A person playing the violin for a Candlelight event. Fever is providing Candlelight Gift Card to enjoy candlelight performances efficiently. A person playing the violin for a Candlelight event. Fever is providing Candlelight Gift Card to enjoy candlelight performances efficiently.

Get Your Hands on Candlelight Gift Card from Fever Today!

Grab your Candlelight Gift Card now which is offered by Fever and is valid for any Candlelight concert all across the United States of America.

Candlelight concerts are very unique and beautiful. They organize a lot of concerts around the United States of America. People love to attend these concerts. 

1. Get Your Candlelight Gift Card Now

Once you get to know the beauty of the Candlelight concerts, there is no way you would not want to attend any one of these concerts. 

To make your process easy, FEVER has got you covered.

You can get a gift card from Fever now. Visit the feverup.com website and grab your gift card right now. The price of one gift card is sixty dollars.

A picture of a small gift card from Candlelight where a couple is sitting together and enjoying a Candlelight event. Fever is providing the Candlelight Gift Card on their website.
Source: Fever

2. More Details about the Gift Card

After you buy a gift card from Fever, you will get a confirmation email.

This email will include the gift card code and it will also include all the details that you need to know about the gift card. 

This code can now be used while buying tickets for candlelight concerts organized in any of the United States cities.

You can even get the hard copy of the gift card printed very easily.

This gift card will be valid for at least one whole year. The process is very simple and easy.

3. Fever Has Got You Covered

The purchase of this gift card will be made through the Fever app downloaded from Playstore or just by visiting the Fever website.

After buying this gift card, you can use it as a voucher to avail some amount of discount on any of the candlelight concerts that you wish to attend. 

Fever has a very helpful and simple guide that will help you in understanding the working of this gift card and you can check out the full guide and frequently asked questions from here

4. Explore the Beauty of Candlelight Concerts

Candlelight concerts are a hundred percent recommended to everyone interested in music. They organize various tribute concerts for various artists and bands. 

You can attend these according to your preferences and availability.

As the name suggests, the concerts are held in the bright light of thousand of candles and this is what makes concert these concerts different from other concerts. 

candlelight concert-tribute to Coldplay-fix you (Dallas TX)

Certain age restrictions are also applied in these concerts

. Some of the best candlelight concerts are the tribute to Taylor Swift, a tribute to Coldplay, a tribute to Adele, and many more such concerts. 

5. Gift these Gift Cards to Your Friends and Kin

What to gift your close ones or your friends and family is a big confusing question.

But you can simply gift these gift cards to whomsoever you want to. 

This is a unique and creative gift that will no doubt impress your friends and family and they will be able to enjoy and avail of the discount on their purchase of the candlelight concert tickets

6. Get Your Gift Cards Now and Enjoy the Special Privileges

  • What: Get your Candlelight Concert Gift Card. 
  • Where: The Gift card can be used in any Candlelight concert held across the US.
  • When: Use the Gift Card within 1 year.
  • Buy: Buy your Gift Card from Fever.


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