What Kind Of Supplements Can Improve Your Health? Here’s the Answer

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Composition with dietary supplement capsules. Drug pills.
Composition with dietary supplement capsules. Drug pills. Source: Depositphotos

Having a diverse diet consisting of fresh, healthy food is the best way to get the nutrients you need. However, food quality is decreasing. More and more people are becoming nutritionally deficient in some way without realizing it. 

Even if you’re a health nut, you can benefit from taking a few supplements. Not to say that you should replace a good diet with pills, but supplements can cover you when you’re lacking in something. Here are a few supplements everyone can benefit from taking. 

Fish Oil 

You might have heard about omega-3 fatty acids, but do you know why they’re so good for you? Fish oil can decrease your blood fat, lower blood pressure, slow the development of plaque in your arteries, and is overall extremely heart-healthy. Chronic inflammation is at the heart of almost every disease, which is why an anti-inflammatory diet is so important. The catch is that human bodies don’t naturally produce omega-3 fatty acids, and that’s why we have to find different ways to get them into our systems.

The American Heart Association recommends having a minimum of two 3,5-ounce servings of fish per week. If you fall short of this recommendation, consider buying some fish oil capsules.



If you have a sweet tooth or you’re a big fan of caffeine, your magnesium levels might not be up to par. Both of those common substances deplete the body of magnesium, which takes part in hundreds of reactions in the body. 


An increase in magnesium intake might boost your mental performance. According to the information found at SOMA Analytics, it’s difficult to sharpen your mind without supplements, especially with how hectic and fast-paced our lives have become. Magnesium-rich foods include a lot of nuts, seeds, legumes, and green leafy vegetables. Not all supplements are created equal, so take care to purchase well-reviewed magnesium capsules. 

Daily Multivitamins

The produce we consume today is much less nutritionally dense than it was 10 years ago. While food may look more appealing nowadays, it has actually been decreasing in quality. But why? 


That’s because we’ve traded nutrition for yield. As yields of staple foods went up, their nutrient levels declined. A study found that nutrients in some garden crops have dropped by 38% compared to what they were in the middle of the 20th century. This is our reality. 


This is why, even if you’re eating a healthy diet, you might not be getting all the vitamins you need. A quality multivitamin will help you fulfill these nutrient deficiencies without much effort. Choose a trusted brand, and check the vitamins printed on the back of the bottle. 

Your health needs depend entirely on you. Someone who lives near the sea and eats freshly caught fish several times a week might not need fish oil, and someone who doesn’t excessively indulge in caffeine might not need magnesium. But these are supplements that almost everyone could benefit from taking. Examine your health, find out where you fall short, and provide your body with the support it needs to thrive. We hope this article has been helpful to you. Thank you for reading!

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