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When you travel to a particular place, don’t you wish to delve a little deeper than what the tourist place has to offer? To know more than the surface level and become one with the place? Everyone knows about the famous things of a place but few can tell that they have talked to the bartender of a quiet pub and shared their life stories with each other or found a small antique bookstore at the end of a small lane and found some of best works they have ever read by unknown authors. As J.R.R. Tolkien has rightly said, “Still round the corner, there may wait, a new road or a secret road”.

What better than small towns to experience the intimateness and know the place on a more personal level? Cities with their urban lifestyle have their own fast-paced-fun but small town and their quiet suburban charm are a home away from home. Tennessee, a landlocked state of the United States, is a beautiful place with a rich history and diverse culture but the charming small towns in Tennessee will provide you with an experience that will make your trip more memorable and different from others.

All small towns in Tennessee have something unique, be it history or their vibrant festivals, adventurous activities, or simply the beauty and relaxing vibes that make tourists want to come from all over the world to visit these small towns. Each small town of Tenessee will have something for you that will definitely make it a story worth telling to your friends and family. Stick to the end of the article as we share all the details.

1. Franklin

A fun and exciting adventure await in this small town of Tennessee. Named in the honor of Benjamin Franklin, this charming town is located only 20 miles south of Nashville. Once here, you would no longer want to miss out on anything like this small yet friendly town that will keep you occupied with its buffet of activities.

Brimming with history, the popular Historic Downtown District, stretching over 16 blocks overflows with restaurants, boutique shops, art galleries, and antique shops for you to explore and empty your purses. Also titled America’s favorite Main Street District, the community also holds a variety of festivals throughout the year.

Franklin had played a major role in the American Civil War and its historic buildings give you a glimpse of those unfortunate days. One such place is the Carnton House which was built in 1826. Franklin is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Another reason which lures travelers around the world to small towns in Tennessee is the seasonal festivals and parades. The Main Street Festival in Spring, The Fourth of July in summer, the Pumpkin Fest in October, The Veterans Day Parade in November, and the Dickens of a Christmas in December, visit anytime and you will get to participate in at least one of these lively festivals.

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With so much to do, it is better to make an itinerary before you visit Franklin to not miss out on anything. Franklin, Tennessee will help you with constructing the most productive one.

2. Paris

Don’t get fooled by its name. Paris is one of the most beautiful small towns in Tennessee and has a history behind its name. It was labelled as such in the honor of the famous French Military man, Marquis de Lafayette, the hero of the American Revolution. Even though the name of this small town and some of its landmarks are similar to the romantic capital of France, it has its own rural touch to it.

Every Paris needs its own Eiffel Tower; therefore, this township has one of its own. The famous Eiffel Tower Park is a must-visit place in Paris and has an exact replica of the historic tower. Don’t forget to click a picture for the gram and enjoy the additional outdoor activities that come along with a visit to this place.

Apart from the Park, you can also go to Kentucky Lake and Paris Landing State Park to enjoy the fresh air and engage in some physical activities. At the meeting point of the Tennessee river, you can pitch a tent, go sailing, hike, rent a boat, take a swim, or go on walking trails in these places.

Paris is also known for its annual festival, “The World’s biggest fish fry” hosted at the end of April every year. The downtown area of the small town will cater to your taste buds with its authentic cuisine with a Paris touch to it. During a stroll in this town, you can also spot famous street murals drawn by local artists adding to the beauty of the locality.

3. Jonesborough

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Tennessee’s oldest town, Jonesborough was founded even before Tennessee became a state! Like all other small towns in Tennessee, Jonesborough also has a charm of its own. With the excellent historic preservation of the small town, you can still relish the living remnants spread all across the town that dates back as late as the 18th century.

One of the best ways to soak all that is Jonesborough is by enrolling for a walking tour. Such tours will take you to all the important parts of the town and guides will make sure that you know all the stories behind the well-preserved buildings such as the Christopher Taylor House built in 1778 and the reason for their historical status.

The main attraction of this small Tennessee town is its charming historic district. Considered the main landmark for the abolitionist movement during the American Civil war, Tennessee Jonesborough is a heaven for all history geeks. Visiting this place is like sitting on a time machine and reliving all those days of the civil war.

In addition to its rich history, Jonesborough also holds a lot of festivals during the year. One such festival is the National Storytelling Festival which attracts people from all over the world. You can also visit the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre for a relaxing time.

4. Pigeon Forge

A little tired from all the history? Don’t worry as next on the list of small towns in Tennessee is Pigeon Forge, a small mountain resort town ideal for a fun family getaway. This small town is named after the iron forge where a flock of pigeons was nestled at the bank of the Pigeon river when the European settlers first arrived.

Pigeon Forge has so many things to offer. From its lively country music scene to its fun outdoor activities, it has everything covered for your trip to the town. Fans of Dolly Parton would definitely want to check out the Dollywood Amusement Park or if you are simply a music lover, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to visit the park.

Pigeon Forge is located near the Great smoky mountains National park in Sevier County. You can stretch your legs and go for hiking to enjoy the beauty of the Smokies. Pigeon forge is one of the most popular small towns in Tennessee and has more than 40+ attractions for you to explore and enjoy your day.

Titanic Museum, caverns, parks to feed birds in, year-round Christmas shops, Hollywood Wax, Chasing Rainbows Museum, and so much more things to do in Pigeon Forge. You can never get bored here!

5. Bell Buckle

Located about an hour from Nashville, Bell buckle is a beautiful small town with a population of only 500 people. The stunning beauty and hospitality with its Southern charm don’t make it hard to guess that its downtown area is registered in the National Register for Historic Places as the Bell Buckle Historic District.

The architecture of this town takes you back to the Victorian era with its aesthetically designed houses. You can enjoy a perfect day picnic in Bell buckle Park or scout the numerous antique shops for some stellar souvenirs to take back.

The Bluebird Antiques & Ice Cream Parlor located on Webb Road will give you a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience and a small picture of what days were like in the early days. You can also spend your day in the Tennessee Walking Horse National Museum and learn more about the history of this place.

Bell Buckle is also known for its amazing handmade crafts, quilts, and country music. So, plan a trip and get drunk in the small-town charm that this place has to offer.

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Many great minds have said that traveling helps you find yourself. Getting lost in the crowded streets of an unknown town may help you reflect and understand yourself much better than sitting alone and thinking about your life. It changes you in ways you never thought possible. So what are you waiting for? Nothing is stopping you from getting lost in the magic of these small towns in Tennessee. Pack your bags and make plan your itinerary with the help of this article as Tennessee’s small towns are waiting for you to hold you spellbound.

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