10 Best Upper East Side Restaurants You Must Try

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The Upper East Side is renowned because of its rich residents, haute cuisine, and luxury boutiques on Madison Avenue. It’s a lovely area, with a mix of traditional brownstones and affluent high-rises.

The Upper East Side, a leafy haven for the city’s affluent, is known for its pastries, pearls, and pocket squares. The restaurants in the neighborhood are rather premium, with higher pricing and nicer cuisine than you’d find in other Manhattan areas.

1. The Best 10 Upper East Side Restaurants

Upper East Siders like to think of themselves as the pinnacle of New York City sophisticates, because when it comes to dining, there’s likely no more hidebound, conventional, conservative bunch of eaters in this quality dining area.

The Upper East Side of Manhattan features some of the best dining selections in New York City. From historic French enterprises still in operation in this section of town, to venerable delis and burger shops that have persisted for decades, to German beer halls left over from Yorkville’s glory days.

Upper East Side Restaurants
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We recognize that ranking the absolute greatest restaurants in an area with such established preferences and tradition is the height of arrogance. Consider this a very subjective outsider’s guide, intended to raise the hackles of residents and to act as an anthropological study for those tourists who find themselves roaming between, say, East 64th Street and the mid-90s, and are looking for something to do. The experience they seek is a fine-dining meal in one of the neighborhood’s historic establishments.

The ultimate guide to top 10 best restaurants in Upper East Side is given below-

  1. Daniel

  2. Pastrami Queen

  3. Mission Ceviche

  4. A la Turka

  5. Moti Mahal Delux

  6. Uva

  7. J.G Melon

  8. Sushi Seki

  9. Sandro’s

  10. Donohue’s Steak House

1.1) Daniel

Upper East Side Restaurent
Main Dining Room/ Daniel NYC

Where: 60 E 65th St, New York, NY 10065

Contact: 212-288-0033

Cuisine: French cuisine

Menu: Daniel’s menu

Reservation: Daniel’s reservation

Events: Corporate Card, Date Night, Fine Dining

Service: Dine-in kerbside pickup and kerbside delivery

Chef Daniel Boulud owns and manages Daniel, which is located on the Upper East Side.The known master of uptown cuisine has recently made a gleaming new room at his historic flagship business, and also the unendingly increasing (and costly) tasting-menu picks still lure big-money gastronauts from far-flung locales like Dubai and Peking.

In a location that blends brilliant neoclassical design with lovely trendy decoration, the two-starred Michelin eating place serves up to date, contemporary French preparation. it’s the impact of transporting you to the Renaissance era. The design of this eating place in the big apple is entirely applicable for a formidable, upmarket place like this. 

A French lunch here is additionally one among town’s greatest fine eating experiences. Keep in mind – if you wish to order a la bill of fare meals within the lounge for a special supper that’s a bit additional relaxed than what happens within the main eating area, you may. It serves wood-roasted columbiform bird, tender pork, and exquisite veau with artichokes. It’s simmered in milk and topped with the best farm veggies from upstate the big apple, per the cook.


1.2) Pastrami Queen

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Pastrami/ Pastrami Queen Upper East Side

Where: 1125 Lexington Ave # 2, New York, NY 10075

Contact: 212-734-1500

Cuisine: Sandwiches

Menu: Pastrami Queens’ menu

Events: Casual date, quick dinner

Service: Dine-in kerbside pickup and kerbside delivery

This Lexington Avenue institution, antecedently in Forest Hills and known as Pastrami Queen , serves a number of the city’s best boeuf on rye. The sandwiches ar merely served with granular mustard or dressing.

If you are within the East 70s and desire a food shopcious deli sandwich, boeuf Queen is your Polaris. These sandwiches are served on rye that’s as soft as a Pre-K nap time mat, with simply the acceptable quantity of lean meat. All you have got to try and do is add mustard. The roast turkey here is likewise worthy of your respect and admiration, despite being a less in style different. In any case, embody some dumplings soup and a platter of half-sour pickles within the combine.

The corn beef is additionally smart, thus have a sandwich with each boeuf and corn beef and a few firm half-sour pickles. it’s a perfect location for a quick bite at a lower value during this space. This place is ideal for minute dinner. Among all restaurants on the higher side, boeuf Queens brands itself as New York’s favorite since 1956.

1.3) Mission Ceviche

IMG 0815 683x1024 1
Peruvian cuisine/ Mission Ceviche

Where: 1400 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10021

Contact: 212- 650-0014

Cuisine: Peruvian cuisine

Menu: Mission Ceviche menu

Reservation: Mission Ceviche reservation

Events: Birthdays, Date Night, Fine Dining

Service: Dine-in kerbside pickup and kerbside delivery

This Peruvian institution within the East 70s opened in 2019, creating it one in every of the more modern additions to the thronged line of eateries on ordinal Avenue. cook José Luis Chávez’s Peruvian edifice specializes on recent, colourful ceviches.

Mission Ceviche  makes a speciality of a zesty leche American state tigre and a spread of pisco bitter variations. this is often the chef’s initial strike edifice, wherever he serves tuna tartare-style tuna tiradito with ancient Peruvian dishes like aj American state gallinacean, chopped malformation in an exceedingly creamy yellow Poivrade.

It offers altogether the best dining experiences among all the Upper East Side Restaurants. It has a great space with great food making it one of the favorites for the Upper East Siders.

1.4) A la Turka

DSC 3045
Flavour Journey/A La Turka

Where: 1417 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10021

Contact: 212-744-2424

Cuisine: Mediterranean cuisine

Menu: A la Turkas’ menu

Reservation: A la Turkas’ reservation

Events: Date Night, Fine Dining

Service: Dine-in kerbside pickup and kerbside delivery

A La Turka is that the greatest Turkish edifice in the Upper East Side. A La Turka, set on the higher side between UP Thai and Thep Thai edifice, is New York’s favorite place for dead grilled kebabs and barbecues. A La Turka is that the place to travel in city for nutrient and meat, with its excellently braised Mediterranean cookery.

They serve very copiously, thus bring your date or friends for a hearty supper. There area unit a spread of foods to style, however their specialties embody chicken dish, chicken Seyhan shish kebab, lamb shank, mixed grill, and sigara boregi.

The cookery and repair area unit systematically wonderful, and on Thursdays, there’s live music and saltation.The cookery is certainly delicious. If you are wanting cut and meat entrees, this is often one in every of the highest eateries on the Upper East Side.

1.5) Moti Mahal Delux

Awadh Biryani
Awadh Biryani/ Moti Mahal Delux

Where: 1149 1st Ave., New York, NY 10065

Contact: 212-371-3535

Cuisine: Indian cuisine

Menu: Moti Mahal Delux menu

Reservation: Moti Mahal Delux reservation

Events: Corporate Card, Fine Dining

Service: Dine-in kerbside pickup and kerbside delivery

Moti Mahal Delux  is that the initial North American country franchise of a international building company that originated in New Delhi opened in the Upper East Side. The Moti Mahal nickname is world-renowned for many painting dishes from India’s Mughlai cooking, as well as a number of the best tandoori chicken anywhere within the world.

Moti Mahal Delux launched in July 2012 on the higher side, and they’ve already attained a two-star review within the ny Times and a loyal following among the city’s Indian cooking fans. It positively is among the simplest restaurants in ny town for Indian cooking. It became an instant hit in the streets of the Upper East Side.

There area unit many illustrious dishes here, like the MMD Signature Masala, that you just should get, however it is a giant menu, and you most likely will not be able to end it bushed one sitting unless you are feeding with an outsized company. Bunni Chat, Murgh Tandoori, Murgh Makhani, and Burrah shish kebab area unit must-tries for all meat enthusiasts. dekaliter Makhani with Lemon Rice could be a vegetarian’s dream. however our greatest tip is to require your waiter’s recommendations and come here many times to undertake new things.

1.6) Uva

MG 4766
Private Dining Room/ Uva NYC

Where: 1486 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10075

Contact: 212-472-4552

Cuisine: Italian cuisine

Menu: Uva’s menu

Reservation: Uva’s reservation

Events: Casual dinner, Date Night, Brunch

Service: Dine-in kerbside pickup and kerbside delivery

Uva is this charming, informal Italian restaurant, which has been operating since 2005, has the feel of a country home, with soft lighting, well-worn wood tables, exposed brick, and a mishmash of antiques, making it ideal for date nights. In fact, its décor is so attractive that items like proprietor Massimo Lusardi’s grandfather’s collection of antique corkscrews have been stolen throughout the years.

The cuisine is OK – not the greatest Italian in town, but certainly delicious and fairly priced. The wine selection is reasonably priced and not overwhelming, and the menu is large enough that almost everybody may find something to suit their needs. In the rear, there’s also a wonderful garden for a peaceful evening or a midday date.

It’s also a good brunch option, with dishes that go above and beyond standard-issue Benedicts; for late-night eating, a special menu of veal meatball sliders, focaccia with Nutella, and pizzas is offered after 10 p.m. It’s a rustic, homey little Italian establishment in the East 70s that’s constantly bustling and always full of other people just like you – individuals who want a good meal in a great setting with someone they’re considering breeding with making it is a very welcoming place.

1.7) J.G Melon

Front Room 2
Front Room/ JG Melon Upper East Side, NYC

Where: 1291 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021

Contact: 212-744-0585

Cuisine: Bar and grill

Menu: J.G Melon’s menu

Events: Solo dinner, quick bite

Service: Dine-in and kerbside pickup

The well-worn tavern was established in 1972 on the Upper East Side, although it feels much older. J.G Melon used to be the go-to spot for a quick snack because it was the only restaurant on the Upper East Side that sold fast cuisine.

The menu, like many of its contemporaries, is relatively restricted, with so-so chili, conventional sandwiches of turkey and roast beef, dinners that primarily rely on steak — and burgers. These burgers are nothing short of fantastic, served with cottage fries and made in a tiny kitchen in the midst of the joint, based on wonderful fresh beef with exactly the proper amount of fattiness, fried on a griddle by diligent chefs.

There are a few things you should know: it will certainly be busy, drinks must be ordered by the bottles (not from the taps), and service will be unfriendly. However, it is an institution that has been providing delicious meals for centuries, so consider paying it a visit, but remember to be patient. It is definitely one of the oldest Upper East Side restaurants. 

1.8) Sushi Seki

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Sushi Platter/ Sushi Seki, Upper East Side, NYC

Where: 1143 1st Ave., New York, NY 10065

Contact: 212-371-0238

Cuisine: Japanese cuisine

Menu: Sushi Seki’s menu

Events: Solo Dinner, Date Night, Late night dinner

Service: Dine-in kerbside pickup and kerbside delivery menu

Sushi Seki Upper East Side is one of New York City’s best sushi restaurants, open late and always outstanding. It’s comparable to Sushi Of Gari – Chef Seki started there – but we like this location since the high-quality fish isn’t accompanied by as much sauce and sushi accessories.

Sushi Seki, formerly recognized as a late-night sushi alley, now provides a la carte and omakase menus that include all of the basic rolls, sushi, and sashimi, as well as the Golden Flower Trio, which includes three unique rolls: Golden Tuna Tofu, Golden Salmon Tomato, and Golden Eel Avocado. The restaurant has two other sites in Chelsea and Times Square, but this is the original outlet that chefs prefer.

If you don’t want to do the omakase, get the $42 special, which includes nine pieces and a handroll and gives you a taste of their best items. Its biggest characteristic is that it is open late at night, so if you have a midnight desire, this is the spot to go on Upper East Side, New York.

1.9) Sandro’s

Sandros Outlet/ Sandro’s Upper East Side, NYC

Where: 322 East 86th St, New York, NY 10028

Contact: 212-288-7374

Cuisine: Pasta

Menu: Sandro’s menu

Reservation: Sandro’s reservation

Events: Date Night, Fine Dining

Service: Dine-in kerbside pickup and kerbside delivery

Sandro Fioriti, an itinerant pasta specialist who has wandered from kitchen to kitchen throughout the city for decades, has finally found a permanent home at this little trattoria on 81st Street as Sandro’s on the Upper east side.

As per our modest perspective, the little lounge misses some of the contagious joviality of other ancient old pasta establishments in the area, but the Roman-accented cookery (fried artichokes, bucatini all’amatriciana) is many notches above the normal local red-sauce food, and the non-Roman “Sandro’s Caesar” is one of the finer Caesars in town.

Keep in mind this establishment the next time you’re having a terrible day, with the Roman pastas and lemony veal scallopini, with the nice servers strolling about pouring everyone grappa. The bucatini amatriciana should be beneficial.

1.10) Donohue’s Steak House

Donohues Steak House in Billions 1 800x500 1
Donohue’s Steak House Outlet/ Donohue’s Steak House, NYC

Where: 845 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10065

Contact: 212-744-0938

Cuisine: Irish cuisine

Menu: Donohue’s Steak House menu

Events: Fine Dining, Family meal

Service: Dine-in kerbside pickup and kerbside delivery

Donohue’s Steak House is this modest tavern and restaurant, which has been popular since the 1980s, is a pleasant location that does not require a reservation. Dining at this family-owned restaurant is like going back in time to ancient New York. Locals and literary types mingle in the black leather booths or take a seat at the long bar, drinking drinks.

The menu features traditional steak cuts as well as old-fashioned foods such as chopped steak, chicken pot pie, and burgers. The serious-faced pros behind the bar make a good, no-frills Beefeater martini, and some say the “chopped beef” pub burger is better than the much more famed J.G. Melon offering further uptown.

It is the perfect place to visit for a family meal around the Upper East Side. It’s an Irish place attended by neighborhood sports fans, firemen, cops, writers and old-timers who’ve been coming here for 50 years or so. This place is more popular among New Yorkers rather than the tourists.

2. Other Upper East Side Restaurants Worthwhile Exploring-

Upper east side restaurants are plenty in number each trying to up their game, while the best restaurants on the upper east side have already been listed. Here is a list of other restaurants you should check out too –

2.1) Gracie Mews Diner

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Gracie Mews Outlet/ Gracie Mews Diner, NYC

Where: 1550 1st Ave., New York, NY 10028

Menu: Gracie Mews Menu

The Upper East Side isn’t short in old-school eateries, however Gracie Mews, that ne’er closes, has a strangely snug feel, thanks partially to the continuously courteous service. Settle into one in all the massive booths: the counter offers an enormous sort of cakes, contemporary pancakes, loaded waffles, and omelets in the slightest degree hours, and floor-to-ceiling windows for folks observance.

2.2) Jones Wood Foundry

JWF Garden 2 1024x683 1
Outdoor courtyard/ Jones Wood Foundry, NYC

Where: 401 E 76th St, New York, NY 10021

Menu: Jones Wood Foundry Menu

Jones Woods Foundry, named after a woodland that filled the area in the mid-nineteenth century, provides classic English pub cuisine. If you love a good English Breakfast, this is the place to stop by. It’s one amongst the city’s greatest British gastropubs and was a pioneer within the class in ny. do not pass up the fish and chips, that area unit ready with beer-battered cod and flat-top with triple-cooked potatoes. different standout things on the menu embody a decent burger, bangers & mash, and a Sunday roast offered on the weekends.

2.3) Pizza Quadrata Romana

img 0734
PQR Outlet/ Pizza Quadrata Romana, NYC

Where: 1631 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

Menu: PQR Menu

PQR is an Upper East Side Roman-style pizza eatery that serves slices topped with everything from pumpkin to porchetta. A well-known name in Roman pizza pie has a pizzeria for square slices with a light-textured dough. Iezzi’s pizzas are made with a long-fermented, high-hydration process, and the dough interior is very delicate. Burrata and pasta sauce are both square measures in terms of style toppings, as are smoke-cured prosciutto, stracchino cheese, and truffle sauce.

2.4) Kaia Wine Bar

Kaia Wine Bar Outlet/ Kaia Wine Bar, NYC

Where: 1614 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10128

Menu: Kaia Wine Bar Menu

Kaia Wine Bar serves South African cuisine such as rabbit chow, a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry, Durban-style Indian samosas, and biltong, a sort of beef jerky eaten with spicy chakalaka relish. It also has a wide South African wine selection, making it an excellent choice for a glass of wine and a snack or a full dinner. It is one of the very few restaurants in the city of New York to serve South African cuisine which makes it a must-try place on the Upper East Side.

2.5) Bilao

Filipino Cuisine /Bilao NYC

Where: 1437 1st Ave. Store 1, New York, NY 10021

Menu: Bilao Menu

During the pandemic, a pair of nurses founded this eatery- Bilao to serve the numerous Filipino nurses working at surrounding hospitals. Classic Filipino foods shine from breakfast to supper, as Eater writer Robert Sietsema noted: a morning version of sisig (a pork dish with an egg on top), curry-like kare kare, and desserts with vanilla-scented pandan leaves. This was one among the may success stories of the Pandemic which lead to a tasty success story bringing smiles on people’s face through their amazing comfort foods.

3. The Upper East Side – New York’s Most Affluent Neighborhood

The eateries on Manhattan’s Upper East Side meet the top standards of the individuals who live there. They are usually opulent dining rooms with costly wines; if you want to experience the lives of the wealthy in New York, this is the place to go. Thus making Upper East Side New York’s most affluent neighborhood.

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