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10 Best Breweries In Wilmington NC

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Before going on about all the breweries in Wilmington, NC, we should know a little about Wilmington.

Wilmington is a port city on the coast of southeast North Carolina in the united states. This city is famous for its history, battleship, beauty, beaches, and of course, beer. Wilmington is given the name of “America’s beeriest beach towns by CraftBeer.com.

You should come to visit this ever-growing community that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Wilmington is the number one place in North Carolina for craft brews, so if you plan to take a beer tour and jump from pint to pint experience, this place is for you.

Tours of the breweries in Wilmington, NC, can be a great way to know all about the history and making the process of the beer, behind scene access and taking with the brewmaster can be especially advantageous. You would also witness ale making in action, so do not miss out on the chance.

This time you can enjoy your brew vacation by the beachside in the fastest growing hotspot for craft beer at Wilmington, North Carolina.

And if you are not interested in brew tours, then no worries, you can visit any or all of the breweries from this list of top 10 breweries in Wilmington, NC, given below.

Visit these breweries and experience on your own the boundless taste and a unique spin in each brewery you visit. Some of the breweries in Wilmington NC will be community-friendly, while others would be dedicated to saving the environment.

You can also find amazing pirate theme breweries and enjoy the ambiance of taprooms built in many years old buildings. You can also grab a bite either within the brewery or the food truck found around the brewery.

You can also find the headquarter of Untappd in Wilmington, NC, an application on which users can rate, share, and write reviews about the breweries.

Here we have also mentioned each brewery’s ratings in this list according to untapped, so you can know how much this place is likable by your fellow ale lover. You can also rate and review these breweries in Wilmington NC, after visiting them on Untappd. To do so, click here.

Breweries In Wilmington NC

1. Front Street Brewery

Front Street Brewery
Source: Pexels

Established in 1995, Front Street Brewery is the original restaurant and brewery of Wilmington. This brewery serves its best beer with a great extensive menu with over 35 entrees ranging from over 25 gourmet burgers and sandwiches to its most-wanted Scottish ale brew.

You can also find the kids section in their menu, making it a perfect place for family outings.

This brewery has scored many prices, including the prestigious gold award at the world beer cup.

To be left happy and surprised, as Encore Magazine Restaurant Critic said, you must include this in your brewery tour when visiting Wilmington.

Untappd: 3.61

2. Wilmington Brewing Company


Wilmington Brewing Company
Source: Pexels

Looking to enjoy some fresh beer? This place serves you fresh local beer right from the tank to your glass. Located right in the heart of the city, this is one of the go-to breweries in Wilmington NC, for a perfectly relaxing atmosphere.

You will find a great variety to choose from when visiting this brewery. They have tropical lightning IPA, American Amber ale, Demogorgan Imperial Stout, Down Good Down Potter, and many more.

They also have a homebrew supply store to make your own craft beer the way you like it.

Its Untappdhave  score is 4.04

3. New Anthem Beer Project

Among many of the constantly evolving breweries in Wilmington, NC, this one has a simple policy to “push on the edges every time from both the inside and outside.” They are often making subtle changes in the ingredients to achieve the best version of the beer possible.

If you like to be surprised a little whenever having your beer, you must visit this place and turn it into your hangout spot. You can get whatever type of beer you prefer from hoppy, Belge, dark, lager, and mix fern.

This, like many other breweries in Wilmington NC, has a high score of 4.13 in Untappd.

4. Wrightsville Beach Brewery

Wrightsville Beach Brewery
Source: Pexels

This brewery in Wilmington NC, started by three brainless oystermen to accompany their oysters with beer, has a long history of starting their own local brewery.

This brewery makes terrific beer, along with giving back to the community. Enjoy their scrumptious oysters and pizzas with your favorite beer on your next visit to Wilmington, NC.

This brewery has a wide range of menus, including different food items for you to enjoy. Their beer has many different flavors; Airlie amber lee, oystermen stout, puppy drum pale ale, cobia Kolsch, Hollywood wit, pompano porter, and many more.

Like other top breweries in Wilmington, NC, this brewery also has a significant untapped ranking of 3.68

5. Sky Town Beer Company

This award-winning brewery is started by a couple of homebrewers in 2010. Its menu is exclusively created by Chef Stephen Durley, a well-rounded chef with many professional degrees in culinary arts, baking, and hospitality partnered with his wife, Hayley Jensen.

This place has mouthwatering BBQ, a good menu, and 12 different beers to choose from with an Untappd ranking of 3.93, a perfect place to catch a meal.

6. Flying Machine Brewing Company

If you are looking to get a different type of pint this time, you have come to the right place. This brewery offers a blend of an old and new world through innovation and tradition.

You can find all types of something here, ranging from malty, easy-drinking, hop forward, sour, eccentric, single can, BLT, and cider. They also offer coffee with their beer, not just a regular one but with different varieties, including latte, espresso, and cappuccinos.

This brewery also has a good ranking of 3.85 on Untappd, making it a great place to stop by like other breweries in Wilmington NC.

7. Waterline Brewery

This brewery is located in a historic building under cape fear Memorial Bridge from the 1940s era and still has its original concrete floors and some other features, so you can be teleported to the mid-20th century while enjoying a pint.

They offer six flagship ales with many seasonal special releases to be made. So you can check out their extensive flavors. Their six flagship ales are Kolsch, American pale ale, India ale pale, tripel, red, and oatmeal stout.

This brewery also has an upright ranking of 3.79 in Untappd.

8. Flytrap Brewing

Flytrap Brewing
Source: Pexels

As evident from its name, this brewery is a bit different. This brewery in Wilmington NC is dedicated to Venus flytraps, a carnivorous plant found only within 60 miles of Wilmington in the whole world.

They try to educate their visitor about this unique plant native to their areas, their danger of extinction, and how it could be prevented. Alongside their environmental and community-friendly practice, they serve the best American and Belgian style ale.

Their considerable menu includes seven core beers Rehder’s red, Belgian blond, Saison, hoppy pale, west coast IPA, oatmeal porter, and hoppy tripel. Aside from this, there are many seasonal and special releases.

You can also find different types of wines if you are not so into beer.

This is a lively place, always buzzing with locals and live music with a high ranking of 3.76 on Untapped.

9. Ironclad Brewery


Between the beauty and history of Wilmington lies this spectacular brewery known to be booked most of the weekends. Like many other breweries in Wilmington, NC, this brewery is also placed in the historic building formed in 1925 named after the civil war’s ironclad ship class.

One can find an exquisite range of beers to choose from 14 different ales, like 2nd street seltzer raspberry, Brayton Kolsch, smoked honey lager, peach apricot ale, admirals amber ale, along with many others.

Whatever you want, you will find it. And if you are not a beer fan, they also provide you with wine, spirits, and other beverages.

Its Untappd score is 3.6

10. Edward Teach Brewing

Edward Teach Brewing
Edward Teach Brewing

Did you know this brewery in Wilmington NC, is named after the infamous pirate Blackbeard? His real name was Edward Teach, who visited North Carolina shores frequently. So if you what to live your fantasies, then you should visit this pirate-themed brewery. You can order up your favorite beer from their pirate ship-shaped front bar.

This brewery is built in an original fire engine house, which was present there till 1971.

You can find 8 different types of craft beer with unique names like devil’s son IPA or Teaches Peaches Peach Wheat. Definitely, a one of its kind brewery in the area.

The untapped ranking of Edward Teach brewery, a  Wilmington NC, is 3.74

We are sure after knowing about these amazing breweries in Wilmington NC, you are planning your next brew vacation up in your head. So sign up for a beer tour now and book a flight that will straight land you in Wilmington NC.

If this guide on the top ten breweries in Wilmington, NC interests you, do not forget to check out the Alabama breweries to upgrade your beer tour.

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