A person filling stuffing in the dumpling with chopsticks. A person filling stuffing in the dumpling with chopsticks.

What to Expect from Houston’s Asian Dumplings Cooking Class?

Get ready for the Asian Dumplings Cooking Class in Houston happening on various dates including the 8th and 20th of July and the 19th and 26th of August,  2023 at the AC Hotel by Marriott Houston Downtown on multiple time slots.

Start the elating culinary journey in the domain of dumplings. You can now join this intensive cooking workshop guided by expert chefs.

1. What Is Asian Dumplings Cooking Class About?

This Asian Dumplings Cooking Class workshop will help you to achieve perfection in making authentic dumplings and the best part is that you can experiment with all you want.

You can experiment with recipes. You can experiment with dough, you can experiment with the fillings.

We all know that the best recipes are discovered most of the time accidentally so maybe you will discover your own unique and tasty dumpling recipe.

A close-up of dumplings in a bamboo steamer from Houston's Asian Dumplings Cooking Class.
Image Source- Fever

This workshop is the best place to go if you want to eat some dumplings that are healthy and crafted by yourself.

The techniques and insights that you will learn at this workshop will stay with you forever, and you can even use them at home to make dumplings whenever you want.

Well, after all, dumplings are irresistible and delicious, so there is no loss in learning the process of their making.

In general, dumplings are easy to make but still, some steps are hard to understand.

The expert chef at the workshop will teach you to prepare the traditional dumpling dough from scratch, various techniques for folding dumplings, and also how to steam as well as pan fry dumplings.

You can also make your preferred stuffings with chicken or mushrooms for the dumplings.

2. Major Highlights of the Workshop

This workshop in itself is quite interesting and beneficial although there are so many highlights in this workshop that will surely attract you to come here. 

First of all the ingredients will be provided here so you will not have to bring anything from your house. The good part is that all the ingredients are fresh and organic so you will not have to worry about the quality of the ingredients.

Not just the ingredients, but you will also be getting all the necessary and specialized equipment to make dumplings.

And do not be scared, if you are a complete beginner at making dumplings, there will be an expert chef, who will guide you on each step.

So even if you are a beginner, you can learn to make dumplings from scratch, and at your own pace.

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Beginners or experts, you will surely learn some valuable insights and techniques for making dumplings as this workshop is perfect for all levels of expertise

Also, at the end of the workshop, feel free to purchase and enjoy your favorite drink available at the venue.

3. Important Information

The workshop is scheduled for two hours at AC Hotel by Marriott Houston Downtown located at 723 Main Street in Houston.

To attend this workshop, you will have to be 21 years old or older than this and carry a valid government ID card.

4. Ticket Information

Tickets for Houston’s Asian Dumplings Cooking Class are available on Fever and one single ticket will cost you $69 which does not include any drinks.

Since the workshop takes place on multiple dates, you can choose any time or session at your convenience while buying the ticket.

5. Details of the Asian Dumpling Workshop in Houston

  • What: Houston’s Asian Dumplings Cooking Class.
  • When: On various days – 8 Jul / 20 July / 19 August / 26 August.
  • Where: AC Hotel by Marriott Houston Downtown at Houston’s 723 Main Street, Texas.
  • Timings: Multiple timings and sessions.
  • Tickets: Book your tickets now from Fever.com.a and

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