city is popularly known to provide a quiet escape from a busy life. The chic vibe of the city makes it one of the most famous destinations in the United States. Furthermore, it also offers you some of the best hiking trails in United States.

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Despite housing various Hollywood stars, Malibu is also appreciated for its natural beauty. Malibu is ideal for anyone, whether it is the coastal mountains, the vast beach hugging the Pacific ocean, or plentiful unique accommodations. Some of the best hiking routes with Pacific Ocean views and breathtaking Malibu waterfall hikes can be found in Malibu.

Amazing Malibu’s attractions

But before we get into hikes, let us take a look at some  highlights of Malibu, which makes this an iconic place for many people:

1. The Getty Villa

Oil tycoon J. Paul Getty founded the J. Paul Getty Museum as a museum and research facility to house his art holdings. The Getty Center and the Getty Villa are its two Los Angeles venues. The former houses an antiquities collection, while the latter showcases European art and world photography.

A grandiose recreation of the Villa of the Papyri, an ancient Roman house discovered at Herculaneum, was the Getty Villa. It is now an architectural masterpiece filled with Roman and Greek antiques. It is a beautiful villa that exhibits some of the most important ancient art.

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By Rolf_52/ Shutterstock, Copyright 2021.

The antique pieces in the villa range from the Stone Age to the Roman Empire era. Located near the Pacific Coast Highway, this place becomes a great start for your sightseeing tour of Malibu.

Villa’s exterior boasts four beautiful gardens, while the marble building becomes the perfect backdrop for an aesthetic sight.

The Getty Villa was shuttered for renovations in 1997 and reopened in 2006 with a design by Rodolfo Machado and Jorge Silvetti, architects based in Boston. A research facility and the Getty’s collection of classical Greek, Roman, and Etruscan artwork were moved in. After decades of being displayed thematically, the collection was once again arranged chronologically in 2018.

About two million people per year visit the Getty Center and the Getty Villa together.

2. Malibu Wine Safaris

For an interesting safari, head to Malibu wine safari, which is a ranch offering wine tasting.

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Pixabay, Copyright 2021.

The 1000 acre estate features a vineyard and even some wildlife animals roaming in their natural habitat. Malibu Wine Safaris is known for being featured in various Hollywood movies and television serials.

The wine safaris tour is one of the most exciting and unique experiences you can try in the city.

3. Paradise Cove Beach cafe

One look at this cafe, and you know you are in for that perfect beach vacation. This cafe is situated right next to the Malibu community’s northern reaches, nearer to Point Dume.

Different from the Los Angeles cafes, Paradise Cove is spacious and sophisticated.

Aside from being extremely instagrammable, the beach-inspired vibes will make you forget about everything else. You have the option to retreat near the beach with lounge chairs provided by the cafe.

Their signature fruit boba rum drink is a must-try and ideal for sipping while overlooking the Paradise Cove waters.

4. Malibu Surf Shack

It is hard not to dip your feet into the water while visiting malibu. The Malibu Surf Shack offers all water sport amenities, from surfboards to paddleboards, at a rental price.

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By kirildobrev/ Pixabay, Copyright 2021.

You can enjoy surfing and paddleboarding at different beaches in Malibu. And if you aren’t familiar with any water sports, many beaches provide private lessons where you can learn easily.

While Malibu is known for its beach culture, it is also one of the best places to take up Malibu Hikes in Southern California. Sure there are Colorado’s beautiful hikes as well as that of Oahu.

But Malibu also offers one of its kind hiking trail near LA due to its Santa Monica mountains. As hiking has plentiful benefits on the mind and the body, Malibu’s best hiking trails are ideal for some good exercise.

The mountains give a breathtaking view from the top, where you can see the incredible coastlines. The journey, while hiking on this hiking trail is filled with adventures and the pretty foliage of wildflowers surrounding you.

Many of these trails like Corral Canyon Loop Trail have the ideal picnic spots, waterfalls, and lakes that can only be seen while embarking on Malibu hikes.

Let us take a look at the hiking tips for Malibu hikes that are important to know:

Southern California generally has a hot temperature where you can find the sun shining brightly over your head. To protect yourself from harmful rays, carry sunscreen, a cap, and sunglasses, as well as enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

You have to keep an eye on the venomous snakes found in Southern California, like the rattlesnake. Usually, they never like to come across a human, but you might encounter them accidentally. In such cases, slowly back up and continue walking calmly. However, do remember that no species of snakes are fatal to humans in Southern California.

The Trailhead parking lot fills up very quickly, so you need to come when there are the least people. The most popular trails are usually filled with cars leaving no space, so you might either have to wait until someone leaves or park elsewhere.

Some trails in malibu allow dogs, while some strictly forbid it. Those trails that do allow have a rule of keeping the dogs on leash. This is done for the safety of the pet as well as for other people walking on trails. The fine is more than $10k if the authorities find you breaking this rule.

All the trails mentioned are easily accessible by car. The is no need for one to camp out as these are generally short trails.

Please do not disturb the environment in any way, leaving trash behind or breaking off any tree branches.

 Top 8 amazing Malibu Hikes in The City

Undoubtedly, trekking in California’s deserts will show off interesting and thrilling sceneries. Summertime hiking in Malibu near the coast can be much more enjoyable because of the soothing ocean breezes. Not to add, as you ascend, you will be rewarded with some of the Pacific Ocean’s most breathtaking panoramic views available anywhere.

1. Charmlee Wilderness Park

Charmlee Wilderness Park is a 532-acre land surrounded by gorgeous scenery and has 8 miles of trails. Aside from having great hiking trails, the park is well-known for its cozy picnic areas.

The Ranch house ruins, another attractive element of this trip, are located there. The elevation gain on this 2.6-mile circular trail is 450 feet. Since it’s a short hike, you’re welcome to go with your dog as long as they’re on a leash.

The park is fun to explore as it has many trails, offering the best experience of Malibu out and back trail. Other smaller trails lead to various points of the park.

Charmlee also has a lot of gorgeous locations and tall oak trees. Mild pathways with gentle slopes, towering mountains  and flower-filled meadows can be found here. But it also offers some genuinely stunning seaside vistas, which is no disappointment. It makes sense why Malibu Magazine considers it to be one of the best local treks.

malibu hikes
By kingscreative/Pixabay, Copyright 2021.

Despite Charmlee’s beauty all year round, it is ideal to travel there in the beginning of the year. Rains bring lush, green grasses, grassy meadows and wildflowers in the winter and spring, and their brilliant explosions light up the meadows in front of the Pacific Ocean.

There are monthly full moon hikes offered all year long in this area, which is a unique and enjoyable feature of the hiking possibilities. Around five o’clock in the evening, park docents lead these well-liked excursions. With the exception of the $4 parking cost, they are free.

2. Ocean Overlook Loop

This is one of the easy trails and a favorite for many hikers. It ranges upto 2.6 miles at an elevation of 462 fts. It is also a part of  Charmlee Wilderness Park. As the name suggests, following this trail, you will have some of the best views of the Pacific ocean.

Trekkers of all levels will enjoy this family-friendly path in the 532-acre Charmlee Wilderness Park. With the exception of a little section of uphill at the conclusion, the terrain is continuously level.

Since there isn’t much shade to be found in this location due to recent wildfire damage, I’d advise carrying a hat. Having said that, it is encouraging to witness the regrowth in this area, with the green poking through and nature once more demonstrating its resilience.

Charmlee Wilderness Park charges $4 for parking, but there may be 4-5 places available on the street that are free of charge close to the entrance.

There are other small trails while hiking through the Ocean Overlook loop, which you can easily explore.

3. Escondido Falls trail

The Escondido Falls route in Escondido Canyon Park leads to a beautiful cascade, as the trail’s name suggests, depending on the season. Escondido Falls Trail is beautiful and is known to be one of the few waterfall hikes of Malibu. During the spring season, this place thrives with hikers and bikers alike. The falls can be dried up if you hike this trek in the middle of the summer.

We advise starting this climb, one of the most well-liked in Malibu, early in the day. You will not only avoid the crowds and the heat, but you will also be able to park for free as it usually gets filled up by the noon.

Parking is available at the corner of Winding Way and Pacific Coast Highway. You have to go through Winding Way Road, past numerous stunning Malibu houses, until you reach the sign designating the trailhead in order to access the actual trailhead.

The trail itself is rather flat and easy, with trees providing shade. Your first waterfall, which is steep and has a little pool at the bottom, is about a mile into the hike. Follow the rocky path to the right to continue (be careful as the rocks can slip beneath your feet!).

One of the most rewarding aspects is getting to the top of the waterfall, making your trip worthwhile. There are three waterfalls on this trail, the third one being the largest of about 150 feet height, and the falls get more impressive as you go deeper. Swimming is not really possible in the shallow waters, but it’s still a fantastic area to stop and cool off.

4. Solstice Canyon Trail

This is a popular one among local hikers who walk their dogs and hike up the trail with lots of interesting sights to discover. One of the most intriguing treks in Malibu without a doubt.

You can choose your hiking style on this mostly shaded canyon climb. Take the counterclockwise path, which involves a slight elevation up to a ridge before rewarding you with stunning ocean views when you reach the top of the ridge. The most breathtaking vistas will be in back of you if you travel counterclockwise, but there won’t be a significant climb.

Certain well-known landmarks mark your trail, such as Keller house, an abandoned cabin, a small waterfall and stream and a hidden statue of the Virgin Mary. The concealed Virgin Mary statue is located just before you cross the creek to enter the ruins.

The trail’s initial park is challenging but later gets easy when you come across the picturesque panoramic views of Malibu’s coastline. The trail ends at the ruins of a ranch house, more popularly known as Tropical Terrace.

The first section of the trip ascends the shaded Solstice Canyon Trail, passing the initial collection of ruins. Take the Rising Sun Trail from here to the crest for stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. The remnants of a 1960s-era house are located when the trail descends into a tropical terrace.

The Solstice Canyon trek is a really beautiful and enjoyable hike. On weekends, the well-traveled and maintained trail can get quite crowded. Consider a weekday for less traffic.

5. Mesa Peak Trail

A hill with a flat top and steep sides is referred to as a mesa. The mountain’s pointy summit is referred to as a peak. Combining these paradoxes yields a modest peak with expansive ocean views.

This trail is located in Malibu Creek State Park and is one of Malibu hikes’ gorgeous trails. Situated near Calabasas, it has the most breathtaking sights of the coastline and the Santa Monica mountain. This small vantage point in Malibu, California, behind Pepperdine University offers expansive views of the neighborhood’s Santa Monica Mountains.

The Piuma Trailhead in Malibu Creek State Park serves as the starting point for the 2.7-mile Backbone Trail hike to Mesa Peak, which climbs the rocky mesa’s steep sides. The round-trip distance of the breathtakingly beautiful climb to Mesa Peak is 6.5 miles, with an elevation gain of 1,375 feet.

The trail continues along a ridge above Malibu Canyon and provides alternate views of either north and west toward Brents Mountain and Agoura Hills or south and east toward Malibu Creek and Saddle Peak. Everywhere you turn, the view is beautiful.

Since running, hiking, and birdwatching are all fairly popular activities here, you can stumble across other individuals while exploring. Dogs must stay at home because this trail is off-limits to them. Once you start climbing, you’ll observe that the trailhead is higher, contributing to an interesting hike.

6. Backbone Trail Loop

Hiking the Backbone Trail to Sandstone Peak and the Mishe Mokwa Trail Loop is a lovely, occasionally difficult, but worthwhile experience.

The Backbone Trail Loop is 7.7 miles long, set in the Santa Monica Mountains. You can find this in Malibu Creek State Park along with other trails expect to hike for around 5.7 kilometers at a moderate pace generally, with some steep climb and mild scrambling at the summit. It is a dog-friendly (on leash) hiking trail despite being extremely exposed, so consider the heat before taking your dog.

This trail is particularly undertaken for day hikes. You can start the hike from Calabasas and witness the foliage and nature the trail is well-known for. Impressive sandstone formations, canyons, and breathtaking vistas from Inspiration Point and Sandstone Peak, Santa Monica’s highest peak, are some of this hike’s highlights. You can look over Catalina and Channel Island from the top.


malibu hikes
By Kyle Hanson/ Pixels, Copyright 2021.

The first part of the hike is steep but gradually gets easier. It is recommended to start the trail on the left and end it on the right, making hiking less tiring. It is also advised to take the clockwise path, which has a 1075-foot elevation increase, rather than the counterclockwise start on the Mishe Mokwa trail, which has a significantly longer ascent.

Use sturdy hiking footwear because the trail is rocky. It’s also advised to get an offline trail map because some of the tracks can be a little unclear at times. Make sure you have enough of water on hand since if you start the path too late in the morning, it could get very hot.

The final quarter-mile ascent to Sandstone Peak requires some climbing and scrambling due to its steepness. If you don’t feel like climbing, skip the summit and continue straight to Inspiration Point, where you’ll also enjoy a great view. Once you reach the top, you can see the whole of the Santa Monica Mountains in the distance.

A 3.2-mile out-and-back hike on the Backbone Trail to Sandstone Peak is an option if you don’t feel like tackling the complete Sandstone Peak Loop Trail. For those who want to see the sunset from Sandstone Peak or Inspiration Point, this is a well-liked hike.

7. Zuma Canyon Trail

For those willing to step out of their comfort zone, the Zuma canyon trail is perfect for them. This is one of the adventurous hikes in the Malibu city. This trail is for those who would really like to push themselves to explore the wilderness. Since, Zuma Trail is a little bit more north of Los Angeles than the majority of other treks in Malibu, therefore it is less popular. You may work up a sweat and take in the coastal and mountain beauty in peace and quiet.

When you start, you have a choice between two trails; make sure to take the one designated “Zuma Ridge Trail.” The sandy trail follows a small creek in Santa Monica Mountains without much elevation initially. When the 1.4 miles round trip trail ends, you find yourself at canyon narrows.

About half a mile into the hike, there is a frequently overlooked viewpoint point with 180-degree views of the Pacific Ocean. Keep your eyes on the ground and look for the mostly-cleared path on the left-hand side of the trail to locate the unmarked way to the lookout. The vista is breathtaking, and it is easy to see why Malibu is a well-known tourist attraction.

However, if you want more adventure, you can continue making your way ahead. You can start walking in Zuma Canyon Narrows but steer cautiously as it does not have a hiking path. There are further offshoots if you want a longer journey; the Zuma Ridge route is an out-and-back hike of 5.4 miles. There are no facilities on the trail, but dogs and horses are permitted. A hat is a wonderful option because this climb spends a lot of time in the direct sun.

This path will end at the crossing of Edison Service Road. You can also explore other trails like the Scenic or Canyon Park like Escondido canyon park. Another best trail would be temescal canyon trail or zuma ridge trail, point dume cove trail, rocky trail or rising sun trail.

The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to Busch Drive can be used to get to the path, which has free parking. At the end of Busch, on the right side of the street, lies the parking lot.

8. Point Dume

The feature of Malibu hiking that I enjoy the most is that some trails allow you to travel from the towering mountains to the sea. The Point Dume Cove Trail is a wonderful example. Point Dume appears as a dome-shaped headland, seen at Santa Monica Bay. It is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and aquamarine water.

There are miles of trails on Point Dume. One of them also leads to the highest point of the trail. By following these trails, you can find yourself at a secluded beach while a popular beach is on the other.

Rock climbers may be seen scaling the cliff, while whales migrating through the ocean may be spotted from January to April. Or perhaps you’ll see some seals basking on the nearby rocks. You might be able to walk from the beach at Paradise Cove to the pier depending on the tides. The sunset would be beautiful here.

You can start your hike by taking a short, simple walk up to the top. Hiking up to Point Dume can also lead you to Point Dume Natural preserve. This preserve is prettier in the springtime when poppies and huge coreopsis are in full bloom along the trails.

From the top of the cliff at Point Dume down to the beach, where you may explore the tidal pools, it is an easy, gorgeous hike that takes approximately an hour. However, dogs are not allowed on this trail.

On weekdays from 6-9 a.m. or 4-6:30 p.m. and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., a parking lot on Westward Beach Road offers easy seaside parking for $3. The price is $8 from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the weekends and $3 from 4-6:30 p.m. Another option is to park on the street on Cliffside Drive.

In the end…

However, no matter which trail you chose for your hiking, these unique hikes in Malibu will make your trip worthwhile.

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