What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas. What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.

Concert Couture: Rock These 16 Outfit Ideas for Show-Stopping Style!

Going to a concert is always something everyone looks forward to. It can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch your favorite artist perform or a simple way to spend Saturday after a hectic week. Either way, you want to spend the time enjoying the concert, but it’s always worrying about what to wear to a concert. You might want to wear your outfit according to the season, the live music genre, the venue and time of the place, and lastly, your comfort level.

Deciding what to wear to a concert can be as difficult as getting tickets to that place. It is also confusing since you can’t buy new clothes for every concert, but you can mix up and look cool in many ways without spending a penny and repeating your outfit, according to your Instagram posts.

Here are some concert outfit ideas to help you with what to wear to a concert cloud. The outfits below include basic to stylish trends and are gender-neutral as well.

1. Outfit Ideas based on the Concert Type

1.1 Pop Concerts

What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.
by: Anubhaw Anand/Pexels Copyrights 202

Pop concerts open a wide variety of outfit ideas. You can wear anything, from colorful and quirky to all-black outfits.

The most basic outfit idea for a pop concert can be a T-shirt and jeans, and if you want to add layers, you can pair them up with a jacket or a sweatshirt. Comfort is the key, so wear something comfortable for you.

When it comes to footwear, wear sneakers if you will be standing or dancing for a long time—they will give your feet the perfect comfort. At the concert’s end, you can even click excellent feet pics with your stylish sneakers to add more fun.

1.2 Country Concert Outfits

What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.
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In a country music concert, denim is the basic country-style outfit you can wear. A denim jacket, pants, and a denim shirt are easy to find and can be layered single or double like denim pants and jacket, shirt and skirt, or even a piece denim dress. You can also tie a shirt around your waist to get a retro look or use a scarf in many ways to compliment your basic dress or fit.

To get the entire countryside look, pair your outfit with boots, specifically open-toe, as they suit the theme and go well with denim. And a bucket or a cowboy hat, but to make sure, you should not be blocking anyone else’s view, so you might want to take it for the pictures only.

1.3 Indie Concerts

What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.
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Indie concerts give you a choice to experiment with your style. You can stand out in many ways, such as wearing different colors, layering, and mixing styles. An easy outfit for an Indie concert you can easily make from your collection includes wearing a patterned shirt or overshirt with ripped jeans.

You can also use a roll neck to give yourself a clean and smart look. If you’re open to trying colors, you can choose red, yellow, and green, as they easily stand out and look classy.

1.4 Rock Concerts

You can experiment with your outfit anytime and anywhere, but despite that, rock concerts have to have dark or gothic looks. If you like different colors or light ones, you can always layer it with a leather jacket, and if you’re looking for anything lighter than that, you can wear a black or any dark-colored denim jacket. If you want to look basic, wear bottoms of any kind, plain and band tees, and you’re good to go.

Since the basic theme of rock concert outfits is dark, boots are the best choice for footwear. Wear a lace-up boot or any Doc Marten, and you’re ready. For accessories, you can try silver or gold color chains, earrings, or anything that stands out or blends with the outfit, whichever you prefer. Upgrade the look with black goggles because rock concerts are about everything Dark.

1.5 Reggae Concert Outfits

Reggae concerts are all about colors. Not entirely, but enough to make your outfit stand out. You should keep it basic at the same time while adding colors. You can wear normal jeans with bright T-shirts or neon colors. Pair it with a bucket hat, side bag, or any other minimal accessory to top up the fit.

1.6 Rap Concerts

At a rap concert, it is always safe to wear anything loose. Oversized pants and t-shirts with oversized jackets are comfortable and the signature style for a rap concert. You can play with colors in this style, but it shouldn’t look like you’re trying too much. If you’re wearing the colors, keep them to a minimum or layer them with black or any dark color.

In one piece, you can go for a T-shirt dress and wear a black stocking beneath any dress or shorts to get a finished look. Lastly, ensure you’re comfortable in your clothes and free to move and jump around.

1.7 Outfits for a Gig

What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.
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Gigs are usually in small spaces like bars and clubs where you mostly sit, so when you’re thinking of what to wear to a gig, you can go for a casual fit that is comfortable and relaxing to allow you to enjoy the artist performing.

It is always best to wear a loose-fitting T-shirt with jeans, shorts, or skirts for gigs. Wear a cardigan with prints and throw a denim jacket on to layer. Go for anything light, so you don’t have to carry a heavy coat or jacket if it’s wintertime.

You can also wear a dress of comfortable fabric to have a relaxing time. Go for a solid or basic dress, preferably knee length or maxi, to keep yourself from trying to maintain it every 2 seconds. You can top it up with any jacket or a cardigan to keep you warm.

1.8 Metal Concerts

What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.
by: Aman Jakhar/Pexels Copyrights 2018

Like a rock concert, the basic style of a metal concert is also all about dark colors and heavy accessories. A leather jacket, boots, and metal (silver preferably) are enough to get you into the style. Pair the jacket with all-black-fitting trousers and a t-shirt, and to upgrade further, do include your black goggles.

Other things you can explore include ripped jeans, which aren’t that popular but, if paired accordingly, give a clean, chic look. If you are going for dresses, you can wear a leather skirt or a leather dress with bucket hats or chokers to get the look. Pairing them up with Doc Martens will do the job.

1.9 Music Festivals Outfits

There can be no wrong answer when deciding on an outfit for a music festival. It can be anything from colorful to monochrome and simple to trendy. If you can’t decide anything, wear a simple T-shirt with shorts and your always go-to white sneakers.

If it’s cold, you can also wear plain pants as well. You should land on tropical prints if you’re looking for patterns and prints. According to the weather, wear comfortable clothes that aren’t heavy, allow you to breathe, and keep you warm, as needed.

2. Outfits suiting the Weather and the Place

You should always plan your concert outfits based on whether the event is indoor or outdoor and if you will be standing or sitting. Although there are chairs, the chances are always that you are standing or will dance the night away. So here are the outfit ideas based on weather, venue, and comfort.

2.1 Summer Concert Outfit (Outdoor and Indoor)

What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.
by: Airam Dato-on/Pexels Copyrights 2021

For a summertime concert, you should wear anything light because, with a huge crowd, it can get suffocating as well. You can go for loose trousers and a crop shirt or T-shirt. In one piece, you can put on a t-shirt dress or striped mini-dress paired with sneakers or open-toe flats to keep you free.

If you’re going to be sitting, carry a layer like a jacket or a shrug to keep from adjusting your dress occasionally. It can get chilly after dark, so if you’re going to an outdoor concert, carry an extra pair of clothing to get yourself covered. Upgrade your look with hoop earrings or net stockings accordingly.

2.2 Concerts during Winters (Outdoor and Indoor)

What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.
by: Anastasiya Lobanovskaya/Pexels Copyrights 2018

It is tricky to decide on an outfit for concerts during winter. If the event is indoors, it can be easy to wear layered outfits since it will be warm given the crowd, and in the absence of a crowd, there are heating systems to keep the place cozy.

But do you know what to wear to an indoor concert? What you can wear to an indoor concert includes a rolled-up t-shirt with any skirt or pants or shorts with a coat. Boots are a versatile accessory for any outfit; you can wear socks to keep your feet warm. As you’re inside, you can wear simple sneakers or heels. You can also pair a maxi dress with a leather jacket or a cardigan. However, try to avoid wearing flip-flops.

If the event is outside, you can wear loose trousers with a full-sleeved T-shirt to keep you warm yet free. If it’s extra chilly, wear a sweatshirt with a sweater or cardigan to get it thick. You can also wear woolen stockings beneath a leather skirt or dress to keep your outfit fashionable.

Make sure to carry extra layers and things like beanies and hats. It might be difficult to carry all the coats and extra layers, so keep it minimal.

3. Miscellaneous Ideas for What to Wear to a Concert

3.1 Pastel Shades

What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.
by: MART PRODUCTION/Pexels Copyrights 2021

Pastels are everyone’s new love. They’re perfect for concerts. Giving a colorful yet subtle vibe, you can pair them with a skirt for a perfect look. Add tights in winter to keep your legs warm.

3.2 Tank or Crop Top and Jeans

This is a basic fit and yet looks fashionable and comfortable. It gives an effortless and clean look. Considering your body shape, you can pair a tank or crop top with wide-leg or twill trousers or a mom or boyfriend jeans. Just make sure that your trousers and jeans fit well.

You can upgrade the look by adding necklaces and sunglasses. For footwear, try shoes or ankle boots with heels. You can also add a blazer on top of this to get the oversized look. Make sure to play with colors when going for this outfit.

3.3 Mini-Dress and Boots

What to Wear to a Concert? Here are 16 ideas.
by: анастасия войтко/Pexels Copyrights 2021

A pair of mini-dress and boots never fails to make you feel sexy. It’s the best option if you’re attending an outdoor concert. Considering the options of standing or sitting, go for the platform and heeled boots accordingly. If you want the dress to cover, go for a long-sleeved mini-dress or use extended sleeves. You can also go for a leather jacket, crossbody, or over-the-shoulder bag to complete the look.

3.4 All Leather

Wearing all leather is the default for concert outfits. Leather jackets are a famous accessory to upgrade any outfit but an all-leather fit top. You can pair up your leather jacket with leather pants or skirts. If you like colors, then brown and black can do the job. Pair your outfit with white shoes or black heels and sunglasses. If you have long hair, try going for something different and try having braids, as they’re always stylish.

3.5 Low-key Feminine

Once you realize you don’t have to choose between feminine or masculine when trying to get an outfit, your fashion style becomes unique and, most importantly, comfortable. If you find yourself in the middle ground of not choosing either, go for a mixed look, which you may define in any manner you wish.

The basic look can be wearing a mini-dress with sneakers and socks. You can choose a dress with any print to make the outfit look interesting. You can also wear a jumpsuit or a simple top and trousers and pair them with heels and a sling bag. For extras, you can go for pieces of jewelry that make the outfit glamorous, and if you want a clean look, then big hoops and lots of rings will do.

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