Top 8 Suburbs of Chicago Top 8 Suburbs of Chicago

Finding Home: 8 Exceptional Suburbs of Chicago

Moving to another city can be difficult, but luckily for you, USA Tales has already done the legwork.

This article covers all the best suburbs of Chicago if you are planning to move there to live in the greater Chicagoland metropolitan area.

Chicago is renowned for its amazing neighborhoods and unique communities, and the suburbs are the same, just more peaceful.

If you are looking to buy a house in Chicago, you’re probably looking at different factors, like:

  • House styles
  • Neighborhood
  • Nature of schools
  • Accommodation

If you are prepared to relocate to Chicagoland from another location or escape the bustle of the city of Chicago, all this can be very overwhelming.

But don’t worry, find the perfect list of Chicago suburbs where you can have your next home below.

What Does the City offer?

The city offers something for everybody, including:

  • Water-side parks
  • Gaming arenas
  • Scrumptious food
  • The best breweries

This is what makes the suburbs of Chicago city, the country’s ‘treats capital,’ the best spot to live. 

List of the 8 Best Suburbs of Chicago

1) Clarendon 

The beautiful Clarendon homes and roads make it one of the best suburbs of Chicago. This DuPage County village is a small, warm, upper-middle-class neighborhood, housing around 8834 people. 

It recently topped the lists as the finest suburb nearby, the best place to live in all of Illinois, and the seventh best place to live in the United States.

One visit to Clarendon Hills will show you why it has an astounding number of accolades to its name. It offers the ideal balance that suburban house owners aspire for—peaceful but not dull.

Although you might not want to leave Clarendon Hills very often, the entire town has easy access to the West Hinsdale Metra and is located in the Western Suburbs.

It is situated a brief drive west of downtown Chicago and is famous for its eateries. Apart from that, Clarendon has many amazing distilleries as well.

Clarendon Hills has lower crime percentages (11.6 in 1000 residents) than the average US city. And the added attractions include standard schools and inviting neighbors. 

Locals appreciate hiking, fishing, and picnicking in these green spaces. Some parks, like a highland park, offer venues for local-area events and occasions.

The area in the windy city includes some delectable restaurants. Try ZaZa’s rich Italian food to satisfy your Italian craving for a memorable white-tablecloth dining experience. For a more laid-back stop, visit Brahma La Pizza.

Or try the Alter Brewing Company and More Brewing Company for some great brews. 

The top schools serving Clarendon Hills are:

  • Seton Montessori School
  • Clarendon Hills Middle School
  • Hinsdale Central High School

Clarendon Hills is a prosperous suburb with housing costs going around $400,000 or more, but the high standard of living, stunning surroundings, and sense of community are priceless.

2) Buffalo Groove

Features that make Buffalo Groove one of the best suburbs in Chicago include:

  • Low crime percentages (Safer than 72% of US cities)
  • Quality government-funded schools
  • Family-accommodating local area
  • Manicured yards
  • Friendly Chicago neighborhoods
  • Accessible parks

This suburb’s been home to families for years, some of whom have stayed here for generations.

Since Buffalo Grove has less competitive real estate than the honeypot suburbs closer to the city, with house prices decreasing in line with the Chicago average, we prefer it since it is quite safe and cozy.

The standard of living is also extremely high. Buffalo Grove’s 43,000 population primarily consists of families because the area’s schools, housing, and family-friendly environment are all regarded as being great.

Cycling is ideal on Buffalo Grove’s creekside route and throughout most of the peaceful downtown. Due to the village’s distance from the city, you can avoid the congested inner Chicago suburbs.

Buffalo Groove is about an hour’s drive northwest of downtown Chicago. With the Grand Lake and its adjacent Rocky Mountains, this area is beautiful and serene. 

You can enjoy visits to fairways, ranchers’ markets, wellness centers, theaters, historical centers, and cafes.  

The town has had to provide entertainment due to its location, so you will find many more delicious restaurants and businesses here than you might anticipate for a mostly residential area.

Buffalo Grove has some delicious eateries to check out. Visit Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria and try their particular thick-style pies. 

The Original Bagel and Baily sell sandwiches and salads. Also, Prairie Krafts Brewing Company serves a rambling assortment of lager styles. 

The area is home to some natural spots; the beautiful Buffalo Creek Trail Park’s 3.2-mile-long circa trail is joggers’ and walkers’ delight.  

Visit the 16-acre Norwood Park, which includes a canine park, wellness center, and sports programs. 

The top schools in Buffalo Grove are:

  • Tripp Elementary School
  • Meridian Middle School
  • Adlai E. Stevenson High School

Most occupants of Buffalo Grove own their homes, and the per capita income of a resident is $49,981 (in 2019).

Buffalo Creek is currently undergoing tremendous development, and as a result, we anticipate seeing it emerge as one of the most desirable places to reside in the Chicago suburbs.

Although it might not be the best place for commuting (1 hour and more to Chicago by Metra), you can drive to Evanston or Chicago in 30 or 40 minutes, respectively.

3) Evanston

The factors that make Evanston one of the best Chicago suburbs include:

  • Bounty of green spaces
  • Cookout areas
  • Nearby cafés

A college town with a view of Lake Michigan, Evanston is located just north of Chicago. Evanston is one of the best Suburbs of  Chicago for families.

It is the location of Northwestern University, the oldest university in Illinois and a highly esteemed school. The city boasts a young population, and the student scene keeps things lively and entertaining.

It is around a brief drive north of downtown Chicago; its parks are livened by youngsters and families playing or taking strolls by the lake. Our list of Chicago’s most culturally diverse suburbs includes Evanston at the top.

The city has a metropolitan feel with access to downtown. Due to many youngsters studying at Northwestern University, it is a pretty lively space. You’ll find it here if a priority for you is education.

The close-by open-air space in Evanston is the extraordinary Skokie Lagoons. Get a casting rod and buoy down the 894 sections of land of bogs.

Or, head off to the delightful Gilson Park, which flaunts its lakefront seashores and watersport activities.

The Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park near the north channel of the Chicago River is open all year, offering a bunch of picnic spots, along with facilities for cycling and running. 

Every day of the week, residents can choose from several options, including top-notch restaurants, clubs, cultural venues, and parks.

The locals of Evanston, the north shore suburb, have access to incredible food- from great coffee shops to the exquisite American toll at The Stained Glass to the pub grub at Peckish Pig

One of the popular places is the cutting-edge Ten Mile House. The restaurant is known for its enormous menu of heavenly American solace food and a liberal beverage menu.

The top schools you can find in Evanston include:

  • Dewey Elementary School
  • Haven Middle School
  • Evanston Twp High School

Evanston’s lodging has an assorted style; however, moving to Evanston is expensive since homes there cost about $60,000 more than homes elsewhere in Chicago on average.

The suburb is filled with Stone-clad chateaus, curious houses, and luxury townhouses.

4) Naperville

A series of white and grey in the suburbs of Chicago.
Image- Natalia Oliveira@ Pexels

The individuals who work in Chicago are not unknown to Naperville- the fourth biggest city in Illinois. Naperville offers unmatched standards of contemporary living in the list of the best Suburbs of Chicago.

The total populace is 148,449. The average income is around $125,296, and an average home costs around $427,066. Almost 50% of all families have kids younger than 18 living with them.

It has a violent crime percentage of 10.2, much less than the US normal of 22.7. A meager 3.7% of the population is beneath the poverty line, so this is a wealthy territory.

Naperville has the best public schools in the country and competes favorably with the top private schools.

Competition is fierce due to the suburb’s stellar reputation for education, but students who attend schools there express their gratitude for the excellent opportunities they have in life.

Fortunately, Naperville is a large suburb, so most of its people are conveniently nestled away from the bustle of one of Illinois’ most well-known downtowns.

The suburbs draw tourists from all over Chicagoland to DuPage, many of whom come to take advantage of the city’s picturesque riverwalk, Centennial Beach, and many shopping, dining, and drinking opportunities.

One fascinating spot to visit is the Naperville Public Library, a prominent library in the US for a long time.

5) Elmhurst

The educational system of Elmhurst is first-rate. According to statistics, they have some of the highest test results in the region.

Elmhurst schools are just the beginning for individuals with inquiring minds, making this a fantastic area to raise a family in the Chicago suburbs.

Elmhurst is famous for Elmhurst University, which was founded in 1871. With a population of around 46,463, the median household income is $113,207. On the other hand, the average home costs approximately $466,647.

It’s been a mainstay of the local Chicago area for almost 150 years. Because of the college, this additionally carries many educators and experts to the area.

The top business in Elmhurst is Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare, with over 2,700 employees. There are a lot of schools, both public and private, that serve Elmhurst. 

Other eminent attractions include:

Each spring, Elmhurst conducts Art in Wilder, an outdoor art show where the neighborhood merchants, vendors, and food trucks celebrate.

Elmhurst provides libraries, symphonies, and museums. The area’s potential for family-friendliness is completed with various parks, a community center, swimming pools, a golf course, and other outdoor activities.

Do visit for a pleasant aesthetic experience!

6) Lake Forest

Lake Forest showoffs itself among the wealthy suburbs of Chicago; it has a lot to offer residents, including opulent residences and a wealth of services. Families that like to spend time in nature will also find it ideal.

This suburb’s beaches and parks provide the perfect outdoor spaces. The summer can be a great time to keep your kids active and learning, and this Chicago suburb always has a fantastic summer camp.

The population of the lake forests is 19,306. The population’s average age is 41, with an average household income of $167,404. Further, the average home costs $822,048.

Lake Forest resides in North Shore, Chicago. It’s the most well-to-do and best Chicago suburb, and if you’re searching for costly luxurious homes above $1,000,000, this is the place to be!

There are many national clubs and parks around here. The top business here is Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital. You have many medical professionals, specialists, and attendants living around here.

Additionally, Lake Forest has excellent schools, which further supports why you should include it on your list of potential locations for your family.

There is only one government-funded school- the Lake Forest High School here. Else, many private schools are available from preschool to secondary school. 

The most well-known of them are:

  • Rondout Elementary School
  • Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart.

7) Western Springs

The total populace of Western Springs is 13,359, with a poverty rate of 3.93%.  

People are generally well-off, with a normal pay of $150,880 each year. Besides that, this is generally a pleasant area with a warm neighborhood. 

You’ll also appreciate the hockey arena and baseball fields of Spring Rock Park. 

They have many public and private schools for students to enroll in, and there is also a small, interesting midtown region with a few eateries and wine bars. 

The suburbs have an ordinary market with: 

  • Butcher/shop
  • Organic product store
  • Oberweis
  • Starbucks

And many other shops are owned by inhabitants of the area, as in this town, almost everybody knows one another!

The schools here are great and offer quality education. This is surely one of the best suburbs of Chicago, which has it all.

8) Wheaton

Image- Yuting Gao@ Pexels

Wheaton, which is a wealthy community about 25 miles west of the Windy City, has a high graduation rate of over 100 percent, few offenses, and low crime rates. 

The population of Wheaton is 52,745. The average household income is $98,544, and the average home costs around $350,300.

If you are into religion too, Wheaton also boasts 45 churches from 40 different denominations are located there. It is hardly unexpected that this suburb is seeing the construction of approximately 3,000 new homes.

Home to the esteemed evangelical institute, Wheaton College, and many schools, the town has many educators and students.

The homes in the Chicago suburbs are much bigger than in the others.

The Best Place for You and Your Family!

When searching for a new home, having a family frequently changes the requirements for the neighborhood.

To make sure your children enjoy their childhood to the fullest, in the suburbs of Chicago, you are looking at the need to be more family-friendly.

Suitable schools, diverse demographics, an abundance of recreational opportunities, and other elements that make a place great for families of various sizes and ages are some of the things that are taken into consideration.

Lake Michigan and Indiana sit to the east of downtown, so the Chicago suburbs are an excellent option for you and your family to shift to, considering the infrastructure, quality of life, neighborhood, and opportunities.

Bottom Line

The best suburbs of Chicago await you! Each suburb has distinctive features, amenities, populations, and attractions that set it apart from other suburbs.

Also, a word of caution: visit the places once before you move. All the best!

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