Top Destinations for Mindful Retreats and Wellness!

We often lose ourselves in the chaos of this world’s rat race. We consume too much content daily through reels, shorts, videos, reading articles, conversations with peers, etc. The mind gets super crowded and mentally exhausted1.

This disturbed state of mind begins to impact the physical being as well. The work and study burden exerts too much pressure, and we descend into mental disorders like hyperstress 2and depression.

But how do we prevent all this from happening? Social media is ultimately inevitable. So, we need to calm our minds and control our thoughts. Some like to limit time from the outside world, some like to take a holiday, and some like to nap. A mindful retreat is one of the most powerful ways to achieve balance and tranquillity.

Now, let’s dive deep into what a mindful retreat entails and what places are popular for a mindful retreat.

1. What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state in which you are aware of everything around you and present in the moment. You feel calm and in control, and this is what is taught at a mindful retreat.

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2. What is Meditation?

It is a practice that helps you maintain overall well-being using mental and physical exercises.

These techniques often involve focusing on oneself and moderating one’s breathing. Yoga is often performed along with meditation exercises.

3. How do you Achieve Mindfulness at Home?

A mindful retreat can help you achieve mindfulness in a shorter amount of time. The mindful retreat instructors3 are experienced and can understand your issues.

But simple practices can also be done at home to achieve mindfulness without attending a mindful retreat. If you follow the techniques properly, you can achieve the same benefits a person would in a mindful retreat. To begin with, you can have soothing tea like chamomile or lemongrass.

Have light food and lots of water. You can use a meditation guide or mindfulness app and follow the techniques it tells you. You can also follow video guides on YouTube or other platforms.

4. Should You Go for a Meditation Retreat?

Meditation retreats are offered for beginners as well as experts. You may also combine sessions or go for special training.

If you find that the only way to disconnect is through meditation, a meditation retreat is the best option. Meditation retreats are similar to mindful retreats.

It also serves as a relaxing holiday and helps you rejuvenate. You come back to the harsh world stronger and calmer.

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Many incredible vacations, resort destinations, and retreats in the U.S. offer calming and rejuvenating relaxation and reconnecting to yourself and nature.

5.1 Best Overall: Esalen Institute, California

Esalen Institute in California offers mindfulness retreats/mindful retreat courses, yoga4 lessons, forest swimming lessons, and many other classes aimed at self-exploration and a beautiful backdrop to the ocean.


  • Multiple workshops
  • Hut for meditation
  • Natural warm waters
  • Barn for Art


  • Rural accommodation
  • Can be expensive
  • Dates fill up fast.

The California coastal region has more than 450 weekend and weekend retreats inspired by its stunning coastline and beauty.

5.2 Best for Beginners: Drala Mountain Center, Northern Colorado Rocky Mountains

The Shambha Mountains Centre, located in the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains, is known for its key aspects, which make Drala Mountain Center the ideal location for practicing yoga, meditation, and contemplative arts.


  • Offers several beginner’s programs
  • Offers leadership retreats and outdoor activities like hiking


  • No cell service on-site
  • Accommodation costs are added during registration.
  • 10:00 a.m. curfew every weekend

5.3 Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat, California

As a holistic international center, the Vedanta Spiritual and Holistic Retreat in California emphasizes community and spiritual growth.

This retreat provides peaceful hiking paths to connect with nature while practicing yoga, meditation breathing, and more.

Weekend retreats of four days and one day are offered regularly and allow for the possibility of living, learning, loving, and healing in an open environment.

These themes are improving relationships, building resilience, a personal recovery or detox5. The menu is vegetarian and gastronomic.

5.4 Most Flexible: Spirit Rock Meditation Center, California

Spirit Rock Meditation Centre is a spiritual meditation institute located in Woodacre, California. The key characteristics of this center are-

  • The Spirit Rock Center offers many one-day or three-day retreats and scholarships.
  • In-person programs fill up quickly; some programs require prerequisites that must be met.

5.5 Best for Wilderness: Alaska Stillpoint Lodge, Halibut Cove

Alaska Stillpoint Lodge offers a holistic retreat with hiking trails, kayaking, rafting, meditating in quiet places, or yogurt.

Pros: Guided local adventure tours and eco-tours. Yoga and meditation classes are offered for all age groups. A meditation retreat is usually held between June and September.

5.6 Shoshoni Yoga Retreat, Rocky Mountains

If yoga was part of your mindfulness practice or you wanted it, the Shoshoni Yoga retreat (Rollinsville, US) could be a good place to start.

Shoshoni has three temples in a 300-hectare area surrounded by trees. Shoshoni combines yoga and meditation to refresh the body’s senses while the yogis practice ShambhaAnanda.

Yoga retreats run from Monday until Saturday with an average of 2 nights. These retreats allow you to learn from others while building your daily mindfulness routines.

6.1 The Art of Living Retreat Center, 180 Countries

The Art of Living offers a range of meditation retreat programs designed around any wellness objective.

The company offers meditation and silent meditation retreats, Shankara Ayurvedic Wellness, and programs to improve your happiness.

And for those who just like some rest and relaxation, getting away is also an option. The rooms include amenities such as a comfortable bed, wireless Internet, and television.

6.2 Seven Springs Yoga and Holistic Retreats, Tennessee

Maryville, Tennessee, Seven Springs offers a unique opportunity for those who haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Smoky Mountains beauty.

These retreats offer a quiet escape that can boost your energy, strengthen your resilience, and help you reconnect with your inner spirit.

Seven Springs offers individual retreat programs for 1 or 3 individuals.

Wellness services include private yoga classes, hikes, healing herbs, walking trails with tea, and more. Vegetarian food also supports a mission to enliven the whole person – body and soul.

7. Not Sure Which Retreat is Perfect for You?

Try a few practices at home. Do you feel meditation is working for you? But remember, it takes time to calm your mind. If you cannot calm your mind all by yourself and feel you need a break, surely go for a mindful retreat.

To determine which retreat is perfect for you, you need to check the levels, the training included in each package, the number of days, the instructors, the equipment, and the cost.

Some meditation retreats offer extra benefits like walking meditation, vegetarian meals, guided meditations, gentle yoga, mindfulness workshops, gourmet meals, tai chi, life coaching, insight meditation, nature walks, dharma talk, and private rooms.

Depending on what suits you, you can pick the best mindful retreat. If you have no experience, start with beginner training and then move your way up to harder ones.

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8. FAQs

8.1 Are Meditation Retreats Expensive?

There’s a retreat that costs $500 to $2000 a week without meals or lodging. Other retreats cost anywhere from $500 to $6k each week. It depends on the type of retreat and the institute.

On the one hand, there are some places that offer free basic meditation training from time to time, while on the other hand, there are places that cost more than a 5-star hotel! It all depends on the facilities they provide, the food they offer, the equipment they use, and how luxurious the rooms are.

8.2 Are Wellness Retreats Good?

At wellness retreats, you can learn personal transformation, personal growth, group activities, learning techniques, self-care, and self-discovery from experienced meditators.

10 Best Wellness Retreats In The World

8.3 What Do You Do on a Silent Meditation Retreat?

What’s the best method for silence in retreat? You can spend days in silence as if meditating for several days in complete silence. Activities include guided or quiet meditation, walking, relaxing, and watching alone.

8.4 What is an Emotional Retreat?

A healing retreat provides a space to recover from emotional blocks or limiting feelings. Sometimes, we have to disengage ourselves for clarity completely.

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