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6 Top Fascinating Haunted Houses In Houston

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If you are looking for a sign to experience something spooky, hair-raising yet fun, this is it!

Halloween or not, screaming through Haunted Houses in Houston is one of the top picks of some people for entertainment. If you are the same kind of enthusiast, this article is just for you.

Houston is the most popular city in Texas. It is known for its diversity, resources for space and science, and thrilling restaurants all over the city. But little do people know that it also has a sensational collection of haunted houses in Houston spread all across it. 

Especially when it is Halloween in Houston, apart from carved pumpkins, trick-or-treat candies, scary yet creative decorations, the haunted houses in Houston are among the most popular attractions. Local actors gear up to make that time of the year spookier via impersonation of ghosts, zombies, and ghouls. 

If jumpscares, goosebumps, pitch-black trails are your high, then here are the Top 6 Fascinating Haunted Houses in Houston. Add a little zest to your monotonous days! 

Maybe pack an extra pair of pants and a deodorant in your bag and get ready to experience a different kind of fun. 



Redrum Fear Park is known to give all the right chills. It has features like live music plus three unmatched eye-catchy and spine-chilling attractions like:

  • Cinegore (sends shivers down the spine through its Redrum special horror films),
  • Twisted Circus Rewired 3D (has scary yet amusing creatures),
  • Deadwood Asylum (leaves one screaming throughout the trail) and
  • Lazer Fury (a brand new upgrade since 2020) tests one’s skills to handle insane post-apocalyptic battlegrounds.
Haunted Houses in Houston
credit: redrumhaunt

This fun zone is located at 1800 E Hwy 90 Alt, Richmond; if you’re nearby, do pay a visit and have a haunting time!


You know things will be intense when the owner advises packing an extra pair of underwear. That’s just how it is at Houston Terror Dome Haunted House.

Haunted Houses in Houston
credit: texaslifestylemag

The place has forever evolving haunting rooms, effects, and characters. It is not recommended for children under 12; however, they may enter at their own risk. Not only this, they have a paintball gallery full of Halloween-themed targets for you to fight your fears.

The place is open most weekends in October (open Friday to Sunday), with additional Thursdays towards the month. You can also jam and vibe with zombie dancers and live DJs on Saturday nights.

The place claims itself as the scariest haunted houses in Houston. So maybe find out for yourself by visiting the place at 16030 E Freeway Service Rd, Channelview.


Consistently voted as the state’s best/scariest haunted houses in Houston, Creepy Hollow Haunted House holds up its top position via spooky entertainment through three main attractions-

  • Dark Woods,
  • Pitch Black, and
  • Scare Factory.
Haunted Houses in Houston
credit: KTRK Photo/ abc13

Other than this, it also has escape rooms as side attractions. The place is packed with grotesque clowns, ghouls, scary zombies. This haunted houses in Houston is so frightening that many adults couldn’t make it all the way to the end.

The place also provides speed passes for $10 extra if you want to experience everything without waiting. Don’t forget to visit this one located at  12872 Valley Vista Dr, Rosharon.


Do you think you are hard to scare or are not really bothered by jumpscares?

Haunted Houses in Houston
Picture Credit: The Haunted Trails

This haunted houses in Houston called Haunted trails would make you reverse your statement. It provides soul-stirring outdoor adventure through creepy woods. Ghoulish creatures are ready to pop up and give you good jumpscares via their spooky and petrifying howls.

Out of all haunted houses in Houston, this one has a 3D attraction called Psycho Hollow for you. If you hate lengthy queues during Holloween season, you can get your speed passes for $10 and get straight to the front of the line.

They are open on weekends in October and also on the first weekend in November. Enjoy a spine-chilling experience in creepy dark woods in the open air. Visit haunted trails at 11500 Antoine Dr, Houston.


House to three linked and several separate attractions, Phobia Haunted House will leave you crept out for sure.

The three linked attractions include:

  • Darke World (which takes you on a voyage that will let you hang out with the deads),
  • Savage Ground (zombies and other horrifying things come alive in this open-air attraction) and
  • Contagion (includes creepy hospital setting which is filled with infectious diseases oozing out of it).
Haunted Houses in Houston
credit: houstonchronicle

Out of several separate attractions, Dawn of the Machine and Genetic Nightmare are a hit.

Other attractions that you can explore here are:

  • Darke Institute,
  • Clown Mania and
  • Mind Control.

This haunted houses in Houston is open now and also on every weekend in October, including the week of Halloween. In addition to that, it is also open on the first weekend in November. 

Don’t miss out on this “mega- scream park” and visit it at 5250 S Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston.


13th floor haunted House is named in the list of “Top 5 most terrifying haunted houses in the USA” by USA Today. It provides more than just a haunting experience.

Haunted Houses in Houston
credit: the 13th floor

Escape rooms, zombie apocalypse live events, to trails filled with new scares and monsters following you, this haunted house offers everything. Every time you visit, this place has something unique to offer. Hence, it is so dearly enjoyed by the customers. 

It also offers “Class Axe Throwing,” where you can enjoy and rehearse your ax-throwing skills. The scare factor might be too intense, so this haunted houses in Houston give a warning for children under 12.

Experience a fun time here by visiting it at 7075 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W Ste 20, Houston.

Haunted Houses in Houston


Face your fears in one life that you got. Go on a journey into a world of unlike creatures for fun by visiting the above-mentioned promising spooky Haunted Houses in Houston. Enjoy a hauntingly good time!

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