Windjammer Cruises: Top 8 Incredible Things to Know

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Windjammer cruises are the mode of transportation that takes time to reach from one place to another. So, it is said that you need time and patience to travel from them. You cannot hurry its movement because you need to reach some destination by a certain time.

And if you have time and patience and you want to enjoy your journey on the water, then windjammer cruises are the best solutions and a kind of therapy for you. It is one of the perfect ways to relax and enjoy the journey.

8 Facts You Need to Know About Windjammer Cruises 

1. What Are Windjammer Cruises?

Windjammer cruises are ships that sail in the water and are exclusively tall because of their tall masts.

In this windjammer cruise, the destinations are somewhat influenced by the wind, and the flow of water, that is, the tide in the water, provides for the movement of the ship in the water body in which it is moving.

And because of this technique of its moving on the water, it provides relaxation and peacefulness to the traveler’s mind.

Windjammer cruises are the traditional sort of ships that work on masts. They also depend on the flow of water, and the wind direction.

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The journey starts on a windjammer sailing cruise, amazing for people who enjoy sailing. You reach your container where you will travel for the coming days.

On these windjammer cruises, you can do certain activities. These include helping in raising the sails and yank the anchor off the seafloor. If you are lucky enough, you can even get to steer the ship.

2. How Did the Windjammer Cruise Come into Existence?

Captain Frank Swift popularized Maine windjammer association cruises around 80 years ago from now. He worked on some aging cargo schooners and converted them into coastal cruises. These later started carrying people on voyages.

All this took a while to come into existence. Then, they made people travel in these windjammer cruises.

Still, it somehow came into existence and proved really worth it as people started using it for their traveling purposes. And the business caught up in the market.

3. Usage of Windjammer Cruises Nowadays

Today windjammer cruises are used to travel throughout Maine. And these trips are for different durations. These vary from a journey for a few hours to a journey for more than a week.

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Today also, these windjammer cruises in Maine are usually schooners. Some of them are retired fishing ships. Others are cargo. Many other ships are the old racing ships converted into windjammer cruises.

These windjammer cruises provide leisure time for travelers. You can enjoy your journey while doing many activities.  These include knitting, playing, listening to music, and studying photography. The journey also provides a lot of beautiful views.

And you can eventually practice your photography skills and work on them as you are traveling through these windjammer cruises.

Some of these windjammer cruises are used for only leisure travelers, and others are used for the sole purpose of business. And these business windjammer cruises are new vessels.

4. What Do Windjammer Cruises Consist Of?

Windjammer cruises are not at all like huge voyage ships. Windjammers have bunks and comfortable lodges, and not beast staterooms and 24-hour buffets like large cruise ships.

Windjammers are woody and minimized underneath decks. The crew members and visitors live and work close to each other.

The boat’s kitchen and feasting zones resemble your kitchen at home – everyone blends there as everyone goes on to this place at some of the other time to have some food.

And because of these qualities, the windjammers are still running in Maine and are loved by most travelers. Many people travel through them and discover their adventurous souls in these windjammer cruises in Maine. Many people even return to travel on these ships every year or every alternate year. And many crew members regularly travel on these windjammer cruises because it is said that the more you practice a sport, the more you are near to perfection in it, and it is true.

5. Benefits of Traveling on A Windjammer Cruise

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  • The capacity to visit ports enormous voyage ships can’t is a significant advantage of cruising on a little windjammer.
  • Moreover, by and large, these travels have no set schedule. There is adequate freedom to wind up docking is totally startling ports or remaining longer to observe an unbelievable sunset.
  • The best advantage of cruising on a windjammer is the capacity to loosen up totally.
  • Unwind on the quiet oceans as you sail between islands, bounce in the shallow water and go swimming, or jump on a kayak and go investigating.
  • You can even assist with operating the boat, on the off chance that you are so disposed of.
  • Experience anticipates at each stop on a windjammer cruise, less the average scams and packed seashores.

6. What Is to Be Bought on Windjammer Cruises While Traveling?

  • Pack agreeable, easy-going garments in delicate baggage rather than suitcases for easy storage.
  • Bring layers of the dress so you can be ready for cool and cold evenings just as warm or sweltering bright days.
  • For the individuals who may jump at the chance to rest on deck during evenings with brilliant stars and the Northern Lights, a camping cot and padded cushion ought to be bought by them.
  • Elastic soled shoes for the comfort of the feet on the journey you will take for the coming days on board.
  • Washing suites for your own convenience as you are going to travel for days on the windjammer cruises.
  • Sunglasses for the relaxation of your eyes under the sun while traveling on the surface of the water on board.
  • Raincoat or something that can save you from rain as you are traveling in the water has more chances of rain.
  • Camera for capturing the beautiful experiences which are visible on your journey on the windjammer cruises.
  • And something like musical instruments for your own entertainment on the board as you will travel in leisure for a long time to come.

7. Types of Windjammer Cruises

Traveling on a windjammer cruise is far more different from cruising on large ships. Below is the list of different types of windjammer cruises that are available for travel:

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  1. Island Windjammers- These offer cruises in the Caribbean. These Maine windjammers are simple, small, and designed around the destinations.
  2. Maine Windjammer Cruises- This was the first windjammer cruises discovered in the year 1936 by Capt. Frank Swift. These windjammers are traditional cruises with no motors to help in their movement in the water. While in Maine you may also enjoy Camden and experience the Camden Windjammer festival.
  3. Sail Windjammer- These offer Caribbean agendas onboard the SV Mandalay. Facilities on the SV Mandalay are agreeable.

Lodges fluctuate in size, area, and cost yet incorporate solaces like a private shower, closet space, steward administration, and cooling on the board while traveling.

8. Types of Drinks Available on The Windjammer Cruises

1. Drink of The Day

These are the drinks provided on the voyage for a lower price than the other drinks available on the cruise.

2. Martins

The bartender on windjammer boats can blend a wide scope of irregular and colorful mixes, for example, numerous martini flavors including chocolate, apple, orange, or classic martinis. And this will basically cost you around $5 to $7, and any other option with a more different flavor in itself can cost you more.

3. Sodas

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Not everyone on the windjammer cruise wants to have alcohol, so sodas are also available onboard for people. And it will cost around $2 to $5 for each soda drink.

4. Margaritas

Frozen margaritas in pineapple, mango, strawberry, blue raspberry, and different flavors are well-known beverages on windjammer cruises because of their happy nature of the journey.

5. Wine

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On most windjammer cruises, wines are accessible either by the whole bottle or by the glass. Travelers who just beverage a little piece of wine will improve bargain by the glass.

However, if you have a most loved vintage, the best generally speaking arrangement is to buy a whole bottle. Wine prices vary from $15 to $50 based on many factors.

6. Juices

Many windjammer cruises offer a set number of non-mixed beverages for nothing, including lemonade, fruit juice, frosted tea, and fundamental espresso.

More fascinating juices, for example, pineapple or papaya, might be accessible for nothing during breakfast hours, or it may cost you a bit in some cases.

7. Specialty Coffee

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The basic coffee that is regular or decaf is free on many windjammer cruises, but specialty coffee bars offer you various more unique coffees like cappuccinos, espressos, and blended coffee. And for these, the prices differ from $3 to $5.

8. Bottled Beer

These bottled beers are available on most windjammer cruises. A variety of brews are available on the windjammer cruises.

And these are a bit expensive as compared to the normal prices which people know.

9. Smoothies

Many travelers are more interested in better beverages so that they can appreciate smoothies on many windjammer cruises.

A wide scope of natural product flavors is accessible through bar administration or committed juice and smoothies bars, frequently situated close to the boat’s wellness community, spa, or pool deck. Depending on many factors, these smoothies can cost you from $3 to $6.

10. Draft Beer

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As a rule, draft beer is correspondingly estimated to be packaged beer, or it very well might be marginally more affordable.

The draft determination on a windjammer cruise may not be as broad as the packaged bottled beer; however, there may likewise be a couple of brews just accessible through drafts.

So, here you are, ready with all the information and tips you need for yourself to travel on the original windjammer cruises.

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