8 Best Escape Room NYC For The Smart Brains

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Writer-themed Escape Quest Room Game with riddles to solve
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Participating in an escape room NYC is very thrilling, adventurous, and a great experience. The escape room in New York city can be enjoyed with a group of friends or with your family members as well.

Escape rooms have a unique game design and creatively designed escape rooms. You and your team members will find clues in under 60 minutes or more to escape the space that you are in.

It is ideal to have a few team members before playing the escape room games. It won’t just help you play easily but also will help you in team-building events.

Considering different escape rooms in NYC, we have come up with a list of top escape rooms in NYC. So, the next time you visit New York, make sure to see at least one of these escape room in NYC and experience the escape room madness.

Best Escape Room in NYC

1) Mission Escape Games

This amazing escape room NYC is located in Manhattan, at its Garment district. This game is all about experiencing progressive challenges.

Do you feel like you are stuck at a level? You need not worry at all. The mission escapes game is designed so that whenever you get stuck, the game master provides you with three clues to your aid.

Kraft envelop with enigma inside and the word escape game stamped on it.
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The escape room is perfect for all ages. You can choose a from a variety of rooms being –

  • Escape the darkest hour with an 18% escape rate where a psychotic serial killer has kidnaped you, and you need to escape before he comes back for you. The time limit is 60 minutes.
  • Escape the hideout: the mystery of henry Jekyll with an 18% escape rate, here you have been hired to solve the case of the missing dr. Henry Jekyll, while simultaneously there is ruckus caused due to some crazy guy.
  • Escape the nemesis with a 10-15% escape rate. Here you act as a specialist hired to stop the crashing of the U.S.S Nemesis on planet earth.
  • Escape operation end of days with a 20% escape rate. With the outbreak and an apocalypse rising, you need to make an element to stop the apocalypse from taking place. Although you did find the creator’s shop, you need to make the element an hour before everything is destroyed!

All these rooms are unique in their own ways. Try one or try all.

The game master here has a very energetic and funny vibe, which will make the experience even better. They have amazing lighting and surround sound systems for the games so that you could be all into it.

2) Komnata Quest

The Komnata quest escape room NYC has been voted #1 amongst the best escape rooms.

The Komnata quest is an international company with many escape rooms spread over the city and the world.

Young people trying to solve a conundrum to get out of the trap, escape the room game concept
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The escape rooms here include:

  • Saint Angelo’s Castle – You are a prisoner at the saint Angelo’s castle. You get an hour to solve puzzles and clues to plan your escape from there. The escape rate is 50%.
  • Bullets and Broken Hearts – you need to find the corrupt senator’s dirty secrets to expose him and save the city from his corruption. The escape rate here is 25%.
  • Hex of the Chinese jewelry box – A cursed mystery box is the cause of an archeology professor’s death. Your mission is to find the box and undo its curse before it ends up destroying you and your city. The escape rate is 50%.
  • Boxed up – Work with your partner to escape from a box that you are trapped in together before your kidnapper returns. The escape rate is 8%.
  • The city of ashes – all the horror fans, this room is for you! You and your friends have suffered a car crash outside a mysterious city with abnormal happenings, and this escape room has many intense jumps scares. The escape rate is 50%.
  • Doctor Frankenstein – Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments have caused a space-time quantum gap. Fix this gap before it’s too late. The escape rate is 50%.

Overall, this escape room is very adventurous and has beautiful lobbies. The game masters are excellent narrators that keep you immersed in the storyline, making it feel real.

3) Escape the Room NYC

This escape room NYC is located in the center of Manhattan and has amazingly designed sets for your memorable escape room experience.

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This room takes you across jungles and cities with mysteries and fun puzzles, which you have to solve to get out of there in 60 minutes.

Their escape rooms include:

  • The Clock Tower: This room has an escape rate of 25%. Your mission here is to save a timekeeper who is trapped by traveling through the past and the future at the clock tower before time runs out.
  • South Park: Cartman’s Escape Room: With an escape Rate of 50%, this south park themed escape room is for all the south park animated series fans out there. This room contains a bit of explicit content and is not allowed for the younger crowd.
  • Jurassic Escape: With an escape rate of 50%, your job is to be a hero by saving New York from the clutches of evil cloned weaponized dinosaurs before they destroy it.
  • The Dig: Escape Rate for this room is 10%. This room features you being part of an excavation team that has to dig deep down the surface of the earth. You have to solve a mission and come back onto the surface in time.
  • The Agency: Escape Rate for this room is 50%. You are a superior and extremely skilled secret agent who has to complete an important investigation within 60 minutes, or you will be wiped out of existence.
  • The Submarine: This room has an escape rate of 25%. Enjoy a submarine ride that has a madman as the captain. You have to get the submarine back on the surface by tricking the mad captain. Do this before the oxygen runs out!
  • The Home: This room has an escape rate of 50%. You and your friends are trapped in a house that has a Victorian-era theme to it. Figure out an escape before you get trapped in this home forever. You get 60 minutes to solve this room.
  • The Office: With an escape rate of 50%, you will be stuck in your office and have to escape from there before your boss comes back.

4) The Escape Game

This escape room NYC is situated at the grand central and will immerse you into worlds seen only in movies and TV shows.

Escape the room or escape game, is a physical game where players are locked in a room and a required to examine clues and solve a puzzles. The word “Xcape” is the password for this cryptex riddle
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Get ready to solve some mind-blowing challenges as you escape the rooms and find freedom.

The various escape rooms you can choose from –

  • Gold Rush: You are given the responsibility to find the stashed gold inherited by the now missing gold prospector. The escape rate is 30%.
  • Mysterious Market: With a 25% escape rate, you are a field agent who has been tasked with investigating a local market with some unexpected twists and challenges.
  • The Heist: A beautiful piece of art has been stolen, and it is up to you to find the missing piece of art or be sentenced to a lifetime in prison. The escape rate of this room is 25%.
  • Prison break: Escape from wrongfully sentenced prison before time runs out. The escape rate is 20%.

This escape room in NYC has outstanding challenges and puzzles that will increase your brain capacity.

5) Exit Escape Room NYC

Expert interior designers and technicians built this top escape room in NYC. Situated in midtown Manhattan, this game is welcome to all age groups. The cost is 30$ per ticket.

S21 jail cell
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The escape rooms here include:

  • Sugar rush – for all those who love baking, this escape mission is for you. You need to find all the hidden ingredients and make delicious cupcakes to be presented in front of the judges, all in under one hour. The opposing team very conveniently hides the ingredients. The escape rate for this game is 25%
  • The Italian Job – unlike the movie, this escape room features finding all the necessary ingredients to make a pizza and to deliver the baked pizza to a significant client who is actually a mobster. All of this is to be done within an hour. The escape rate is 50%.
  • High-Speed NYC – just a regular day where you climb a train to have some fun at the park, but you soon realize that the march is unstoppable at a very high speed. You need to figure out how you can stop the train while activating the emergency systems. The escape rate is 25%.
  • Operation Dive – the submarine – this escape mission features getting an old dismantled sub to work and then using that submarine to stop the enemies who are about to attack. The escape rate here is 25%.
  • The Mission – You need to reveal an imposter working in your international agency with the help of puzzles and clues. The escape rate is 25%.

With unique themed rooms and perfect challenges, this top escape room in NYC is a must-try.

6) Exodus

Have a fun party or get together with your friends at the exodus escape room NYC. The challenges and riddles here are guaranteed to take you on a wild clue chase and tickle your brains.

This escape room in NYC is located 3 miles from the Empire estate building and is ideal for 16 years and above.

The escape rooms include –

  • Submerged: Fix a crashed submarine before the oxygen runs out. This escape room has an escape rate of 8%.
  • The Elevator: the elevator has snapped and is stuck at a rather unpleasant level. Figure out a way to come out of the elevator before time runs out! The escape rate for this room is 25%.
  • Sherlock’s Study: with an escape rate of 15 %, your task is to solve a murder mystery as the famous sherlock homes are kidnapped.
  • Pharaoh’s Curse: This room has an escape rate of 10%. Set straight a curse unleashed by a new artifact brought into the historical museum. You and your team need to put all the things right before the damage spreads.
  • Inside Job: With an escape rate of 20%, you need to bring down the bank guards to complete your mission in under 60 seconds.
  • Masquerade Manor: This escape room has an escape rate of 20%. Help prove a suspect innocent by disguising and taking part in a masquerade before time runs out.

    Depositphotos 25734293 S
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This escape game NYC has used craft and technology generously, making it very interesting and fun for the participants.

7) Beat the Bomb

This unique escape room game in NYC location was built in 2017 by an obstacle engineer famously known as Tough Muddler.

This is no ordinary escape room set design but an amalgam of an 80’s movie, a hypnotic theater, and an escape room.

But there is also a twist. In this escape room, you must solve and diffuse the bomb before it explodes and splatters paint all over the room and you!

3-5 players play the entire game, and all zipped up in hazmat suits. At first, you will have to solve a few digital puzzles, after which you will be confronted by the bomb you need to diffuse before it explodes.

The staff is outstanding and welcoming. Do wear light clothes as the hazmat suit causes a lot of perspiration.

8) Shipwrecked

The shipwrecked escape room NYC is a bit different from the other rooms as it features 3 mini escape heists that are 25 minutes long each.

  • Haunted: A horror-themed escape room with an escape rate of 50%. Escape the clutches of a widow who thinks you are there to woo her!
  • Temple Escape: Explore ancient temples and escape the mazes and challenges that come along your way while exploring. This room has an escape rate of 50%.
  • Mission: Reactor: organize a successful trip back on your planet earth from a reactor at the space station that exploded. The Escape rate is 50%.

These are some of the top NYC escape rooms. Do make sure to visit the escape room NYC if you are planning a trip to New York City soon and share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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