An empty stage with closed red curtains. An empty stage with closed red curtains.

What to Expect at the Hot Coffee Comedy Hour in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, get ready to be part of Hot Coffee Comedy Hour being organized on various Fridays at the Pack Theater from 9 pm to 10 pm.

If you want a little time to relax after a week full of workload and you are looking for a way to have an enjoyable time for yourself then attend this comedy show in Los Angeles.

Get to listen to some of the best comedians and get some stress relief and the show will be organized on various Fridays in various months.

So this is the best way to kickstart your weekend. You can get your tickets from Fever

1. About Hot Coffee Comedy Hour

The Hot Coffee Comedy Hour is one of the best opportunities to have a relaxing and fun time.

Here you will get to listen to some of the funniest jokes by some of the best comedians from the Hot Coffee Team of Los Angeles.

A photo of the Hot Coffee Comedy Hour in Los Angeles.
Hot Coffee Comedy Hour/ Courtesy: Fever

The best part about this show is that the comedians try to mix up various types of sketches with an amazing script and the show will include live stand-up improvised by the Hot Coffee team and featured guests.

This makes the show all the more funny and lovable.

 Come here with whomever you want and have the most fun and cool experience. Additionally, you can expect to see some of the best special guest improvs and stand-up comedy shows. 

A fun time full of laughs and good jokes is guaranteed to you. 

2. Additional Details That You Must Need

This show will be organized every fourth Friday of the month. So you can book accordingly.

The duration of this comedy show will be about one hour. The show will start at nine in the night and will end at 10 pm and the doors of the venue will open at 8:30 pm only so you must not be late.

And make sure that you are seated before the show starts.

Seating is on a first come and first serve basis which means that if you need to get a better view then you must be on time rather than before time. 

The venue for Hot Coffee Comedy Hour is The Pack Theater, Los Angeles and there is no doubt one of the best theatres in Los Angeles. 

Carry valid ID proof as people above 21 years old are only allowed to attend the Hot Coffee Comedy Hour.

3. Tickets

You can get your tickets from Fever and the ticket price for a single person is fifteen dollars.

You can select the day you want to attend the show from the ticket selector itself.

4. Wait No More and Get Ready to Have a Good Laugh 

  • What: Hot Coffee Comedy Hour.
  • When: On every fourth Friday.
  • Time: 9 pm to 10 pm. 
  • Where: The venue for Hot Coffee Comedy Hour is the Pack Theater, Los Angeles.
  • Tickets: Buy your tickets from Fever.

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