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12 Incredible Whale Watching Maui

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If you’re looking for a luxurious and exquisite experience, Maui is the perfect place, and whale watching Maui is your match made in heaven!

The second-largest Hawaiian island, also famously termed “The Valley Isle,” is one of the most beautiful spots on this planet. It’s most famous for holding the best tours for whale watching and cruise services along with marine life. Humpback whales are a specialty. It’s home too to several world-famous beaches.

About Humpback Whales

Whale Watching Maui

Humpback whales, a type of the biggest mammal globally, are found in almost every big ocean on our globe. They own gigantic pectoral fins, which can concern a size of almost 16 feet long on average. They got light tummies & a dark back; their dorsal fin has a small hump in front and the name “Humpback.”

The Best Month to Go

The best whale watching season has to be the winter season since you can enjoy it throughout without being all sweaty. November to all the way May are the months in which most tourists visit but to avoid crowd, you can visit in November and December which are the best since they have 2 major long holidays in it like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

1. Pacific Whale Foundation

Whale Watching Maui

They have one of the best Maui whale watching tours to offer in the whole of Hawaii. They got a long list of variations on tours for whale watching. They guide you and share the history knowledge of whales with you alongside an interactive question and answer session between the certified Marine Naturalists and the tourist group. They share top to bottom every detail possible for tourists to understand Humpback whales.

While you would be doing all this, your ears would be getting pleased by the satisfying sound of whales singing, using underwater hydrophones while fancying the luxurious catamaran along the coastline. Check out more on this here.

2. Redline Rafting

Image source: pexels

The best part about this raft capable of being filled with air is that it brings the tourist the closest they can to the water. If you are staying near Makena or other such South Maui locations, this is a perfect match for you.

If you’re looking for full-on speed thrill rafting while watching whales, this tour is your perfect match. Although you’re planning to go with your elder ones who have back issues or younger ones under the age group of 8 years old, this is not advisable. However, you can still raft with the other people apart from the restricted criteria by keeping the restricted criteria people on the cruise.

3. Pride of Maui

Whale Watching Maui

This two-hour long journey includes diving and snorkeling in the fascinating coral reefs of Maui. It is mainly revolving around Molokini Crater and the Turtle Reef. And come on, who are we kidding, right? People are willing to do anything to witness this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

They include complimentary hotel transportation services, food, and beverages. They organize boat trips with certified Naturalists and small groups that help the tourists understand humpback whale watching Maui and Humpback whales. The best and most beautiful part of whale watching Maui about this whole experience is that your boat will have sheer glass bottom that will be of use to see everything underwater clearly. The boat also contains a bar, open deck space, water slide, and what makes it a beautiful, relaxing, and luxurious experience!

4. Hawaiian Paddlesports

Whale Watching Maui

For all the energetic people who’d like to be active at the same time watching whales, this paddling tour is the match made in heaven. The kids would enjoy this the most as they can be their usual enthusiastic selves while witnessing the Humpback whale’s beautiful sightings.

There is an end number of tour types available here, like a kayak, which is estimated to be accessible for about 100 yards. However, you have to be extremely cautious since the whales often swim close right beneath the boat or alongside it, which sounds fun and dangerous. But with a little bit of care, this experience is over-all worthy.

5. Kaanapali Ocean Adventures

Whale Watching Maui

This is one of the most picturesque tours for whale watching in Maui. If you’re looking for doing photography or your own sacred and private space while enjoying whale watching, this one-in-a-kind experience is just your perfect match. Here first things first you have to book your private yacht before going further.

It’s available from December to April. If you’re going with your family and need your own space, this private yacht tour can hold up to 32 people at a time. Here you can fancy cute baby humpback whales that are newly learning to cut through the water and, of course, the close encounters. This cruise for whale watching Maui is truly beyond exquisite!

6. Ali I VIP Whale Tour

Whale Watching Maui

This royal tour takes only a limited amount of tourists on board so they can make most of their time Humpback whale watching Maui and other marine sites. It’s a small yet sweet tour that is only offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Here you get to see the magnificent giant mammals up close. You also get to please your ears by listening live to their beautiful whale songs using high-quality hydrophones, which play simultaneously alongside melodic slow island tracks. This service provided here is one of the most famous attraction, and thus tourist loved too.

7. Kayak and Whale Watching Tour

Whale Watching Maui

If you’re looking for small group-ed or private kayak tours at a reasonable price, this is the right place. The best part is they provide complimentary digital photography.

They are among the top 5 certified Eco Tour holders who have all their guides certified Marine Naturalists. Here you get to go whale watching or snorkeling.

8. Blue Water Whale Watching Maui and Rafting

Blue water

This journey revolving around Lahaina is a short yet magnificent tour that makes a not missing stop at Molokini. You get to witness the beautiful flora and fauna studded sea caves ea turtles, and the cute spinner dolphins, along with all the spell bounding sights of Molokini Crater along Kanio Coast.

The final stop will be our main course, Bluewater Whale, watching with Rafting. The ride to the way of Kanio Coast will be one of its kind. The reefs there are so colorful they speak for themselves as if they’re one among us. They are one of the oldest and most renowned in the Whale watching business in Maui.

9. Kayak and Whale Watch Private Tour

Whale Watching Maui

This very tour is one of the best winter season whale watching experiences. Here, you get the beautiful humpback whale watching Maui returning, and it’s what makes this tour so full of life and special. Their guide interprets the whale’s behavior and likewise puts the guests in such a spot they can enjoy the whale watching at its best.

Being able to witness these beautiful giants in their natural dwelling is just so spectacular that you’ll never forget it. The Kayaks put the tourists on the whales’ level to hear the whales sing without using a hydrophone. The cutest thing here is that most baby humpback whales come near Kayaks, and intimate encounters are simply what you should be looking for!

10. Makena Whale Watching and Snorkel

This 3-hour whale watching Maui and snorkeling tour is one of the most renowned and the customer loved ones. You get to come through the clean water in a kayak and treat your eyes with a wholesome view of humpback whales.

Further, you get all ready for the cherry on top of this whole tour, snorkeling! Get drenched in the sea and fancy the beautiful tropical aquatic animals and the marine flora and fauna that are all settled in a sacred reef. This is a perfect match since it has a limited number of people at once, so you can experience the things at most.

11. Lahaina Whale Watch Sail Deluxe Tour

Lahaine Whale Watch Deluxe Tour
Image source: pexels

This 3-hour cruise Lahaina Harbour tour is a premium luxurious experience run by certified, experienced marine naturalists and biologists from Pacific Whale Foundation to make this tour fun and knowledgeable. Every trip is one in a kind here, and here you get to witness the heart-warming view of mother whales interacting with baby calves, lookout for their mating behavior too. This view will undoubtedly melt your heart.

Fancy listening to the whale songs using high-quality underwater Hydrophone. Here the whale sightings are guaranteed. They also provide lip-smacking buffet-style meal services made by experienced chefs, complimentary alcoholic beverages being the cherry on top of this tour.

12. West Maui Whale Watching and Snorkelling Excursion

This Kayak and snorkel adventure tour to watch Maui’s humpback whales gives you a different perspective to see that magnificent place with boat tours. If you follow and do as your guide tells you to, it’s guaranteed that you’ll witness the giant mammals. They even include complimentary snacks and beverages.

After you witness this beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experience of whale watching Maui, you further dive into the endless ocean and snorkel in the crystal clear water with the tropical fishes and sea green cute turtles, and more. Oh, and did we forget the fascinating marine flora and fauna of West Maui? Yes, all these things just right there in one place!

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