A close-up of a stallion's head during horse camping in Alabama. A close-up of a stallion's head during horse camping in Alabama.

Gallop into Adventure: 6 Best Spots for Horse Camping in Alabama

Alabama is known for its natural surroundings and beautiful scenery around the entire state.

Although, one lesser-known activity to do in Alabama is horse camping and horseback riding. Alabama’s wilderness is spread out over 42,218 acres, which is a lot for any explorer.

1. About Horse Camping in Alabama

USA Tales has prepared a whole list of areas for horse camping in Alabama for you and your camping groups. There are plenty of places to explore if you’re into hiking or biking, but horse camping here is quite underrated for travelers.

Areas for horse camping in Alabama are plenty for people to choose from, whether they are experienced travelers or just a beginner.

Some of the campsites are situated in national parks or splendid locations with exceptional natural beauty. Here you can hike, bike, or horse ride while enjoying the natural scenic views.

Explore all the places for Horse Camping in Alabama below.

2. Nature Journey of Alabama

Before knowing about the places for horse camping in Alabama, learning about the natural essence is important.

From mountain ranges to picturesque beaches, you can enjoy nature in every way possible in Alabama. There are plenty of parks, waterfalls, and many more things to explore.

Exploring every bit of Alabama is fun and truly unique, and one cannot miss out on the hidden gems there.

A view from a farm house by the side of the Guntersville Lake in Alabama during sunset.
Photo by Uwe Conrad on Unsplash Copyrights 2019

Another attraction is horse camping in Alabama, which contains primitive camping areas and other facilities.

Caves and mountains are always present in some parts of the others in Alabama.

3. Preferable Places for Horse Camping in Alabama

Picking out the best places for the best experience while horse camping in Alabama is very crucial. So here is the entire list. But while exploring the sites, keep some things in your mind like:

  • Don’t harm the natural essence of the places
  • Don’t disturb the animals or plants that are under the protection of nature.
  • Cutting down trees is also strictly prohibited
  • Camping groups should not exceed 10 people.

3.1 Oak Mountain State Park

A scenic view of Oak Mountain state park near Birmingham Alabama with blue sky and reflections on the lake. Oak Mountain state park is a good spot for horse camping in Alabama.
Photo by BJ Ray on Shutterstock

This is a 940-acre park in Double Oak Mountain containing trails for horse camping, hiking, and biking. This park has 25 miles of horse riding trails, a fishing area, walking trails, and cabins.

The equestrian camp is beautiful in its way, and the starry nights are perfect, too.

Except for the horse camping area, they also have plenty of other activities for people with different hobbies. The horse trails are medium hard and can be easy after practicing for some time.

There are added trails for a much longer ride for tourists; you also get the facility of an open campfire for a more aesthetic experience. Overall, this is the most preferred place for horse camping in Alabama.

3.2 Warden Station Horse Camp

Here, they provide 45 primitive campsites for camping and tents. This horse camping site offers trail 30 miles of trails with amazing scenic views.

All in all, there are 4 trails for hiking, horse camping, and picnicking. However, the Pinhoti trail is not available for horseback rides and horse camping.

Warden Station Horse Camp is situated less than 10 miles from Coleman Lake. Also, horse camping can be prohibited during deer hunting seasons, so check their official website before you go.

This horse camping site is through the Talladega National Forest, which is a plus point. Because of this, you get to enjoy the scenic views of the forest while horse camping.

Besides horse camping, you also get options to hike and bike alone or with your group for a much better experience.

3.3 Rock Bridge Canyon Equestrian Park

2013 Rock Ridge Canyon Equestrian Trail video

Situated in Hodges, this is one of the most preferred places for horse camping in Alabama.

This park consists of great views as the background and peaceful wind, making it an even better option for horse camping. The trails are in good condition, and there are waterfalls, too, for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings for a while.

There are different trails from which you can choose according to your experience. If you are a beginner, then you get smooth trails for slow horseback rides.

If you are an adventurous person, then there are rough trails for a better adventure ride. It is highly suggested for horse camping and to make your trip even better.

They also offer covered stalls and Hygienic bathhouses, which makes it preferable for families.

3.4 Owl Creek Horse Camp

Owl's Creek Horse trail in Bankhead National Forest

This camping site consists of approximately 25 trail systems designed especially for horseback ride and horseback camping.

This horse camp is also a part of Bankhead National Forest, so you get to enjoy even better views and amenities; they also provide overnight camp facilities for people who come for trail rides.

You can choose whether you want a short loop or an overnight stay.

3.5 Richard Martin Trail

Situated in the town of Elkmont, this is one of the underrated places for horse camping in Alabama. The trails are rough and adventurous for people looking for a thrill ride.

Not only horse camping and riding, but biking is also preferable here for an adventurous time. The history behind these trails and the town is also equally impressive.

3.6 Shady Grove Dude Ranch

JacksonJohnsonLife – Amy & Steve Shady Grove Dude Ranch Horse Riding 7-31-15

Situated in Mentone, Alabama, this is a guest ranch highly suggested for horse camping in Alabama, which covers approximately 800 miles of natural beauty.

Typically, families prefer this ranch because it is situated in a small town where there are fewer crowds and more wilderness.

To explore the scenic beauties of this place, horse riding and camping are highly suggested; they also offer double horse riding for kids or couples. This ranch also consists of waterfall trail rides, which are mesmerizing to watch.

Kids usually love it here, and also, there are no television connections or phones. So you don’t have to worry about work or anything while enjoying your stay here.

Closing Thoughts

Mentioned above was the list of places you should not miss out on when seeking the best Horse Camping In Alabama.

You can go with groups, family, or simply solo for your trip, but the more, the merrier. Always remember not to disturb the natural peace and surroundings while exploring different trails and sites.

Have fun exploring!

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