10 Fascinating Things To Do In Seward Alaska

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Things to do in Seward Alaska
Things to do in Seward Alaska

Since Seward is comparatively in an isolated area, things to do in Seward Alaska is a major question by many travellers, but be assured that it is truly mesmerizing as you may explore a lot of places and have fun.

Seward is a home-rule city in Alaska, United States Seward, Alaska’s southernmost city, is situated on Resurrection Bay, a fjord of the Gulf of Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. It is about 120 miles (190 km) by car from Anchorage, the state’s largest city.

With Mile 0 of the Iditarod Trail inscribed on the beach at the southern end of town, Seward serves as both the southern endpoint of the Alaska Railroad and the historic beginning of the original Iditarod Trail to Interior Alaska.

During the winter months of the early 20th century, a dog sledge route connecting Seward and Nome carried supplies and mail. The Good Friday Earthquake, which occurred in Southcentral Alaska in March 1964, was a powerful earthquake that left Seward devastated by a tsunami.

Things to do in Seward Alaska

Seward Alaska in southern Alaska will give you complete bliss, it is generally accessed as a gateway to the astounding Kenai Fjord’s national park.

On your trip to Alaska, Seward is a charming, lively small town that is the ideal pit stop. Seward is a fantastic town for visitors, and you’ll find plenty of Alaskans coming too. It offers outdoor adventure in national parks with wildlife and glaciers, as well as local art and delectable food.

With mountains, ocean, fishing, glaciers, mountains, hiking, kayaking, and more, Seward is a typical Alaskan town.

Are you pondering about things to do in Seward Alaska? Then this article may help you get more knowledge about it, read on to find more!

How to get to Seward Alaska

The Alaska Railroad Depot, the cruise ship dock, and the small boat harbour providing boat trip into the Kenai Fjords National Park and fishing charters are all major transportation centres.

If you have a car, you may easily travel from Anchorage to Seward on the incredibly beautiful Seward Highway. Driving time is 2.5 to 3 hours from Anchorage to Seward, which is 130 miles away. However, because there are so many incredible things to do before you even get to Seward, we highly advise giving yourself an entire day for this breathtaking drive!

There are still a few ways to get to Seward if you decide against renting a car while you are in Alaska. You can travel to Seward by day or overnight on the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage. A bus service that provides motorcoach transportation to Seward is also available.

The majority of Seward’s attractions are within easy walking distance of both the town’s hotels and the public campsite. Exit Glacier, which is roughly 10 miles from town, is an exception to this rule. There is a shuttle service that you may use to get there, saving you the trouble of finding parking when you get there.

1. Kenai Fjord’s National Park

The first thing you can do is embark upon a complete educational tour of the beautiful Kenai fjord’s national park: throughout the journey, you will learn about the history behind these guides.

Enjoy your voyage through this beautiful historical place, you may stop to see the amazing Holgate glacier and also the engrossing Chiswell islands.

If you are a wildlife lover, pave your way towards this glacier cruise and enjoy marine life by seeing sea otters, sea lions, humpback whales, eagles, and many more.

The spectacular glacier view will add happiness to your adventure journey, you may explore this marine journey by setting your way to Seward, Alaska.

There is plenty of spectacular beauty to see while you wait and watch for whales, in addition to glaciers and wildlife, in the mountains around the Kenai Fjords.

things to do in seward alaska
Kenai Fjord’s National Park

  • Take a boat tour at Kenai Fjord National Park

Take a boat trip to Kenai Fjords National Park if you only do one thing in Seward! This is a fantastic way to explore the park, and it’s just a wonderful way to travel and see Alaska in general.

Day boat trips in Kenai Fjords National Park provide a variety of alternatives, from half-day wildlife-focused excursions to full-day tours that include wildlife as well as visits to several of the tidewater glaciers in the park, including Bear Glacier and Holgate Glacier.

On the shorter journey, Bear Glacier might be visible if the weather is clear enough. If you’re not a fan of boats or get seasick easily, the shorter tour is a smart choice.

2. Alaska SeaLife Center

You must not skip visiting the Alaska Sealife Center, take a ride to see the beautiful birds and seals followed by the sea lions.

This museum demonstrates to its guests the diversity of the state by gathering all of Alaska’s marine mammals and avian life in one location.

The best part about the sea life centre in Alaska is that they rescue birds and animals from all over Alaska and intend to provide them with life.

The huge aquarium compliments the beauty of the sea life centre. This should be added to the list of things to do in Seward Alaska, for exploring the under-life (marine wildlife) view of these animals.

things to do in seward alaska
Alaska sealife centre

In the touch tank, you can gently touch critters from tidepools in addition to viewing a variety of fish and other animals including the Giant Pacific Octopus.

Due to the rarity of getting thus close to these shy birds, puffins are the main draw. But the centre’s main purpose is to inform visitors and conduct research to further the preservation and protection of Alaska’s priceless natural resources.

If you have an interest in animals or the ocean, you should definitely stop by the centre, which is located on Railway Ave in Seward.

3. Resurrection Bay

Resurrection bay can be included in things to do in Seward Alaska. Due to the stunning view of petrels, puffins, fulmars, murres, auklets, and kittiwakes.

Resurrection bay is a wonderful place for bird watchers and bird enthusiasts. Suppose you are a bird lover and want to explore and see some amazing and rare birds, then book your tickets without a second thought!

things to do in seward alaska
Resurrection Bay

The location of Seward at the top of Resurrection Bay is fortunate. The fjord in the Kenai National Park is a stunning location to visit and is protected from the abrasive ocean.

The Russian trader and merchant Alexandr Baranov gave it its name. When he sought shelter here during a storm, it passed on Easter Sunday. the name resurrection bay follows.

Again, a boat tour or cruise is the best way to fully appreciate the natural beauty and animals of this area. Here in Resurrection Bay, you may see amazing glaciers, breaching whales, and eagles swooping overhead.

  • Kayaking at Resurrection Bay

Beginner kayakers will love the tranquil, simple waters of Resurrection Bay. A terrific option to get a close-up view of these waterways is to take a kayaking excursion with a guide. It’s not unusual to witness a variety of marine creatures, including sea otters, seals, and bald eagles while kayaking in this area.

You may get the opportunity to kayak through remote places that are only reachable by boat while enjoying the bay. Expect to witness wild salmon in great abundance, as well as rugged beaches and stunning coastlines.

4. Seward Boat Harbor

Pave the way towards this beautiful boat port and boat tours in Seward, Alaska. This place is one of the most talked-about things to do in Seward Alaska.

You can watch waves of swimming jellyfish and possibly even spot seals in the harbour, where otters are known to frequent. a fantastic location to take in the beautiful scenery and lively ambience.

Seward Boat Harbor
Seward Boat Harbor

  • Experience a boat ride at Seward Boat harbour

You may also explore varieties of fishing boats and enjoy boating along with all the safety measures. While enjoying your boating journey, observe the fishing boats returning with their catches of the day and washing them.

The centre of the community is this bustling harbour, where a wide variety of boats dock and interact. Along with the US Coast Guard and US Navy, there are hundreds of fishing charter boats, cruise ships, and freight vessels.

It is a fascinating marina to explore even if you are not participating in a tour because there are so many intriguing people and vessels to take in.

5. Bear Glacier

The Kenai Fjords National Park’s longest Glacier was created when two different ice falls joined together. It is a well-liked destination to check out while you are in Seward.

You cannot approach this glacier too closely because when the ice melts, rocks and other debris have been deposited there over time. It is a very unpredictable glacier because it is not a tidewater glacier that calves as it travels.

Watching the ice slide into the freshwater lake below the face is an amazing sight. On a tour here, you must not forget your camera.

things to do in seward alaska
Bear Glacier

For campers, paddleboarders, and kayakers, Bear Glacier Lagoon is a wonderland. Bear Glacier Lagoon is an example of a proglacial lagoon, which is a lake that develops between a glacier and its moraine.

Enjoy the view of the enormous icebergs that were created in the park by a larger glacier as you explore this breathtaking location. Bear glacier can be a great package for both the water adventure and ocean tour in Seward, Alaska.

Pay a visit to bear glacier for exploring kayaking and also various other water adventures. High tides and enormous icebergs will make your boating journey quite exciting.

However, This lake is not suitable for beginners, so think about taking a guided tour. These particular hazards may call for someone with knowledge of the area and experience.

6. Mount Marathon

Mount Marathon is one the most adventurous things to do in Seward Alaska. You will see some of the most beautiful views while you climb up.

Along with exploring sea tours, and glaciers view, one must not skip this treasure of hiking trails. Enjoy the hiking mount marathon overlooking the trees covered a little with ice.

A hiking trail to offer astounding scenic views, you may choose this place to explore the most popular Mt Marathon, do a race along with the privilege of hiking.

things to do in seward alaska
Mount Marathon

Mt. Marathon draws runners from all around the world because of an annual running race that started in 1915. Visitors run nearly 3,000 feet in less than three miles as they sprint up and down the mountain. Plan for this to be an all-day expedition if you decide to trek rather than run.

The Jeep Trail and the Runner’s Trail are the two trail alternatives available on this mountain. The Jeep Trail is a 4.1-mile loop with varying degrees of inclination, making it the more doable choice because the Runner’s Trail is a very challenging option.

7. Bear Creek Weir

A great place to explore the marine life of salmon if you want to explore the sockeye salmon jam-packed in the river running and enjoying their lives.

Don’t forget to add Bear Creek Weir to your things to do in Seward Alaska excursions, as this activity will not even take a lot of time.

You may invest 20-30 minutes of your time in exploring these beautiful creatures of marine wildlife.

things to do in seward alaska
Bear Creek Weir

You may watch salmon from two different seasons here. Millions of smolts are first discharged into Bear Lake in May and June when they swim down Bear Creek to the saline water at the head of Resurrection Bay.

Tens of thousands of sockeye salmon then migrate seven miles up the creek between July and September, followed by Coho salmon in late July and September.

You don’t need to book a tour or take a special trip. Bear creek is easy to get to from Seward, a short stop whilst travelling in or out of town.

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8. Helicopter Glacier Dogsledding View

Enjoy your day trips with this amazing helicopter tour to see the beautiful dogsledding view. With Seward Helicopter Tours, you may take a two-mile guided dog sledging adventure and take in the magnificent snowy landscape.

If you are a dog lover or not and want to know about sledge dogs, you must not miss trying this fun activity. It’s all about sledging dogs, glacier view along with exit glacier, and wildlife whenever it comes to Alaska.

So if you find your peace in these things, then Seward Alaska is perfect for you.

things to do in seward alaska
Helicopter Glacier Dog sledging View

Dog sledging, a popular pastime in Alaska, is something you shouldn’t miss out on. From Seward, you can combine it with a helicopter flight.

You can take a helicopter tour to the Godwin Glacier, where you will meet your dog sledging team, from the Seward airport. You may take in the breathtaking backdrop of snow fields, mountains, and lakes while riding.

You will be transported across the snow fields by a team of huskies pulled by a trained guide, and along the journey, you will discover how dog sledging is employed in this area. For competitive racing, travel, and hunting throughout the hard winters.

Listen to the dog musher’s tales about their experiences travelling around Alaska with the dogs as you go. You might even have the chance to play with some lovely Husky puppies after your trip.

9. Seward Community Library And Museum

Are you a big fan of the library and museum? And don’t think answering honestly will make you a geek, it will only render you a lover of ancient beauty carried on for ages via books.

Seward community library and museum is an ancient place that dates way too back, this library is for the public and can be accessed by any visitor.

According to the seasons, the library hours may differ from time to time, from meeting rooms, and Wi-Fi to other public access computers, the Seward community will provide all facilities.

You may also enjoy reading in the silent environment at the Seward community library and museum.

things to do in seward alaska
Seward Community Library And Museum

There are a wide variety of displays, artefacts, and movies about both ancient and modern history. This covers the tsunami of 1964.

There are some quite emotional movies made by Seward people that describe their experiences. Additionally, there is a kids’ section for tiny explorers where they can play and study interesting historical facts.

The library and museum are located on Sixth Avenue in Seward, but be sure to check the hours before going as they change frequently.

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10. Chugach Heritage Center

Last but not the least, the Chugach heritage center is great for exploring while searching for things to do in Seward Alaska.

A place to display the art of Alaska that also speaks about the vernacular Chugach people and their home-grown culture.

The Chugach heritage center is a must place visit with your family members and relatives, this place can exhibit the nature and culture of Alaska under the cold water and glaciers view.

You may get to know a lot more about the Chugach mountain area, Turnagain arm, with the bay’s feeling. This place can completely turn your mood towards the brightness of life.

things to do in seward alaska
Chugach Heritage Center


Seward Alaska can be a blissful escape from your busy schedule.

Spice up your life with adventures and fun with glacier views, history, water taxis, and hiking the Alaska railroad. The beauty of the Kenai peninsula will fill your mind with peace and relaxation. Go ahead and explore!

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