Many photographs are scattered on a surface. Many photographs are scattered on a surface.

Picture-Perfect: 10 Chicago Photography Blogs

You cannot freeze time, but you can freeze memories through photographs. Preserving the moments of joy and zeal in photos, you have numerous options with photography blogs. Photography blogs or Photologs are widely used for publishing and photo sharing.

The 10 Amazing Chicago Photography Blogs mentioned in this post are remarkable for their creativity and services. They are run by skilled photographers with a passion for their job.

They provide wedding photography, engagement photography, family photography, and other services.

10 Amazing Chicago Photography Blogs

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1. TWA Photographic Artists

TWA Photographic Artists have received The Knot Best of Wedding’s Hall of Fame award for their impeccable wedding photography arrangements. They rank among the best Chicago Photography Blogs, successfully organizing wedding and engagement photography with professional photographers.

They firmly understand the beauty of Chicago and capture the sites with pure creativity. Their team has been offering world-class photography solutions since 1990.

The blog posts feature engagement, wedding photos, and creative local photography sessions. In addition, aspiring photographers find it useful to learn the basics of photography in detail.

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2. Katharine Hannah’s Photography Blog

Specializing in branding photography, Katharine Hannah is a respected name in photography and women empowerment. Innovative education and photo tips are two worth mentioning sections of her blog that inspire young buds.

Hannah has been learning photography since the age of 14. She later enrolled in The School of The Art Institute of Chicago at age 18. She has invested her time in knowing the basics of lights and posing.

You can enjoy reading about basic editing tips, portrait photography, and valuable resources for creative entrepreneurs.

She has extensively worked for women entrepreneurs for women empowerment. Her creative education section helps photographers learn trends in local and global photography.

3. DARS Photography

DARS is your ultimate match if you are looking for Chicago Photography Blogs to cater to your wedding photography needs.

The blog covers mostly Chicago and Indian wedding ceremonies. It also offers ideas for wedding planning, such as when to start planning and how to book vendors. You can get pre-wedding, engagement, and family photography sessions in Chicago and the suburbs.

Their photography team specializes in South Asian and American wedding photography. They have hosted major photography events. They offer nationwide photography solutions on request. It is among the best Chicago Photography Blogs for personal assistance and professional services.

In a nutshell, it is a comprehensive wedding blog. They sprinkle their writings with exclusive tips about proper arrangements.

4. Flytographer: Chicago Photography

Flytographer: Chicago Photography offers exclusive services at different locations in Chicago. It features professional photographers across Chicago.

Travelers would also love to explore the Flytographer blog, which is also a perfect travel guide. You can find a list of vivid destinations to explore the structural and historic bounties in the state.

Some remarkable destinations featured on their blog are:

  1. Millennium Park
  2. Lincoln Park
  3. Chicago Riverwalk
  4. North Avenue Beach

The photographers featured in the blog are experts in their specific niche. They have diverse backgrounds, ranging from journalism to lifestyle photography.

You can book shoot lengths starting from 30 minutes to 3 hours. It includes fabulous photographic trends and encourages local photographers.

5. Iron and Honey Photography Blog

The Iron & Honey Photography Blog covers various categories: travel to love and adventure to lifestyle. They are primarily wedding photographers who take photoshoots to a different level. However, their photographers cover other aspects of life and social space, too.

It ranks among the best Chicago Photography Blogs mainly for the diversity of subjects it covers. You can also explore some of the finest Chicago hotels hosting grand weddings under ‘photographers’ lenses.’ The photographers take you inside a couple’s life.

Thus, the blog ranks among the ideal family photographers in Chicago with the services of creative photographers.

6. Shan Photography

Chicago is a melting pot of cultures. Indian students and professionals are scattered in different parts of the city. Indian foods and social practices are seen during gatherings with Americans.

Shan Photography blog expertise in Indian wedding photoshoots. It gives an outlook on the rich Indian traditions and the beauty of wedded bliss. There are innovative stories of Indian weddings on their page.

The blog is one of the best Chicago Photography Blogs, providing value to Indian wedding traditions. Indian love for gold and jewelry is well known. The blog features some of the antique and modern designs of Indian jewelry used in weddings.

People far away from their roots find connecting with their old traditions and practices quite useful. It features professional and aspiring shutterbugs with proper knowledge about the diversity of Indian culture.

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7. Eric Kim Photography

A premium name in brand photography, Eric Kim Photography’s blog helps individuals and aspiring photographers learn the importance of branding. Quality products, fine logistic chains, and professional employees might create a good company, but brand creation changes the reach. So, let’s check out the diversity that ranks it amongst the most amazing Chicago Photography Blogs.

Numerous success stories of entrepreneurs found a distinguished status after opting for brand photography. Stories vary from investment advisors to health professionals and stock market professionals.

It also covers the futuristic scopes – the role of digital photography in designing cities and metropolitan destinations. It is one of the best Chicago Photography Blogs, covering diverse photography traits: personal, social, and business.

The blog discusses the technological development in digital photography and its practical use. You can find useful materials to improve your skills as a budding photographer.

In short, Eric Kim Photography’s blog is a collection of useful information about the technical aspects of photography. Regular contributions from experienced and professional photographers make it a reliable destination useful for businesses and photographers.

8. Janelle Jaqueline Photography Blog

One of the best Chicago Photography Blogs, Janelle Jaqueline Photography, covers wedding and lifestyle ideas. It features her recent works, capturing some memorable wedding photoshoots. Janelle is a wedding and portrait photographer from Chicago with a happy client base.

She is a passionate photographer, and her Instagram followers adore her distinguished photography skills. You would find her creative in selecting settings, lighting, and locations. She grew up in Chicago and is familiar with all the potential places in the hood.

Her portrait collection is worth a sight. Maternity and family photography are two other genres she covers extensively. The feeling of clicking photographs of families capturing love and harmony is adorable.

9. Jenny Grimm Photography

His name ranks among the best family photographers in Chicago. Jenny Grimm’s Photography Blog covers lifestyle photography sessions of families’ memorable milestones. This entry in the best Chicago Photography Blogs covers phenomenal maternity, family, and newborn stories.

The ‘FRESH 48’ section captures loveable pictures of newborns interacting with their families. The newly formed family, with smiles, antics, and cuddles, is quite emotional. The pride of fatherhood and the contentment of a mother give rise to a sense of varied emotions.

Maternity is a perpetual stage of womanhood. The blog offers the finest selection of photo sessions of motherhood. The pictures clicked indoors are as beautiful as those in outdoor settings. The ‘family’ section has some exciting sessions with families around the beautiful locations of Chicago.

10. Christina Bailitz Photography

Meet Christina Bailitz, the award-winning Chicago photographer whose blog ranks among the best Chicago Photography Blogs. She specializes in family, baby, and senior photography. Some of her stories feature college events, proms, and other social gatherings.

Her signature style lies in the ‘first-year milestone’ sessions. She captures the incredible moments of a child from birth to age 1. Her photographs speak of the vividness of the moments captured.

With eight years in the industry, Christina has turned her hobby into a passion. She offers photoshoot services in Chicago and the suburbs. She also features some sports photoshoots for Chicago school and college teams.

Closing Thought

A photograph is the best thing to cherish memories. The Chicago Photography Blogs featured in this article offer diverse photographic themes – wedding, maternity, lifestyle, branding, portraits, and much more.

Browse them and explore the beauty and techniques of photography and Chicago.

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  1. Being beside the beautiful vast Lake Michigan, the Chicago skyline with its beautiful modern architecture reflects aglow in the nighttime. That is one greatest pull for night urban photographers. Chicago has plenty of old artchitecture and that is another daytime bonus. Thanks for listing these amazing photographers who catch the city’s beauty in different ways!

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