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Marine Wonders: 7 Tips for Whale Watching in Monterey

Want a glimpse of sea mammals inhabiting their natural domain? A Visit to the Californian City of Monterey is your cue!

Here’s a guide to help you plan your day.

The serene shores of this bay harbor numerous oceanic creatures. The Jolly Dolphins, Humble Humpback Whales, Killer Orcas, and Giant Grey Whales– all breach the Pacific waters, slapping their fins and tails.

The acrobatic leaps and splashes bring a rush of joy and comfort. The beauty and charisma of Whale watching Monterey are sedatives to the spectators, making it a sure member of the bucket list.

1. About the Whale Watching in Monterey

A view of whale watching in Monterey.
Photo by Vivek Kumar on Unsplash

Along with these marine mammals, aerobic birds also grace the Pacific. The black-footed Albatross fly offshore to feed for summer while the Seagulls propel the water to devour the krill.

Adorable Southern Sea Otters wrapped in kelp greet you at the harbor, whereas the leatherback sea turtles are a rare sight.

Cute Seals swim all day long through the moored boats while the Sea Lions accompany the Humpback Whales.

Whale-watching Monterey is not only a recreational activity; it is also an educational trip.

From all over the world, scientists and biologists Whale watch to study and gain first-hand experience of marine faunas interacting with nature.

Learn more about Monterey Bay Wildlife.

2. Things to Know about Monterey

2.1. Which Is the Best Month to Go Whale Watching in Monterey?

Every month in Monterey Bay is Whale season because the feeding and migrating periods overlap, which results in the frequent distribution of numerous sea life near the shore throughout the year.

During the warmer months, whales visit the polar regions, but during winter, they avail themselves of the tropical waters to breed, hauling them to enter Monterey Submarine Canyon, which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

This geographical occurrence provides them with favorable conditions to survive and mate.

Furthermore, the Pacific Waters offers baitfish, sardines, anchovies, and krill on their menu, making it an attractive cuisine destination for these large marine mammals.

the seashore in the Monterey
Photo by Alix Greenman on Unsplash

2.2. What to Expect during Whale Watching in Monterey?

Whale-watching Monterey is similar to the Safari Tours in Africa.

Throughout the process, the ecosystem remains uninterrupted, ensuring there is no inconvenience or intrusion brought to the mammals’ daily living.

Many companies that offer trips and voyages have a 99% success rate, guaranteeing a sure interaction with the Whales. The safety of enthusiasts on board and the boundary of the animals are respected and kept in mind.

The guides on deck shall bestow you with knowledge and information regarding the behavior of whales, along with their intriguing facts and alluring stories.

While on the horizon, the friendly oceanic locals will put up a show of sublime performance.

You shall hear the Dolphins whistle, see humpbacks do belly rubs in the water, and witness Orcas sharpening their killer instinct while the grey whales shall lob their tails and pec slap in the sunshine.

And if the fortunes are on your side, a Blue Whale might as well say hello!

This whale watching cruise in Monterey is beyond exquisite.

2.3. How Much Does Whale Watching Monterey Ride Cost?

Every company offers a varied price depending on the demand and period of travel. On average, they may charge an adult $74, while a child within the age group of 12-18 will be charged $64.

Some companies also allow well-behaved dogs on board, but entry is denied to pregnant women by all.

You may either board the morning or afternoon trip that lasts up to 3-4 hours. Few agencies also provide all-day-whale-watching for 8 hours; the view is worth every penny.

For more details, you can click here.

3. Tips for First-Time Whale Watchers

The bleak air, the erratic motion of water, and the harsh winds can be pretty unrelenting for a next-door neighbor visiting its shores for the first time.

Here’s a catalog of prior preparations one can take before climbing on board:

3.1. Advance Reservations

You can book your tickets and passes for whale watching Monterey ahead of time using online facilities as the on-the-spot sale of tickets is quite competitive.

By doing so, rules and protocols will be notified to you beforehand.

3.2. Water-Resistant and Warm Clothing

The constant synergy of cool breeze and dashes of water make the surrounding atmosphere rather cold and sticky. Therefore, it is advised to wear insulated waterproof attire.

3.3. Boat-Friendly Footwear

The deck can be slippery with water, making walking with regular sandals or heels tricky. Hence, you can opt for leather boots, rubber-soled sandals, thongs, and flip-flops (basically flats).

3.4. Protective Gear against the Sun

Long hours in the sun can make it scorching hot and cause burns even when it’s hidden. Thus, Sunglasses, masks, and sunscreen are a must to prevent blistering and redness of the skin.

3.5. Fastened Grasp on Cameras

The shifting motion of waves causes the boat to hover roughly. Therefore, having your tech secured and strapped to your neck or wrist is advised. You wouldn’t want to lose them to some bouncy waves.

3.6. Prior Medication for Seasickness

It’s an unwelcoming subject of infirmity caused due to the swaying motion of the vessel.

It sneaks up on anybody at any time, wavering the balance mechanism of that human, causing them to puke out the divine inside solvents.

Thus, meds before an hour of Bon Voyage can prevent you from being a subject of attention.

3.7. Tour Dates:

No rides are open on Thanksgiving (November 25) and Christmas (December 25). After all, even the whales have to celebrate.

4. End Note

Whale-watching in Monterey is a gateway to heaven that leaves a deep-rooted, everlasting experience behind.

So don’t miss out on the chance to visit Monterey Bay, as USA Tales would like to call it- a crystal ball that shows its spectators a peek of marine charm and also experience aqua magic.

So pack your bags and prepare for the seaside to await your visit!

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