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Top 10 Best Waterfalls In North Alabama

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If you haven’t explored the beauty of the waterfalls in North Alabama yet, then don’t give it a second thought and pack your bags right now.

Now summer is not going to be boring and tough, as long you are visiting Alabama. Northern Alabama is known for picturesque waterfalls, which will not fail to make your summer holidays more engrossing.

You can enjoy these scenic waterfalls along with biking and picnicking. There are various other things which can be explored like biking, refreshing your mind and inner peace.

City life is hectic. Everyone needs an escape from their busy schedule. And nothing can prevail in the beauty of waterfalls.

Waterfalls in north Alabama are glorious enough to boost your mood and fill you with excitement and wonder. There are various such waterfalls to be discovered in North Alabama.

There are so many beautiful waterfalls which can be access by kids as well as old age people. In Alabama, there are various historical places to visit. You can also visit Pioneer village, which is a historic place with some historical values.

Here are the top 10 waterfalls in North Alabama:

1. Cheaha Falls

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in North Alabama. This 30-foot waterfall Cheaha inlet, situated in Talladega National Forest, is awe-inspiring.

This fall, found over the rocks down the Chinabee silent trail, is the origin of the tallest mountain in Alabama. It all starts from the Talladega National Forest, which splits the Cheaha inlet and results in the magnificent Cheaha falls.

The drive to these falls is also beautiful and scenic. You can explore the beautiful nature closely, the amazing mountains on the road.

You can indulge yourself in exploring the astounding waterfalls and the pleasant noise the falls create. With proper safety precautions, you can even camp in the area at night if you’re looking for a proper adventure.

You can explore parks, beaches and many more things near this waterfall. These are some of the deepest and most extensive rivers falls in north Alabama.

By JNix/Shutterstock, Copyright 2021.

2. Caney Creek Falls

This is situated outside the Sipsey wasteland in Double Spring. It is one of the most eye-catching falls for travelers.

These waterfalls are surrounded by trees and rocks, giving an amazing view of greenery. All you need to do is a mile hike to reach your destination.

During monsoon, heavy rains cause the waterfall to fill the swimming pool at the bottom, making it an entertaining place for kids.

And after a heavy rain, it produces two curtains of water, but it totally depends on your luck. You should prepare yourself for a good physical workout to visit this place.

They will not fail to give you a feeling of satisfaction after your full-day trip.

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3. Chewacla Falls

One of the most beautiful sights to explore in North Alabama is the Chewacla falls if you are looking for waterfalls.

The spill of surplus water forms this passage through the Chewacla Dam. The inlet falls from a height of 30 feet which is riveting to watch. There is a hiking spot with some beautiful Chewacla parks to explore.

This place is easy to find out and is accessible to people of all ages.

4. Desoto Falls

This fall is extremely mesmerizing, falling from 100-104 feet which makes it more beautiful. It is situated above the ravine of Desoto state park.

Desoto Falls is known to be one of the tallest falls in Alabama. It is found in Mentone, a small town with wonderful nature’s beauty.

This beautiful waterfall is named after Hernando De Soto (a Spanish explorer). You can find and explore this beauty after a short walk and don’t need too much effort.

A visit to this place can give you access to various other activities such as fishing, hiking, and enjoying other waterfalls near Desoto falls.

By James Deitsch/Shutterstock, Copyright 2021.

5. Devil’s Den Falls

These falls are found in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. The woodlands of Talladega National Forest surround them.

The waterfall spills into one of the most beautiful swimming holes in Alabama. This can be a rescue during the summer heat in Chinnabee. It’s an entire package of entertainment in one spot.

You can go hiking, picnicking and enjoying the waterfalls. Swimmers are going to have fun there by diving into the beautiful swimming hole.

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6. Fall Creek Falls

You can find these in Tennessee State Park. This fall is an inlet that spills from the great Tennessee river. This waterfall starts from the top of the plateau down to the canyon, followed by the breathtaking waterfall.

These are located in the east of the Mississippi River. This mountain is the origin of various other falls, canyons, and gorges. It is one of the highest waterfalls, with a height of 256 feet tall.

7. Falling Rock Falls

This is one of the most breathtaking falls located in the Cahaba River. This waterfall is quite slippery, and you need to take some precautions if climbing towards the mountains.

This is the most appealing option for people who love hiking. If you need sufficient rest after a long tiring day, you can explore all the hotels available near this place.

You can access the waterfalls after hiking for 1.4 miles. This beautiful scenic view can be found in Cahaba WMA Montevallo, which will not fail to impress you and your family for sure.

Photo by Lucas Vieira on Unsplash

8. Grace’s High Falls

One of the highest falls located in Alabama, these falls are around 133 feet high. This can give you a stunning view due to its height.

During heavy rainfalls, these form various creeks and falls which are eye-catching. During heavy rainfalls, a visit to this place can give you a pleasing view of hustling waterfalls, causing some appealing noise of rushing water.

Once you visit this waterfall, you will find that every penny spent on it was worth it.

9. Griffin Falls

People who are beginners in hiking and climbing can give this place a try. This waterfall is 40 feet high, which is not that difficult to explore for people of any age.

Located in Dekalb country, these waterfalls can offer your various beautiful places to enjoy. These falls start flowing from a sedimentary rock covered by many sandstones and pave towards a swimming hole, fascinating.

You can find some unusual or rarely found flowers there. What makes it more beautiful are those rocks that may deceive someone into finding the route as well.

If you are looking for some great options for waterfalls in North Alabama, then Griffin Falls shouldn’t miss your list.

10. High Falls

This 35-foot torrent is located in High Falls Park. It comes to be around 300 feet high during heavy rains. It is a natural cascade that falls through a natural bridge-like passage.

Make sure you add these beautiful waterfalls in North Alabama to your bucket list. Travel lover or not, they will definitely not disappoint you!

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