10 Best Christmas Books For Kids

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Best Christmas books for kids
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Imagine the best Christmas books for kids all in one place – Yes, here you can find the right books that will highlight the fond memories of this special holiday season through some heartwarming stories.

Why Is Christmas A Beloved Holiday Season?

The holiday season of Christmas is celebrated to commemorate Jesus Christ’s birthday.

Majorly, on 25th December every year (according to the Gregorian Calendar). But, there are also variations within Christian sects that celebrate it on different days. Click here to know more.

The holiday spirit of Christmas is enjoyed by decorating the Christmas tree and cake, singing Christmas carols, and waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus.

Signifying the life and sacrifice of Jesus, the Red and Green colors are used to show a life full of peace and hope ahead.

The idea of appreciating family, the joy of giving, and service are some of the feelings one invokes during Christmas.

Let us see how some of the best Christmas books for kids represent this joyous holiday season.

1) Best Christmas Books For Kids

What better way to share the joy and stories of Christmas than reading fun books for kids with beautiful illustrations? Let us check some of these books out.

1.1) The Night Before Christmas – Clement Clark Moore

By Spacecat, San Francisco/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Among the Timeless Christmas books, this contains one of America’s favorite poems with a beautifully illustrated story that would catch your kids’ attention.

1.1.1) Plot

This 1823 poem, of C.C. Moore – A Visit From Saint Nicholas, also known as Night Before Christmas, shows a father watching St. Nicholas (Santa) delivering gifts with his eight reindeers, filling the silent house with much-needed attention and joy during Christmas Eve.

1.1.2) How To Buy The Book?

Add this to your list of best Christmas books for kids, and have a nostalgia-filled experience. You can buy both the online and offline versions here.

1.2) Merry Christmas , Strega Nona – Tomie DePaola

By dolgachov/unlimphotos.com Copyright 2022.

1.2.1) Plot

Highlighting the busy preparation of Christmas eve, the story of Strega Nona as she prepares for the annual feast of her town is not a straightforward path. Still, one filled with anticipation of a Christmas miracle brought in by the gorgeous illustrations that will prepare your kid for a warm ending.

1.2.2) How To Buy The Book?

If you are looking forward to enjoying the Christmas spirit through readings, add this timeless classic to your list of Best Christmas books for kids. You can buy it here.

1.3) Willowby’s Christmas Tree – Robert Barry

With a giant Christmas tree, this is one of the children’s Christmas books that will capture their imagination through its sheer size.

1.3.1) Plot

Published in 1963 by R. Barry, the story shows how a giant Christmas tree, when broken down by people who need a smaller one, can be shared by everyone, from Mr. Willowby to the mice.

The moral is – your choice of trash could be someone’s perfect Christmas tree.

1.3.2) How To Buy The Book?

Don’t forget to add this to your list of best Christmas books for kids, here’s the link to the buy.

1.4) How The Grinch Stole Christmas! – Dr. Seuss

By Brecht Bug/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

1.4.1) Plot

This lovely Christmas story shows the magic of encouraging the Christmas spirit when the plan of Grinch (a grouchy creature) to ruin the holiday season fails.

The Grinch stole Christmas, published around the 1950s and released as a famous children’s movie around 2000, can easily be on the list of best Christmas books for kids.

It is the idea that when everyone comes together by singing a Christmas carol, even those against this festive season would join for the occasion.

1.4.2) How To Buy The Book?

It is perfect to think of a good break from daily life. Click here to get a copy and make it one of the best Christmas books for kids. 

1.5) Pete The Cat Saves Christmas – James Dean And Eric Litwin

1.5.1) Plot

What happens when Santa can’t come for Christmas? Don’t worry, your kids will get the answer in this picture book with detailed illustrations showcasing how a cat aces the substitute role for Santa, a funny and original spin on the Night Before Christmas.

1.5.2) Why Is It Popular?

The Story of Pete the Cat is interesting when two of the founders – Dean with his paintings and Eric with the idea of creating it into picture books for kids came together. This made it popular, and you sure won’t regret adding it to your list of best Christmas books for kids.

Visit this site to get your copy of Pete the Cat.

1.6) A Charlie Brown Christmas – Charles M. Schulz And Vicki Scott

charlie brown
By Courtney “Coco” Mault/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

One of the classic Christmas books, initially adopted as a TV special having Charlie Brown and Snoopy in 1965, and later released. 

1.6.1) Plot

In Charlie Brown Christmas, the famous Peanut gang comes together to show Charlie Brown the true meaning of the occasion – the importance of Jesus and the joyfulness of togetherness.

1.6.2) How To Buy The Book?

For all the long-time fans of the Peanuts and new readers interested in adding this to your collection of best Christmas books for kids, click here.

1.7) The Christmas Quiet Book – Deborah Underwood And Renata Liwska

1.7.2) Plot

Who said Christmas could not be enjoyed in silence? The author Deborah Underwood brings this wonderful Christmas story where every character speaks volumes through their quiet and warm setting.

With illustrations of a snowy day, in the middle of busy routines, depicting caroling and celebrating, everyone finds their moment of silence.

1.7.3) How To Buy The Book?

This Christmas Quiet book is not only for children but also acts as a reminder to adults who can realize the diverse beauty of Christmas. Click here to add this to your list of best Christmas books for kids.

1.8) Letters From Father Christmas – J.R.R. Tolkein

1.8.1) Plot

Tolkien wrote a set of letters for his children, where he assumed the identity of Father Christmas, a storyteller creating a family tradition and mythology, passed on from his oldest to the youngest son.

The Christmas Book contains characters like Polar Bear – who is clumsy and likable, helping out with problems in the North Pole along with others. The depictions are magical and funny, giving a historical context of the War and the Great Depression (the 1930s).

The Letters portray an imaginative place, with also a note of sadness, in the end, watching his children grow up.

1.8.2) How To Buy The Book?

Both kids and adults would be able to relate to the feelings portrayed in the letters. Add it to the list of your best Christmas books for kids by clicking here.

1.9) The Best Christmas Pageant Ever – Barbara Robinson

By OSC Admin/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Who said mischievous kids could not enjoy the Christmas season? This story shows the importance of giving a personal touch to the Christmas spirit.

1.9.1) Plot

When the mischievous Herdman clan takes over the Annual Christmas pageant of the town, all kids and parents are doubtful of how this would act out, knowing their past deeds.

What unfolds is not only a warm ending but gives a surprising twist to the nativity story. It shows how people can relate to the famous Christmas tale if they put their hearts into it.

1.9.2) How To Buy The Book?

Add this touching story to your list of best Christmas books for kids here.

1.10) I Got The Christmas Spirit – Connie Schofield Morrison And Frank Morrison

1.10.1) Plot

This is a Christmas book that shows a young girl trying to find the joy of the holiday season.

Each illustration focuses on her delight when she witnesses the small decorations, from the Christmas light to even ice skating. It is specifically fit to capture details adults might miss – the small gestures of joy and kindness shared before and on Christmas Day.

1.10.2) How To Buy The Book?

This is one of the holiday books that can be added to your collection of best Christmas books for kids. Click here to get a copy.

2) Other Best Christmas Books For Kids

2.1) A Boy Called Christmas – Matt Haig

Taking the title literally, the Boy in this Christmas story is born on 25th December, hence named accordingly, only to discover the journey he was in to find his father is actually the story of Saint Nicholas bringing back Christmas to the Human World –

Yes, to be more precise, the story of our Christmas presents brought by Santa Claus every year. This is an interesting take, with vibrant illustrations that bring humor forth in the visuals.

Being one of the timeless Christmas books, it was also released as a Christmas movie in 2021, and it is available on the popular site Netflix.

2.1.1) Where To Buy The Book?

For those wanting to read this version of the classic tale of Christmas and add it to the best Christmas books for kids, click here to get a copy.

2.2) A Christmas Carol By Jennifer Adams And Alison Oliver

If you want to introduce your kids to a retelling of a Charles Dickens classic story, this book – Christmas Carol is for you.

2.2.1) Plot

Your child will get to engage through the book with different colors and Illustrations that would introduce them to famous characters like Scrooge (a selfish and mean man) who noticed errors in his ways on Christmas Eve.

When visited by the Ghost of Past, Present, and Future, he sees what he is missing in life and how he could help himself and others with just a little kindness.

This creative story would help your child notice the art with gold stars and a red scarf, catching their attention and helping them learn a valuable moral.

2.2.2) Where To Buy This Book?

If you wish to get this Babylit Primers books to add to the collection of Best Christmas books for kids, don’t hesitate and click here.

2.3) The Polar Express – Chris Van Allsburg

2.3.1) Plot

Published in the year 1985, The Polar Express contains beautiful landscape illustrations of the journey of a young boy to the North Pole on a snowy train.

During Christmas Eve, this young boy gets a chance to ask Santa Claus for a Christmas present; when he asks for a sleigh bell from the sleigh of the reindeer, he ends up losing it, and then Santa delivers it to his home.

This journey showcases the magic of Christmas, despite dark and dull colors, the landscapes, and the various children present to give a glimpse of the holiday season.

2.3.2) Where To Buy The Book?

Having won the Caldecott Award, this book was also made into a famous movie in 2004 and is read to millions of young readers every year.

All the more reasons to add this to the list of Best Christmas Books for kids get the link here.

2.4) The Snowy Day – Ezra Jack Keats

2.4.1) Plot

Published in 1962, this is one of the Christmas books that shows the importance of snow-filled Christmas.

In this, a young boy named Peter wakes up to find his city covered with snow, he then begins a day of adventure where he learns how to make a snowman, snow angels, and even pretends to climb a mountain.

At the same time, a young reader might also see Peter face issues that little kids might like joining a snowball fight with elder kids might knock him down. After his fun day, he wakes up again to encounter a new adventure.

2.4.2) The Famous Character Of The Book

Peter, the main character, is African American, which is of historical importance as this becomes one of the first children’s picture books to take such a turn.

The author went on to use his character in her next books to show his journey of growing up. This book won a Caldecott Award in 1963 for the same.

All young readers will be able to appeal to the character as he shows something that kids possess – creativity and imagination in a relatable manner. Moreover, those living in a similar setting would be able to catch the realistic feelings portrayed.

The fun illustrations depicting varied textures, cutouts, collages, and geometric shapes with multi-color snowflakes in the ends are some of the added elements to enjoy the Cold Christmas.

With a sweet story and illustration and engagingly portrayed, this book does not contain any hidden values but is just a reminder of snow-filled holidays for adults and tapping on imagination for kids.

2.4.3) Where To Buy The Book?

If you wish to add this to your child’s collection of best Christmas books for kids, click here.

2.5) Bear Stays Up For Christmas – Karma Wilson And Jane Chapman

Written by one of the best-selling authors Karma Wilson, celebrate your Christmas with Bear and his friends with this interesting picture book.

2.5.1) Plot

Here, Bear’s friends wake him up during Christmas Eve, and he helps them bake cakes, sing Christmas songs, and hang stockings.

He ends up staying awake throughout the night preparing presents, even missing the arrival of Santa!

On the day of Christmas, everyone enjoys their gifts left by Santa, and even Bear gets a comfy quilt from his friends.

The Illustrations depicted here capture each emotion, from the animal expressions to even a raven stirring up a fruitcake. Overall, the importance of sharing the holiday with joy and giving is shown.

2.5.2) Where To Buy This Book?

To add this into your collection of best Christmas books for kids and get a glimpse of the journey of Bear and his friends through different adventures, click here.

2.6) Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May.) – Barbara Park

What happens when you are forced to give your secret Santa present to your nemesis?

Check out one of the fun-filled children’s Christmas books from the collection of the New York Times best-selling author – Barbara Park.

2.6.2) Plot

The famous character of Junie B. Jones, who is a classroom favorite of young readers, comes to entertain children once again during a holiday-themed installment, except she is stuck in a tough situation.

When everyone picks up their secret Santa, her nemesis turns out to be hers, and she thinks this is the perfect opportunity to give her enemy – May, the gift she deserves.

2.6.3) Where To Buy This Book?

To know what happens in this interesting story, click here to get your copy from the penguin random house and add it to the list of Best Christmas books for kids. 

2.7) Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer – Robert L. May And David Wenzel

Through this book, you will get to indulge in the original Rudolph story with beautiful illustrations, of which many famous songs and cartoons were made.

2.7.1) Plot

Most of us had the experience of being bullied due to our external appearances, and this is the same story with the young red-nosed reindeer who is made fun of by his peers.

While being discouraged for his looks and hating his nose, Santa advises him to grow up and then join his journey to give presents, but the plan changes when a huge snowstorm hits.

With his bright red nose acting as a light, he ends up the only reindeer leading Santa’s sleigh and brightens up every kid’s Christmas with gifts delivered in time.

It just shows how your imperfections pointed out by society are false, and all that matters is the unique features that make you stand out – found in all the kids.

2.7.2) How To Buy This Book?

If you want to add this classic to the list of best Christmas books for kids, click here.

2.8) The Girl Who Saved Christmas By Matt Haig

2.8.1) Plot

The sequel to a boy called Christmas – this Christmas tale narrates the journey to find a girl who is the only person who could bring back the magic of Christmas.

When Amelia, a young kid, wants a Christmas wish from Father Christmas to experience the magic, she starts losing hope. More disasters curb Christmas, with reindeers dropping from the sky, upset elves, and angry trolls.

With the worry of how to fix everything, Amelia might have the key to bringing back the joy of Christmas.

2.8.2) How To Buy This Book?

Find out what happens here, and add it to your list of best Christmas books for kids.

2.9) The Christmas Coat: Memories Of My Sioux Childhood – Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve

A story of her childhood, the author narrates it from experience in this Christmas book released in 2019.

2.9.1) Plot

This picture book, drawing from personal experience, gives a real portrait of Sioux, where Virginia spends her childhood and shows the significance of the little family traditions.

When every kid is looking forward to Christmas clothing, Virginia finds a new winter coat she likes, only to be disappointed by someone else getting it.

Since she is the child of the church priest, her mother makes her realize the importance of giving but also brings home a present that Amelia loves.

With a moral that captures the true spirit of Christmas, this book is a must-have addition to the best Christmas books for kids. Click here to buy now.

2.10) I Spy Christmas – Walter Wick And Jean Marzello

This best-selling book will engage your child in a creative activity with the theme ‘Christmas.’

The ‘I Spy Riddles’ take the reader to find hidden objects with almost thirteen photographs.

Added with a rhyming riddle, children will have fun going through the thematic pages of this Christmas book with different objects, from toys to decorated ornaments in Santa’s workshop.

What better way to have a fun-filled Christmas? Grab a copy of one of the best Christmas books for kids here.

2.11) The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus – L. Frank Baum

In this famous 20th-century Christmas book written by Frank Baum, we get a glimpse of the journey of Santa Claus from a child to how he became children’s most awaited person during Christmas.

From inventing toys as a hobby to making sure children get their gifts by sweeping down the chimneys, you can see the adventures and other characters like Santa’s elves who aided him in his journey of immortality.

With further novel adaptations and sequels written, this one would be a good read to enjoy over a cup of hot cocoa while your kid waits for the arrival of Santa in reality. Click here to buy the book and add it to your list of best Christmas books for kids. 

2.12) Merry Christmas, Mom, And Dad – Mercer Mayer

This classic and funny book shows the famous character of Little Critter, who on Christmas Day enjoys making wreaths and decorating the Christmas tree by putting the star on top.

It portrays how children can enjoy Christmas with their parents in the holiday season, despite not being able to do so much due to their size and age.

What matters at the end is getting to spend the occasion with family, as Little Critter with his mom and dad does.

Get your copy here, and add it to your collection of best Christmas books for kids.

3) Other Recommendations

Don’t worry, there are many other categories that you can surf through to add to your collection of Christmas books like –

If you have toddlers and preschoolers, here is a link you can try out. However, if you want the latest recommendations with different types suited for your kid’s likes and dislikes, click here.

Christmas might be far away, but like any good book can make us forget our reality and enjoy the setting, so will the ones mentioned here.      

If you want to read another Christmas-related article, click here

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