10 Fascinating Things To Do In Seward Alaska

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Things to do in Seward Alaska
Things to do in Seward Alaska

Things to do in Seward Alaska is a major question by so many travelers. Seward Alaska is riveting as you may explore a lot of places along with glacier sight.

Seward Alaska in southern Alaska will give you complete bliss.  Seward Alaska is generally a gateway to the astounding Kenai Fjord’s national park.

A home for whales and porpoises. Are you pondering about things to do in Seward Alaska? Then this article may help you get more knowledge about it.

  • Kenai Fjord’s National Park

A complete educational tour about the beautiful Kenai fjord’s national park: throughout the journey, you will know about the history behind these by the guides.

Enjoy your voyage through this beautiful historical place. You may stop to see the amazing Holgate glacier and also the engrossing Chiswell islands.

These places belong to the wildlife of Seward, Alaska. Kenai Fjords national park can encourage your traveler spirit by providing you a pretty view of nature.

If you are a wildlife lover, pave your way towards this glacier cruise. Enjoy the marine life by seeing sea otters, sea lions, humpback whales, eagles, and many more.

The spectacular glaciers view will add happiness to your adventure journey. You may explore this marine journey by setting your way to Seward, Alaska.

things to do in seward alaska
Kenai Fjord’s National Park

  • Alaska SeaLife Center

One must not skip visiting the Alaska Sealife Center. Take a ride to see the beautiful birds and seals followed by the sea lions.

The best part about the sea life center in Alaska that they rescue birds and animals from all over Alaska and intend to provide them a life.

The huge aquarium more compliments the beauty of the sea life center. This should definitely be added to the list of things to do in Seward Alaska, for exploring the under-life (marine wildlife) view of these animals.

things to do in seward alaska
Alaska sealife center

  • Resurrection Bay

Resurrection bay can be included in things to do in Seward Alaska. Due to the stunning view of petrels, puffins, fulmars, murres, auklets, and kittiwakes.

Resurrection bay is a wonderful place for bird watchers and bird enthusiasts. Suppose you are a bird lover and want to explore and see some amazing and rare birds. Then book your tickets to Seward, Alaska.

things to do in seward alaska
Resurrection Bay


  • Seward Boat Harbor

Pave the way towards this beautiful boat port and boat tours in Seward, Alaska. This place is one of the most talked-about things to do in Seward Alaska.

You may also explore varieties of fishing boats. And enjoy boating along with all the safety measures. While enjoying your boating journey, observe the fishing boats returning with their catches of the day.

Seward Boat Harbor
Seward Boat Harbor

  • Bear Glacier

Give a visit to bear glacier for exploring kayaking and also various other water adventures. High tides and enormous icebergs will make your boating journey quite exciting.

Bear glacier can be a great package for both the water adventure and ocean tour in Seward, Alaska.

things to do in seward alaska
Bear Glacier


  • Mount Marathon

Mount Marathon is one the most adventurous things to do in Seward Alaska. You will see some of the most beautiful views while you climb up.

Along with exploring sea tours, glaciers view, one must not skip this treasure of hiking trails. Enjoy hiking mount marathon overlooking the trees covered a little with ice.

A hiking trail to offer astounding scenic views. You may choose this place to explore the most popular Mt Marathon, do race along with the privilege of hiking.

things to do in seward alaska
Mount Marathon

  • Bear Creek Weir

A great place to explore the marine life of salmon. Suppose you want to explore the sockeye salmon jam-packed in the river running and enjoying their lives.

Then don’t forget to add Bear Creek Weir to your things to do in Seward Alaska excursions. This activity will not take a lot of time.

You may invest 20-30 minutes of your in exploring these beautiful creatures of marine wildlife.

things to do in seward alaska
Bear Creek Weir

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  • Helicopter Glacier Dogsledding View

Enjoy your day trips with this amazing helicopter tour to see the beautiful dogsledding view.

If you are a dog lover or not and want to know about sled dogs, you must not miss trying this fun activity.

It’s all about sledding dogs, glacier view along with exit glacier, and wildlife whenever it comes to Alaska. So if you find your peace in these things, then Seward Alaska is for your preference.

things to do in seward alaska
Helicopter Glacier Dog sledding View

  • Seward Community Library And Museum

Are you a big fan of the library and museum? or you traveling with your kids? Museums and libraries are always fascinating to visit.

Seward community library and museum is an ancient place. This library is for the public and can be claimed by any visitor.

According to the seasons, the library hours may differ from time to time, from meeting rooms, wifi to other public access computers. The Seward community will provide all facilities.

You may also enjoy reading your places with all the silent environment at Seward community library and museum.

things to do in seward alaska
Seward Community Library And Museum

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  • Chugach Heritage Center

The Chugach heritage center is great for exploring while searching for things to do in Seward Alaska.

A place to display the art of Alaska. And also speaks about the vernacular Chugach people and their home-grown culture.

The Chugach heritage center is a must placed visit with your family members and relatives. This place can exhibit the nature and culture of Alaska under the cold water and glaciers view.

You may get to know a lot more about the Chugach mountain area, Turnagain arm, with the bay’s feeling. This place can completely turn your mood towards the brightness of life.

things to do in seward alaska
Chugach Heritage Center

Seward Alaska can be a complete bliss and an escape from your busy schedule. Make your life more encouraging and fun with glaciers view, water taxi, and hiking Alaska railroad.

The history of the Kenai peninsula will fill your mind with peace and relaxation. Plan your Seward excursions. Go ahead!

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