10 Best Summit County Colorado Places to Explore

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Summit County Colorado
Summit County Colorado

The Summit County Colorado winter activities and events overwhelm the locals and tourists with skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, sleigh rides, and dog mushing, guaranteeing a fun-filled vacation.

Through the mid-1980s, the warm climate was more of a rest season with fishing, climbing, and sailing among the more famous Summit County Colorado summer exercises.

Before long, the ski resorts understood that national forests could likewise have sports, for example, mountain trekking, while different pursuits, including off-roading ATV tours, kept on gaining popularity.

This high snowcapped setting’s height ranges from 7,974 to 14,270 feet above ocean level (or 2,430 to 4,349 meters).

At this high altitude and amid such a lot of excellence, the territory will, in a real sense, blow your mind.

Summit County Colorado

Summit County Colorado
Summit County is famous for snow sports and adventures.

Everything about the way of life in Summit County, Colorado, praises the outside.

Your first look at the ten-miles and Gore mountain ranges starts as you exit from the Eisenhower Tunnel’s west side on Interstate 70.

From that point, it’s a relentless visual euphoria.

Summit County Colorado, attractions focus on four globally perceived ski resorts inside a 30-minute drive of each other (Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, and Arapahoe Basin).

They offer winter snow sports like snowboarding and skiing and summer events and activities like climbing, mountain trekking, and fun park walks and visits.

Leasing a boat on Lake Dillon can be followed by a distillery and brewery visit to try the specialty lagers at various Summit County Colorado cafés devoted to old neighbourhood bubbles.

Highest Point County shopping can lead you to sports suppliers, art and craft displays, gift shops, stores along Main Streets in Frisco and Breckenridge, or the Outlets at Silverthorne.

There’s no restriction to Summit County Colorado activities, and all you can have is fun and fun!

10 Best Points of Interest in Summit County Colorado

1) 10 Miles Music Hall

Summit County Colorado
Music Hall

In summit county colorado, the 10 Mile Music Hall is a chief show, wedding, and event setting situated on Main Street in Frisco.

Mountain tops encircle the natural-themed lobby, and at 9,097 feet above ocean level, it is the most noteworthy all-year music setting in the country.

During the hotter seasons, 10 Mile opens its housetop deck over the Ten-mile Range, and in the colder time of year, the staggering indoor space has a full catering kitchen, proficient staff, stage, and sound, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Visitors can appreciate music by notable groups or host practice suppers, mixed drink hours, and social events regardless of the period.

2) Ice Castles

A breathtaking winter phenomenon that brings fairy tales to life is Ice Castles.

The Ice Castles’ innovative idea in summit county colorado was conceived when Founder, Brent Christensen, in Utah endeavoured to construct an ice cavern at home for his little girl’s amusement.

From that point forward, his task has transformed into a worldwide draw and prestigious winter fascination.

The Town of Dillon has acquired acknowledgment by facilitating the Ice Castles from late December through early March.

The area in Dillon Town Park couldn’t be more shocking with Lake Dillon and the mountain ranges as scenery.

The superb presentation is worked by hand by ice craftsmen, and it incorporates intuitive LED-lit figures, frozen seats, ice-cut passages, slides, and wellsprings.

Planning on it is an unquestionable requirement for the entire family while visiting Dillon in the colder time of year.

Everybody will cherish the supernatural experience of visiting through the 10-foot dividers of blue ice. The Ice Castles are worked by hand and shaped with a great many icicles etched together.


  • Ice Slides– You can race down one of our thrilling ice slides for individuals of all ages while squealing with excitement.

  • Caverns & Archways– Discover ice caverns and pass by arches that are embellished with hand-placed icicles that hang above like a lovely winter chandelier.

  • Crawl tunnels–  Just big enough for kids and adults who are brave enough to crawl, and squeeze through narrow corridors.

3) Lake Dillon

Summit County Colorado
Lake Dillon

Resting in the core of Summit County Colorado at 9,017 feet is the Front Range’s response to a day at the seashore—lovely Lake Dillon and her two ports, Dillon, on the south, and Frisco, on the west.

The lake is supported by a 231-foot earth-filled dam that fills the valley where Dillon once sat.

When water levels can drop significantly during the regular Western dry seasons, gatherers meander along the uncovered shores chasing for antiquities from this Rocky Mountain Atlantis.

These dry seasons roused the Denver Water Board to build the supply and redirect the water through the Harold D. Roberts Tunnel, underneath the Continental Divide.

Beneath the mile-long dam, the Blue River jabbers past the power source shopping sanctuary and transforms into miles of gold-award fly-fishing waters on its excursion north.

The lake has been an oceanic shelter to both the Front Range and the detonating Summit County populace. There are more than 27 miles of rock seashores for picnickers to appreciate.

Look for the dark blue waters from Sapphire Point Lookout on any pleasant day, and you’ll see a group of speedboats, boats, kayaks, kayaks, and sailboarders moving in the waves.

Dillon Reservoir is the most elevated profound water marina in North America and pulls in mariners from everywhere in the world to partake in regattas.

In winter, the frozen waters are appreciated by ice fishers and cross-country skiers.

4) Country Boy Mine

In addition to being Breckenridge’s only genuine gold mine tour, Country Boy Mine also offers award-winning treasure hunts, historic hay rides, and monster trucks.

Experience one of our highly rated treasure hunts, pan for REAL gold, take an award-winning 1000-foot-deep tour into one of Colorado’s most famous mines, and come explore our private trails and take in our breathtaking vistas.

For long time, people found gold here in 1887. The Country Boy Mine has been one of the locale’s top makers, alongside lead and zinc, indispensable for U.S. endeavours in World War II.

During your tours through the mine office here in summit county Colorado, you can go to the oven in the reestablished Blacksmith shop or pet the donkeys and horses wandering the zone.

The mine has a 55-foot mineral chute you can slide down in summer and gold panning lasting through the year.

5) Edwin Carter Discovery Centre

From New York, Edwin Carter made his way to Breckenridge to try his hand at mining.

Despite his modest success, he was troubled by the effects that the mining business was having on the native wildlife and flora.

Because he thought the Rocky Mountain species might become extinct, he made a change of direction and committed himself to their preservation.

This entailed killing animals and taxidermizing them in the late 1800s. You can view some of Carter’s original specimens while learning about his life and career.

Edwin Carter Discovery Centre
Exploratory Centre

Dating from 1875, the Edwin Carter Discovery Center is devoted to the “log lodge naturalist” who assisted with making Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science.

Search for reasonable squishy toys, including a huge bison and a burro conveying an excavator’s pack. The intuitive displays likewise remember a hands-for taxidermy workbench.

Information on Carter and his conservation efforts can be found in this museum. The museum offers a wealth of reading material and sights to visit, so you may enjoy a self-guided tour.

Or you can ask the docent to give you a guided tour. You can spend between 30 and 90 minutes here. Also, the visits to the museum are free, but a $5 gift is encouraged.

It is ideal for folks who enjoy history and are concerned about conservation. With a variety of interactive displays and hands-on activities, it is also fantastic for youngsters!

6) Healy House and Dexter Cabin

Miners found overnight success in Leadville, which is at two miles altitude.

The fabled Baby Doe Tabor lived in Leadville and clung to the Matchless Mine long after her beloved Horace had watched his money disappear.

Today, the historic and natural splendour of this illustrious mining town is what the Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin overlook.

On a tree-lined road in midtown Leadville, you will discover the Healy House and Dexter Cabin, an 1878 Greek Revival house, and an 1879 log lodge—two of Leadville’s most punctual residences.

The richly beautified rooms of the clapboard house give a feeling of how the town’s high class, like the Tabors, lived and played.

In recognition of Emma Meyer, the first lady of the home, the magnificent gardens have been restored.

One can see the formal garden with Victorian urns, statues, garden benches, and a gazebo from the window of the parlour.

The gardens, where numerous native flora have been discovered, are open to visitors, who are also welcome to take in the breathtaking view from the gazebo.

7) Frisco Historic Park and Museum

Not every tiny town provides the opportunity to go back in time and get a close-up view of history. As you tour downtown Frisco, you get the chance to do precisely that at the Frisco Historic Park & Museum.

Their collection of original historic structures, which includes the Schoolhouse Museum, houses artifacts, exhibits, and pictures that reflect the Summit County philosophy of appreciating history while also relating it to the present.

These artifacts, exhibits, and pictures tell the lively stories of Frisco’s past.

Summit County Colorado
Museum at Summit County

For an instructive day that the entire family will appreciate, go to the Frisco Historic Park and Museum. This ticketless fascination exhibits the town’s set of experiences and the American West.

You’ll gain proficiency with the narratives of mining camps and the old railroad days.

Visits are independent through notable structures like the old school building, prison, sanctuary, and general store. These protected structures are located together off Main Street in grand midtown Frisco.

Extraordinarily intended to rejuvenate the past, guided visits and occasional occasions are booked now and again, so look at the web projects.

8) The River Walk Centre

The Riverwalk Center is a center point for amusement in Breckenridge.

The inhabitant organizations, the National Repertory Orchestra, and the Breckenridge Music Festival share the space with an engaging line-up of shows, film screenings, and theatre exhibitions that happen in the middle of every year.

The adaptable space is heated for indoor concerts, and summer events and its glass doors open into a vast green lawn.

As part of the Town’s Blue River Reclamation Project in 1992, a temporary amphitheatre with a cloth tent over it served as the original Riverwalk Center.

With more than $1 million in funding from businesses, foundations, and people, the Town replaced the tent with the current permanent building in 2006.

Between 2014 and 2016, the venue’s facilities and equipment underwent updates that improved its film and multimedia capabilities.

With a yard on the Blue River and an area near midtown and the River walkway, the area is an extraordinary spot for local community and gatherings, as well as for any corporate and private occasions.

The Riverwalk Center Summit County Colorado – was intended to hold 1,000 individuals inside and on the grass and was built to augment the acoustic experience.

9) Red, White, and Blue Fire Museum

Breckenridge was blossoming with markers of stability and prosperity in the early 1880s.

Fine homes and commercial structures with fake fronts were being built. The sidewalks along the broad Main Street were lined with wooden boardwalks.

The walls of the town’s buildings were lined with paper or muslin insulation and were made of logs or other wood.

The Breckenridge Fire Department was founded in 1880 as a result of the threat of a large fire, which was exacerbated by the odd little fire.

The volunteers who helped defend the town from fire risk in the beginning as well as those who came after them are honoured at this museum.

Summit County Colorado
Take a look at all the old and modern fire fighting equipment at the fire museum.

Here in the red, white, and blue fire museum at summit county colorado, you’ll track down every one of the clever instruments and early machines that have helped fight a portion of our country’s most punctual bursts.

There’s a pike shaft that effectively cuts down roofs and dividers, pictures, and surprisingly those round life nets you find in the films.

Set up in 1976, the exhibition hall is supported by the Red, White, and Blue Firefighting division.

The present-day firemen give tours and visits. Visitors can see a unique human-controlled stepping stool truck, a reestablished hose truck, and other hardware appliances and tools.

The Red, White, and Blue Fire Department was named for the original three companies: the Red – Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company, the White – Independent Hose Company, and the Blue – Blue River Hose Company.

10) Mountain Top Children’s Museum

Betty Quigley and Laura (Pietro) Horvath founded the Mountain Top Children’s Museum (MTCM), which was organized as a 501(c)(3) in 2001.

Mountain top Children’s Museum draws in kids with various intelligence towards their displays and advanced learning projects.

The instructive spot offers day camps, occasions, and science-themed birthday celebrations in the gallery or the appointed area.

Mountain Top Explorium is a local facility created to support informal learning by fostering connections between kids and their environment via engaging displays and educational events.

Its values encourage originality, curiosity, and innovative thinking, and believes that play is crucial to a person’s whole growth and capacity for lifelong learning.

For interpersonal connections and inter-communal cooperation, they design educational learning settings.

Throughout the late spring, the exhibition hall has a multi-week summer day camp program for kids aged 5 to 12.

The meetings comprise active science tests, nature-based exercises, and craftsmanship jokes. Further, each camp week is themed, permitting youngsters to be inventive, curious, and explorative while learning.

Closing Thoughts

Summit County Colorado
Summit County Colorado

Summit County Colorado is an awesome place for tourists of all kinds, be it an adventure, history, or simply sightseeing – you will find it all.

Although the above-mentioned are the 10 best points of interest, summit county colorado is loaded with many other places and spots that could catch your interest.

Explore and share with us your experience through these beautiful mountains.

Also, if taking your vehicle, explore Road Trip Preparation Tips For Every Destination.


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