A picture of a faceless woman wearing a beige cardigan playing a violin. There is going to be a Candlelight: Rings and Dragons concert in NYC. A picture of a faceless woman wearing a beige cardigan playing a violin. There is going to be a Candlelight: Rings and Dragons concert in NYC.

Discover July’s Musical Concert of Fantasy Films in NYC!

Candlelight concerts can be very eclectic, so they are very unique in concept. This time you get to experience the amazing Candlelight: Rings and Dragons concert in New York City featuring soundtracks of Rings & Dragons and many more fantasy films at the Church of the Heavenly Rest on 7th July 2023 at 7 pm and 9:15 pm.

Candlelight concerts are often unforgettable experiences. These candlelight live concerts are known to be very magical and the best to experience the music.

So why wait? Hurry up and book your tickets on Fever.

You will never forget this majestic concert. And yes, a chance to explore the music of beautiful soundtracks from fictional films and shows.

The entire experience of the concert becomes more fascinating with the gentle glow of candlelight.

1. Who Will Be Performing?

One of the most in-demand Highline String Quartets from New York City will be performing at this Candlelight concert featuring all the fantasy movies’ soundtracks

Cover footage from Fever of the event Candlelight: Rings and Dragons. A dark aesthetic vibe with a violin in the middle and fire below it.
Image Courtesy- Fever

2. Things to Know Before Going to the Concert

The concert will last for 65 minutes. The doors for the entrance will open 45 minutes earlier than the starting time. Any late entry is not allowed so make sure to arrive on time.

The seating is assigned on a first come and first served basis and the venue of the concert is ADA compliant; so reach on time to get the seat of your choice.

Not just this, but you can also book a private concert if you have more than 40 people. If you have questions of your own, you can ask them here.

3. The Location 

The concert location Church of the Heavenly Rest is an Episcopal church that is situated on Manhattan’s eastern side.

The church was established in the year 1888 and the main feature of the church is its Gothic architecture.

The typical stained glass windows are also a plus point to the beautiful Gothic architecture. Various kinds of musical programs keep happening here.

The location of the concert in itself is very intriguing and so is the Candlelight Concert.

Church of the Heavenly Rest  -  N.Y. 2016

4. Age Requirement for the Concert 

All attendees must be eight years old or above eight years and children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

5. Date and Time of the Concert

The date for the concert is already fixed, that is 7th July 2023 but there are two timings for the concert.

You can select the timings during the time of purchase at your convenience. One time slot is from 7:00 pm and the other one is from 9:15 pm.

6. Tickets 

You can buy the tickets from feverup.com and the good thing is that there are no booking fees.

The prices of the tickets depend on the zone that you are selecting and there are three zones, A, B, and C (Balcony). 

  • Zone A: 65$
  • Zone B: 50$
  • Zone C: 35$

The cancellation of the ticket is very flexible.

You can even reschedule your ticket or ask for a refund.

But remember refunds can only be done when you cancel up to 48 hours before the start time.

If you want to take the benefit of flexible cancellation you have to pay additional 6.50$ fees.

7. Details of the Candlelight Concert Coming to NYC

  • What: A Fever Original EventCandlelight: Rings and Dragons Concert.
  • When: 7th July 2023.
  • Where: Church of the Heavenly Rest located at 1085 5th Avenue in New York. 
  • Timings: 7:00 p.m. and 9:15 p.m.
  • Tickets: Buy your tickets from the Fever website.

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