An aerial view of the Lake Michigan An aerial view of the Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Magic: 10 Vacation Highlights

Lake Michigan is a vast area that provides tourists with several activities to choose from for their entertainment purposes. This is the second-largest lake by volume and is also the only great lake in the entire United States. Thus, it gives several opportunities to enjoy your time doing a bunch of activities.

The Lake Michigan shoreline stretches for over 1600 miles and has an extensive list of outdoor activities to explore and enjoy. The Lake Michigan watershed stretches to four states: Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

1. Top 10 Things to Do at Lake Michigan

The sandy beaches of the lake are the main attraction of Lake Michigan. Besides fun things, the sandy beaches here also come with several features. They include changing rooms, restrooms, and even picnic tables.

There are many other things to do at Lake Michigan, ranging from enjoying sandy beaches to exploring historic sites. Not to mention the museums, you can even go fishing and hiking. So, without wasting any more words, let us dive right into the most sought-after activities.

1.1. Visit the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Address: Porter, IN 46304, United States

This is a hidden gem in Lake Michigan near the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Here, you can get a chance to experience the natural beauty of the Lake Michigan coastline and relax your shoulders.

If you are not an outdoor enthusiast looking for a simple, serene escape, this place can be your best escape zone.

Indian Dunes National Lakeshore board on concrete.
Image By Hydrobiology/Unlimphotos/Copyright 2018

The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is a perfect place for spending time with yourself. Here, you can even engage yourself in different activities. Hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and swimming are some of the common activities enjoyed by visitors.

Nevertheless, you can bring your friends, family, and partners here to spend quality time. The stunning views of this Lake Michigan shore will give you an unforgettable experience.

1.2. Explore the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

It is one of the unique and breathtaking destinations on Lake Michigan. You can get a chance to view the stunning landscape of this lake, which is made of towering dunes. This park is a perfect spot for hikers. It has numerous trails run down the dunes, with different levels of challenge.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore also comes with different water activities.  If you love to swim and do other water activities, this can be your favorite spot in Lake Michigan.

Scenic Overlook at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.
Image By Michphoto/ Depositphotos/Copyright 2015

Furthermore, this national park has a vibrant history, which you should explore after outdoor activities. It is preserved as a historic place, giving insights into the area’s maritime history.

You can even explore other areas like picnic areas, campgrounds, and other amenities. This is a perfect place for visitors looking for an outdoor site to enjoy numerous activities.

1.3. Relax on the Beaches

The beaches have crystal-clear water and stunning views, not to mention the availability of soft sand. If you are a beachgoer, then you must not miss the chance to explore Grand Haven Beach, which is located in Grand Haven, Michigan.

This Lake Michigan beach is a very popular spot for tourists and beachgoers. The iconic lighthouse of this place and the sandy shorelines are the attractive features of Grand Haven Beach.

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Furthermore, you can even relax at Warren Dunes State Park, which has three miles of shoreline. Also, you can climb and gift yourself a panoramic view of the neighboring beach areas from the towering dunes.

Oval Beach is another famous beach in Lake Michigan where you can spend quality time with your favorite people. Whether you are scoring for a peaceful spot or trying to have fun, visiting Lake Michigan beaches is a must-have thing.

1.4. Go Fishing at Lake Michigan

Fishing is a very popular activity in Lake Michigan. Your trip to Lake Michigan will be incomplete if you do not go fishing. In the freshwater of Lake Michigan, you will find a wide range of fish species from cold and warm water.

Here, you can find the famous lake trout, brown trout, chinook salmon, and a few other species. You can rent a boat for yourself, to go to the middle of the lake for fishing. Moreover, you can even enjoy fishing from the shoreline.

You’ll be provided with guides for the fishing torus, which can give you the ultimate fishing experience at Lake Michigan. However, you must follow the local governing bodies’ guidelines and regulations to protect the lake’s ecosystem.

You must clean your anglers and equipment thoroughly so that it does not affect the health of the fish populations. Furthermore, you should carefully dispose of any bait and fish waste. It can ruin both water and fish in these waters.

1.5. Explore the Local Art Scene of Lake Michigan

If you are an art enthusiast, you must head over to explore the local art scenes of this place. The Lake Michigan region’s vibrant arts and culture scene will not disappoint you from any angle.

Here, you will find art from local artists to world-class museums that are rich in cultural heritage and artistic expression. Traverse City is one such place, and it is the best place to start your exploration of the local art scene at Lake Michigan.

Traverse City is a charming town with a diverse collection of public art installations, galleries, and many other studios. These places reflect the local artists’ creativity and uplift the spirit of this region’s artists.

During your visit to Lake Michigan, you should take a stroll to the downtown area and check out the sculptures and murals displayed along the streets or even take some time to check out one or two of the many galleries in this region.

Furthermore, there is also an option for an indoor water park resort experience, which is the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells.

Furthermore, there are many thriving art scenes and numerous historic sites and museums, which you can check out. This place can turn out to be a paradise for both art and history lovers.

1.6. Experience the Thrill of Amusement Parks

Lake Michigan comes with a plethora of amusement parks. This region has many amusement parks, but the most popular one is Michigan’s Adventure, located in Grand Haven.

This amusement park has more than 60 types of rides, with different activities and attractions for people of all age groups. You’ll find roller coasters, water parks, and different family rides.

This park features a huge water park, the Wildwater Adventure, offering wave pools, waterslides, and even lazy rivers for visitors to enjoy their time. Another option for an amusement park is the Indiana Beach Amusement and Water Park, which can be found on the southern shore of Lake Michigan.

This park features several roller coasters, water parks, family rides, and even a sidewalk, with games and food for all ages. The Indian Dunes National Lakeshore is also a part of this amusement park.

1.7. Explore the Shoreline and Lighthouses

Lake Michigan’s shores stretch for over 1600 miles and have over a dozen iconic lighthouses. As a visitor to Lake Michigan, you must not miss the chance to visit one of these iconic lighthouses worldwide.

The red lighthouse beside the lake Michigan
Image By Rozenskip/DepositPhotos/Copyright 2019

Besides visiting the lighthouses, you can even participate in other common activities along the shoreline. You can hike, bike, and even take a ferry to explore the neighboring areas.

However, you must visit the historic Mackinac Bridge and the Grand Haven Lighthouse during your stay in Lake Michigan. The Mackinac Bridge is located on the Straits of Mackinac, and it connects Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas.

1.8. Checkout the Surrounding Area

The Lake Michigan basin is home to many inland lakes and rivers. If you are in Lake Michigan and think you have explored almost everything, then you are quite wrong.

High-rise building and cars passing on the road during snowy weather.
Image by picture guy/Unlimphotos

You can explore the surrounding towns and cities: Traverse City, Chicago, and Green Bay. Here, you will again find plenty of things to explore and activities to do. So, ensure to learn about the neighboring places of Lake Michigan as well.

1.9. Learn about Lake Michigan – Michigan Sea Grant Program

The drainage basin of Lake Michigan covers more than 45,000 square miles, even stretching to the western edge of the Appalachian Mountains. The lake’s surface elevation is about 577 feet above sea level and is more than 923 feet deep.

Furthermore, you can take the Michigan Sea Grant program to learn about Lake Michigan’s ecosystem and the importance of protecting this region.

This program offers workshops, seminars, and even educational materials for teachers and students with which they can learn a lot about Lake Michigan. With the help of this, you will even get insights into Lake Michigan’s hydrology, geology, and ecology.

Moreover, you’ll also learn about Lake Michigan’s challenges, like the drinking water and the surface water quality. Learning about Lake Michigan should be on top of your bucket list since you will learn how to prevent pollution and other ways to protect the lake’s health.

1.10. Discover the History of Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan’s history dates back to 1634, when a French explorer, Jean Nicolet, discovered it. With this being said, you can also take some time to explore Fort Mackinac, a very important site since it handles all the fur trade.

You can even learn about this region’s mining history, including iron ore extraction from the Lake Michigan area. Over the years, many communities have thrived along its banks and left behind so many things for discovery and exploration.

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Take your time, and find out about the rich history of Lake Michigan and how the indigenous people first called the Lake Michigan shores a home. You’ll get insights into the natural, cultural, and even economic forces of this region that have helped it shape into a beautiful tourist attraction over the years.

2. Takeaway

Lastly, Lake Michigan has a wide range of activities that can engage people from all age groups. There are different attractions and something for everyone. Ranging from the iconic sandy beaches and towering dunes to the thriving art scenes, amusement, and water parks, you can indulge in many different activities.

So what are you waiting for? Take some insights from the above-mentioned activities, add them to your bucket list, and head to Lake Michigan. The activities as mentioned earlier or tourist sites are the most demanded attractions and activities. Ensure you do not miss anything.

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