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 10 Best Fall Festivals In Alabama

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What is fall without festivals?  Apart from the breezy weather, changing leaves, and harvest season, it is also the best time of the year for everyone to grab their shoes and hit the road to indulge in some adventure. Fall festivals are everyone’s favorite as it is fun-filled with outdoor concerts, delicious food, arts and crafts stores, and carnival-like atmosphere.

Fall Festivals In Alabama

Alabama is famously known for hosting some amazing festivals, especially during the fall season. Fall festivals in Alabama celebrate everything right from delicious food to local artists to architectural buildings. Some of the best fall festivals in Alabama include:

1. Boast Harvest Festival

melissa askew y4xZxzN754M unsplash
Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

What is it about?

Boaz harvest festival is a major one among the fall festivals in Alabama. It is a tradition followed for the past 50 years. This festival is all about the wonderful fall season. It includes various events like a Friday night corn hole competition, great live music, a spectacular antique car show with muscle cars, motorcycles, and trucks. There is also the Miss Harvest Festival Pageant, where a scholarship to Snead State Community College is given as a prize to the winner.

The Boaz harvest festival also includes amazing food delicacies, arts and crafts vendors, cosplay, and so much more to keep ourselves entertained. Admission is free to this event.

It is a two-day celebration held annually at Downtown Boaz from 2nd to 3rd October.

2. Cullman Oktoberfest

What is it about?

There is no fall without Oktoberfest, one of North Alabama’s most popular and anticipated fall festivals every year. Cullman Oktoberfest is all about celebrating German heritage.

Various competitive events are conducted in the multi-day festival like a corn hole tournament, pickle eating, paper airplane contest, best German costume contest, a marathon run for 5k and 10k, and more. The festival also includes live German music, various food vendors, children’s activities, arts and crafts shows, and so much more.

The festival got more interesting ever since the sale of alcohol was allowed in Cullman, Alabama, in 2011. Now, guests can enjoy German-style craft beers made by Alabama brewers such as Straight to Ale Brewing and Blue Pants Brewery. Admission is free to the festival.

The Cullman Oktoberfest, which originated in 1982, remains the favorite event for the entire Cullman community. It is a two-day celebration held on October 2nd and 3rd.


3. Monte Sano Art Festival

What is it about?

Monte Sano Art Festival is a trendy festival compared to the other fall festivals in Alabama. This festival is a traditional event conducted for over two decades and includes more than 150 of the region’s local artists and food trucks. And has a live performance of musicians all through the park. Every year, new artists are invited from everywhere and artists from the previous year also visit the festival.

Monte Sano Art Festival is usually held on the third weekend of September atop Monte Santo mountain. The admission is free except for parking charges.


4. National Shrimp Festival

What is it about?

The main highlight of this fall festival in Alabama is shrimps from the gulf shores. At this event, shrimp is offered in every way imaginable. There are shrimp kabobs, shrimp fried,  pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich, and so much more!

This four-day event attracts more than 300,000 people as it offers a variety of events like live musicals, artisans, vendors, and guaranteed entertainment all weekend long. The festival also includes activities for children like face painting, karaoke, and so much more, and even a sand sculpture contest. Admission to this festival is free.

National Shrimp Festival is a must-attend event held annually from October 13th to 15th


5. Birmingham Greek Festival

What is it about?

Birmingham Greek Festival is one of the oldest and most anticipated fall festivals in Alabama. This three-day festival is all about delicious Greek food, culture, and Knowledge in addition to the amazing food, Greek music, live entertainment, dancing, and a warm-spirited atmosphere that welcomes all.

The event offers free admission with separate pricing for food and dining. A guided tour of the cathedral is a must, and the Greek Market Place has imported food, icons, fine jewelry, art, and much more. Proceeds from the festival will benefit local mission work and charities.

Birmingham Greek Festival is held from October 8th to 10th.


6. Homestead Hollow Arts & Crafts Festival


russn fckr krV5aS4jDjA unsplash
Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash

What is it about?

Homestead Hollow Arts & Crafts Festival is where one can find amazing handmade, handcrafted, vintage goods. The festival gives you an amazing opportunity to discuss with expert demonstrators and witness them establish their skills like wood carving, wooden stove cooking. Soap-making etc.

The festival also allows you to take a tour of the original cabins built by the early settlers. It also provides you with an opportunity to pay a visit to the apiarist and learn about beekeeping. One can enjoy the fall festival in Alabama more by making a stop by the side of any streams and listen to live entertainment the whole day.

Homestead Hollow Arts & Crafts Festival also allows you to enjoy great food from the food court, such as barbecue, funnel cakes, ice creams, fries, and so much more! This festival also has a variety of  Children’s activities such as face painting, wagon riding etc…

Homestead Hollow Arts & Crafts Festival is considered the best fall festival in Alabama for fine arts, and crafts are usually celebrated in September and November.

7. Alabama Butterbean Festival

What is it about?

Considered one of the largest fall festivals in Alabama, the Alabama Butterbean Festival includes 12 hours of live musical performances, delicious food, petting zoos, and so much more.

This particular fall festival in Alabama also has the Guinness world record to its name for holding the largest pot of baked beans at over 1010 gallons. Bucky Butterbean, the festival’s mascot, is also a huge hit among the viewers.

Alabama Butterbean Festival is held annually on the first week of October at Pinson.

To know more about the relationship between peanuts and Alabama, WATCH THE VIDEO.

8. Athens Storytelling Festival

mike erskine S VbdMTsdiA unsplash
Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

What is it about?

Athens Storytelling Festival is a bit different from the other fall festivals in Alabama. The event features some of the nation’s best storytellers with their timely, hilarious, poignant and legendary stories. The festival also has a wide variety of shops and restaurants so that storytellers can take time in between and go and look for antiques, home goods, hardware, apparel, and other general merchandise. It is a fun family event popular among all.

Athens Storytelling Festival is a virtual fest held on October 23rd and 24th.

To know more about the Athens Storytelling Festival, click here.

9. Alabama Cotton Festival

baby natur IeP4QJShfVM unsplash
Photo by Baby Natur on Unsplash

What is it about?

Alabama cotton festival is one major among the fun-filled fall festivals in Alabama, with various events, including Art and photo contest, Dog show, Chicken race, 5K cotton run, Cotton queen pageant, antique car show, cotton museum and much more. Apart from this, the streets are also lined with a wide variety of delicious food and unique apparel.

Alabama cotton festival is a family event held every year on the second Saturday in October.

The Athens Storytelling Festival is held between October 20th to 24th in Athens.

10. Elberta German Sausage Festival

phil hearing dyj ucYuls0 unsplash
Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

What is it about?

Elberta Sausage Festival, which is usually celebrated on the last weekend of March and October, is another major among Alabama fall festivals. This unique fundraiser for the Elberta Volunteer Fire Department includes fun-filled events like carnival rides, polka dancing, German musical performances, and delicious authentic German food, including amazing locally made sausages.

While the taste of the delicious dogs has changed a little over time, the primary recipe has remained a well-guarded secret since the fest’s inception. The original secret recipe for Elberta’s famous sausage is credited to Alfred Stucki, who managed Elberta’s Locker Plant from 1953 until he died in 1973.

The event was originally introduced and led by the Volunteer Fire Department of Elberta in the year 1978; the proceeds of the festival are used to improve both the fire department and the town. The proceeds from their booth sales and parking lot fees are used majorly to benefit the local non-profits.

Among the other fall festivals in Alabama, this unique festival is held two times a year – one on the last Saturday of March and the other on the last Saturday of October. Every year approximately 7,000 pounds of German Sausage are consumed at Elberta Sausage Festival.


​To read more about fall festivals in Alabama, click here.

The fall festivals in Alabama are definitely unmissable. For everyone looking to spend a fun-filled, adventurous weekend, these festivals are the ones for you; they will surely make your fall a memorable one.

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