Indoor Water Parks in Houston Texas Indoor Water Parks in Houston Texas

Dive into 6 Spectacular Indoor Water Parks in Houston, Texas

Houston is famous for its grand prairie, clutch house, diversity, advanced technology, and amazing water parks. In this amazing city of America, you will find food and a market as well as people speaking different languages at every corner. 

1. Indoor Water Parks in Houston

The people of Houston are very strong in terms of their culture. And to prove the fact, you can see the diversity of Houston. More than 143 language speakers are in Houston. Houston is one of the most developed cities in America.

Speaking of the climate, it is difficult to predict when it will rain and when it will be sunny; it is very unpredictable.

Why the city name is Houston?-it’s after Sam Houston. Because he played a key role in liberating Houston from Mexico and became a commander and later a politician.

Apart from its history, beauty, and luxurious lifestyle, Houston is also famous for its outdoor and indoor water parks in Houston.

Here, you will find indoor water parks in Houston where you can enjoy with friends, family, and couples. Here you will get a chance to do many adventure activities. You can go on day tours and get discounts on weekends.

The fun of the waterpark is more entertaining in the summer season; the fun inside the cool water under the blazing sun is something else.

So without wasting time, let’s see some indoor water parks in Houston.

1.1 Typhoon Waterpark

Indoor Water Parks in Houston Texas
by taniadimas, Pixabay Copyright 2016

Typhoon Waterpark has 2 boat locations. This indoor water park in Houston, Texas, is a great option for both adults and kids, where they can have some fun in the hot summer.

Because small children cannot do adventurous activities, inside the park, there are 5 water slides, washer attractions (Howdy Hollow, Lazy Tea River, and Monster Storm), and 800-gallon buckets of water.

Which children can enjoy inside, and it is for children whose height reaches 145 inches.

There are over 100 spray areas available to enjoy and take advantage of in Rain Fortress. Plus, there are also 8 platforms and an area for walking.

In addition, you’ll find a ropes play(rope bridges) area for younger children (kids ages 2 to 4). If we look at most of the parks, there is not much to do for the little ones.

For young kids, a large section of the waterpark is there. So they can enjoy their private time.

1.2 Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Indoor Water Parks in Houston Texas
by Hans, Pixabay Copyright 2013

This indoor water park in Houston, Texas, has a total of 6 branches. However, each park offers a varied range of activities. This keeps the park from being boring and wasting money on the same ride. And you can explore each one and enjoy each location’s unique adventure.

If you are a person living in speed, then this is your place. The famous 72-foot-high Der Stuka water slide is waiting for you to see how brave you are.

Only after seeing this legendary slide you will know why this indoor water park in Houston is so famous. Don’t forget to enjoy the “Seven Story” here; it slows down at first, then talks to you through the air, which will make your stomach flutter. Sure, this waterpark is memorable for a lifetime.

Fix bets with your friends on who will win the Wahoo Race, which is the largest waterslide complex in the world. Enjoy the lazy river and go rafting.

Visit the Suntan Lagoon and try the food after enjoying all the fun-loving activities. Get your Hurricane Harbor offer by purchasing a ticket. And if you come on a weekend, then you will get a good discount.

1.3 Schlitterbahn Galveston

Indoor Water Parks in Houston Texas
by paologhedini, Pixabay Copyright 2015

Schlitterbahn – This Houston waterpark is also a resort. Many years back, this was a company run by a family.

This famous water park in Houston, Texas, was once run by the Henry family. But now, this amazing park has turned into a cool waterpark. Schlitterbahn Galveston first opened its branch in 1979.

Gradually, it became famous and successful. And many other branches are open, including 5 outdoor, 2 indoor waterparks, and 3 resorts.

Although all parks and resorts will always be open, Schlitterbahn’s outdoor water park operates seasonally. For example, from late April to September, it is open.

River rides, tube slides, and many more adventures to do those things. In this indoor water park in Houston, 4 sections are as cool as the rest of the waterparks.

In each section, you’ll find something worth your time, such as a swim-up bar, wave pool, splash shack, and Body Slide. There is a separate children’s play area so that the kids don’t get bored.

It has created its image of a distinct family vacation in Houston. Due to this, it has become the first choice of families.

Talking about the hotel, there are 7 types of options, in which rooms from basic to expensive are available.

1.4 Waterpark at the Villa

Another option for indoor water parks in Houston, Texas, is a Holiday Inn. The Waterpark at the Villages is a waterpark and inn resort located in Lake Palestine.

This waterpark is open to people of all ages, be they kids or adults. To enjoy the water park, it is not necessary that you have to stay in a luxury resort and spend money or take a membership of the resort. Just buy tickets and enjoy.

The stunning retractable roof looks very stunning. Talking about the outside, there are beautiful moody gardens that make the atmosphere even more pleasant.

From the massive Monster Blaster, lazy river, water coasters, and raft rides to hot tubs and cliff jumps, there are plenty of summer fun activities for all ages to enjoy.

The most amazing and unusual thing to observe here is how the staff member assists guests; when someone does not know how to climb a slide or gets hurt by a swing, the members give a hand and encourage them to try for one more chance.

Apart from these highlights, there are many other things you may engage in, such as the equestrian center where horse riding is offered, and participation in sports activities like mini golf and arcades. Do visit these indoor water parks in Houston.

1.5 Great Wolf Lodge

Indoor Water Parks in Houston Texas
by Pixabay, Pexles Copyright 2016

Great Wall Lodge is a family-friendly waterpark resort where you can enjoy a range of facilities, entertainment, and activities with your entire family.

This 261-mile waterpark is perfect for your summer vacation, and you can make tons of memories in this indoor water park in Houston, Texas.

You can simply get waterpark ticket passes directly from the counter and enjoy; you do not have to stay in hotels as at other resorts.

There is no minimum age fixed for entry. There are a total of 4 water slides, so you won’t have to wait in line for long.

There are also 3 tube slides. For your fun and growth, there are separate ships set up for kids and adults, as well as a variety of equipment.

The indoor waterpark also features hot springs where you can relax without being disturbed. Floating lily pads, basketballs, and water Squirrels are some cool things for kids.

But what makes this waterpark amazing is Fort McKenzie, which is in the shape of a treehouse. It is for the whole family. Free parking is available at Water Park. So don’t worry about parking in this indoor water park in Houston, Texas.

The Great Wolf Lodge location also has a bar area to enjoy food and drinks.

Note – You cannot take your food in the bar.

1.6 Epic Waters Grand Prairie

Indoor Water Parks in Houston Texas
by cafrancomarques, Pixabay, Copyright 2014

Epic Waters Grand Prairie is a grand and glass-enclosed waterpark building with a spectacular plunge pool and shopping options.

Where you can have hours of fun under the retractable roof, the slides here are known for their high speed, which will make your stomach flutter.

The awesome lasso loop here is made only for the adventurous few, so don’t miss to give it a try. It gives a loop of 360 degrees. For dining options, this indoor water has a special indoor section.

There are also some fun things to do in your free time. There is a separate section for dining options where you can eat a big plate BBQ. It’s an attraction for people who are craving Italian food.

Enjoy a tour of the Lazy River and see the entire park. Enjoy the Wave Pool and go on the Twist Water Coasters. There are mini slides, splash shack, and arcade games to keep the younger kids fun.

1.7 Kalahari

If you are going to Houston for sightseeing and you leave the Kalahari, what kind of justice is that?

Be sure to add the Kalahari to your Houston itinerary, especially if you’re visiting in the summer. This waterpark has also been included in the list of “The World’s Coolest Indoor Waterpark.” From which its popularity can be estimated.

Influenced by the Sahara desert, this huge park has been built. Enjoy the Screaming Hyena Drop Slide for the thrill. This ride on building height is a perfect choice to enjoy the speed

There are also some restricted facilities inside that park features. Small children cannot go as it is an adventure sport, and due to that, kids can get hurt.

The serene grotto bar is a great place for couples to take romantic vacation pictures. Ride like Hout Bay is only for adults.

This is the largest indoor waterpark in the US, which covers 167 miles and is a 3-hour drive. According to statistics, most of the tourists come here to celebrate their summer vacation.

Since this park is crowded, take ticket passes in advance to avoid any problems so that you can fully explore the park without any hindrance.

All types of food items (beverages, chicken, BBQ, and fruits) are available inside the park. So you can’t bring your own food.

2. Things to Remember Before Going Indoor Water Park

Everyone likes to go to the water park. But how would you feel if, after going there, things were not going as you had planned?

Problems are coming one after the other, and the mood is getting spoiled. At such a time, if you are with family or children, then the problem increases further.

That’s why I always take special care of some things before going to the water park. So let’s know about some points related to this problem.

2.1 Always Book Tickets in Advance

Before going anywhere, the first thing we think about is the ticket. Buy tickets online in advance before visiting the waterpark.

This will save you from standing in long queues at the congested exits of the park. You can book tickets by visiting the site of the waterpark; you will also get a discount by doing so.

2.2 Gather information

You should know in advance about the place where you are going. Get all the information related to waterparks, like attractions, rides, and sports activities.

Don’t forget to read the website rules to know more related information about the waterpark you are visiting.
Make a list of things you want to do in advance so that it is not a waste of time. It should be known in advance which section is for children and which is for adults.

2.3 Always Carry Essentials

Start packing your bags 2 days before visiting the waterpark. If you forgot some of it, you can put it in the bag before you leave.

Because you’re going to the waterpark, obviously don’t forget to pack your swimsuit. Secondly, do not pack heavy clothes as it will be very hot.

Remember to bring shorts, a hat, and sunglasses that protect your eyes from sunstroke. Pack the phone separately. And apply sunscreen.

2.4 Meeting Point 

Well, waterparks cover huge places, that’s why there is also access to crowds. Due to the crowd, the risk of getting lost increases.

And if you have small kids with you, then this is something to think about. To avoid this problem, all together decide on a meeting point location to meet.

By doing the same, you don’t have to worry about losing a crowd. It will make you feel relaxed and carefree.

2.5 No Peak Days

Yes, avoid going on peak days. During the peak days, the waterpark gets very crowded, due to which you will not be able to enjoy it properly.

Try to go on weekends only. This will reduce your problem by almost half.

2.6 Stay Hydrated

Going to the waterpark is not only fun, but it is also a tiring task. A person gets tired while doing fun-filled activities throughout the day.

In such a situation, good food that gives energy and water that keeps you hydrated is very important. Try to drink more and more water in the hot sun. And don’t drink soft drinks as they are not going to keep you more hydrated than Water.

2.7 Know How to Swim

If not at an expert level, everyone should know the basic tricks of the swim. In waterparks, the biggest danger is most of the time caused by floats.

Kids or adults, if you are going to go underwater and do water activities, you must know how to swim. You can take classes to learn a few days before going to the waterpark.

2.8 Waterpark Rule

Each waterpark has its own set of rules for each visitor(kids, younger, gender, and foreigners). So it is very important to know the terms and conditions.

You can read them by visiting the waterpark’s website. Well, these rules are different for everyone(kids and adults).

You will find all the rules on the website, such as time, age, and medical facilities. Make sure to follow the rules and avoid oncoming accidents.
As accidents are not for why you are going there. Since you haven’t gone to that accident, just be safe.

3. Conclusion

So these were our top #6 indoor water parks in Houston. Tell me which one you liked best. And if you go to Houston, what’s the first thing you do?

We hope that you have got some information by reading this list. We tried our best to make all your ideal waterpark locations.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to do in Houston, but the waterparks are far more popular. Let us know in the comments box which ones we left out and which are your favorite.

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