A jungle gym for children. A jungle gym for children.

Unlimited Adventure at the “Twisted Trails” in San Antonio!

Have fun in San Antonio at the Natural Bridge Caverns: Twisted Trails available on various dates from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm.

So do not wait and reserve your tickets to get the benefit of this adrenal rush.

1. Major Attractions at the Twisted Trail

Be prepared to fly high between the trees with the seven zip rails that are provided here. These zip rails cover 685 feet of track.

This is the best way to check your agility, alertness, and balancing skills on a rope course that is 60 feet up in the air.

You can also take admission for the Clip and Climb.

You will be leaping from one lily pad to another lily pad all thrilled and excited. 

There are also excluded attractions that can be explored like Hidden Passages Tour. Discovery Village Mining and AMAZEn’ Ranch Roundup are some fantastic excluded attractions

A view of adventure at the "Twisted Trails" in Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio!
Image Source- Fever 

Conquer those tough and challenging rope ladders, and many more twisty obstacles and bars will be waiting to check your skills.

And that’s not the end of the thrill, you can also soar above the treetops and that too on seven amazing zip rails.

Get ready for a breathtaking adventure in San Antonio with twisted trails and turns. Now you can experience the excitement that will make your heart beat faster and jaws drop.

The four-level rope course in the thrilling height of 60 feet in the air is the complete dose of adventure. 

2. General Information about the Trail

Since this is a trial, obviously there is no wheelchair access to this place. Strollers or more are advised at twisted trails.

This is not for pregnant ladies or people who had their surgeries done recently.

Also, anyone who has back pain, neck, pain, stitches, or any other type of injury is not allowed to be on this trail.

It is mandatory that the participant must fit safely into a harness and you can easily find the pockets and lockers here. The time allotted for this adventure is one hour. 

If your hairs are shoulder length then you have to tie them off the back for safety reasons and you need to wear something that is comfortable and it is the dress code.

Twisted Trails at Natural Bridge Caverns

You are not allowed to wear any dresses or skirts, although shorts are allowed, they should cover the ties to avoid any grazing and injuries.

Please make sure that the shoes that you have are close and comfortable and of good traction.

The minimum height is set to 48” or 42” but with a chaperone that is paid and the maximum weight that is allowed is 300 lbs and not more than that. 

3. Tickets for the Twisted Trail

The Twisted Trails Tickets tickets will give you entrance to the zip rails of the twisted trails and also the rope courses and are available on Fever.com for sale.

This ticket also includes a four-level course of ropes and the 7 zip rails. Not only that but it spans 685 feet of suspended track. 

4. Fun Awaits at the Natural Bridge Caverns’ Twisted Trails in San Antonio

  • What: Natural Bridge Caverns: Twisted Trails.
  • When: Multiple days.
  • Where: Located at San Antonio’s 26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Road.
  • Timings: Various time slots are available during the day.
  • Tickets: Tickets are available on Fever.com.

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