A room with Vintage furnitures. A room with Vintage furnitures.

Vintage Furniture Hunt: Chicago’s Top 10 Sources

A good antique find has a certain satisfaction to it people love to unravel.

Whether you are searching for quality mid-century contemporary furniture, uncommon deadstock glassware, Persian rugs, or an antique Malm fireplace, Vintage Furniture in Chicago offers it all.

New things are awesome, but the value of vintage items is unmatched. Vintage things hold sentimental value and provide a deep feeling of nostalgia.

Some people even like to buy and collect vintage things to add to their long-winded collection. Collecting vintage and antique items has transpired into a hobby for people.

Some also like to buy antique things and restore them to add them to their collection or sell them at a higher price. People have different motives for buying antiques, but one can’t deny that there’s a big market for this kind of stuff.

When it comes to people in Chicago, people love to buy and collect vintage and antique things.

If you live in Chicago or nearby, USA Tales has curated a list of the best furniture stores in Chicago that you must check out if you are looking for vintage furniture.

Vintage Furniture in Chicago: 10 Best Stores

1. The Brown Elephant

Location: 3020 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago5404 N Clark Street, Chicago

It is probably the most famous for vintage furniture in Chicago, having three stores in the city.

This store can be found at Lincoln Avenue, N Clark Street, and Harrison Street across Chicago. In an old, historic theatre, Brown Elephant has a secondhand store.

This store has a variety ranging from high-quality luxury vintage furniture pieces to barely used contemporary furniture pieces.

Brown Elephant is one of the most popular furniture stores in Chicago for good reason, with three locations throughout the city and a collection that includes well-loved vintage and hardly worn contemporary items.

The stores also have clothing, housewares, and electronics. They are best known for their dining tables, sofas, and other vintage furniture.

Another reason to buy from them is that the proceeds go toward the Howard Brown Health Center and other programs that benefit the LGBTQ communities.

They also take donations for this cause, so visit them to donate to this noble cause. So that you know, this is a terrific place to donate gently worn stuff.

2. Broadway Antique Market

Address:  6130 N Broadway St, Chicago

They claim to be the oldest and largest antique and vintage furniture store in Chicago. Despite having the tagline “Recycling 1950 since 1990,” Broadway Antique Market’s collection spans a wide range of decades.

Furniture from every era of the past century may be found here, allowing you the possibility to acquire items that are unique to this location.

This antique vintage furniture Chicago store has been selling vintage furnishing art, lighting, objects, fashion, and jewelry for 30 years.

Vintage Furniture Chicago
Photo by Call Me Fred on Unsplash

The store is huge, with two floors and bright red signage on the front. They also sell dishes, kitchenware, vinyl records, and tabletop decor.

3. Vern + Vera

Address: 5856 N BROADWAY CHICAGO, IL 60660

If you are looking for a blend of modernism and antiquity, Vern and Vera is the store you are looking for.

This 1300-square-foot showroom is located at 5856 N Broadway, and it not only provides furnishing, dining, lighting, and home decor but also provides interior design services.

Since 2014, collectors and interior designers have made a point of visiting this shop, which Architectural Digest named one of Chicago’s greatest antique furniture stores.

They are a dependable source for rare and unique vintage furniture, lighting, and artwork because of Vern and Vera’s reputation for quality and great condition.

The inventory emphasizes sculptural statements and clean-lined modernism while keeping a timeless sophistication.

Both have expertise in interior design and decorative arts, and they value original design and sustainability in today’s industry.

They curate their collections with a few carefully chosen contemporary pieces, and our focus is on Italian and American designs from the 1950s through the 1990s.

Eric Silverstein and Sean Cowan started this vintage furniture store in 2014 to curate the best collection of modern and antique things, but the store features a lot of other varieties.

A storage room with a lot of vintage sofas stacked on each.
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

4. Dial M for Modern

Address: 2773 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Hours: Sat & Sun: 12-5 PM

This store, located in West Town in Noble Square, has many vintage and antique pieces from the 70s that incorporate Danish and American design trends.

The huge store is spread across the basement, ground, and first floor with loads of pieces up for sale.

This tiny storefront in Milwaukee is crammed with vintage chemistry glassware, weird oil paintings, retro mirrors, and Scandinavian furniture.

Everyone may find something here, and the store offers free delivery within a two-mile radius.

Browse a carefully curated selection of mid-century modern furniture in this storefront on the outskirts of Noble Square.

As opposed to your typical vintage store, this one has a more organic vibe, and stock is continually coming in and going out.

Sofas, chairs, stools, home decor items, rosewood bar consoles, wall hangings, end tables, art prints, ceramics, sell all of this, and many antique mid-century pieces.

The decor items and sofas are placed so that you can see and imagine those vintage pieces in your drawing room.

A brown vintage leather sofa in a living room.
Photo by Leilani Angel on Unsplash

5. An Orange Moon

Address: 2418 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Hours: Fri & Sat: 12-7 PM; Sun: 12-5 PM

One of the most famous vintage furniture Chicago stores, An Orange Moon, was founded by Mr. and Mrs. McDaniel. Both the owners have become influencers, and that is one reason for the popularity of the store.

The pair discovers antiques like stunning Norwegian rosewood cabinets, Hans Wegner chairs, and 1950s Gerald Thurston lights through estate sales and affluent connections.

The moment you enter the shop from the bright and big door, you can see the beauty of the collection they have put together.

Their main expertise is in fine art and midcentury modern furniture. Still, they also have many other varieties, including Industrial, French, Victorian, Danish Moderne, Steam Punk, Art Deco, World Traveler, Mission, and English pieces.

They have a huge collection of vintage mirrors, art, lighting, and textiles, along with home and office accessories.

They have also been featured in different documentaries and short films on small businesses, Small Business Revolution, and HGTV House Hunters.

6. Accent Minded

Address: 2200 W 19th St., Chicago, IL 60608.

“You won’t find a more affordable collection of furniture anywhere”

This vintage furniture Chicago store claims to collect the best and most affordable vintage and antique furniture pieces and more. They have a plethora of electric, affordable, and in good-condition home decor items.

They deal with the best retail shops in Chicago, like CB2, Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, World Market, and Pier One Imports.

The furniture in their store is available for almost one-third the price you’ll pay at these retail stores.

They operate in Chicago’s outskirts, suburbs, and other nearby areas to get state-of-the-art, good-quality vintage furniture and decor.

The store is located at 2200 W 19th Street and was founded by Pilsen resident Roberto Guzman in 2014. His family has always been in business, and now his sons are carrying forward his business legacy.

A living room with vintage lamps and leather sofa.
Photo by Leilani Angel on Unsplash

7. Lazy Dog Antique Store

Address: 1903 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

The Lazy Dog Antique Store has many varieties, including Art Decor, modern art appliances, midcentury modern furniture, home decor, and Asian ceramics.

It is situated in Belmont, which is also known as Antique Row.

You’ll be able to view vintage advertisements, books, clocks, and collectibles in addition to finding a one-of-a-kind piece for your house here.

The main floor and basement of this store are filled with a tonne of merchandise, yet every nook and cranny has a beautifully designed vignette that makes it simple to see that teak cabinet in your living room.

There is a lot of American and Danish design present here, along with oddball handmade stools, textile art from the 1970s, and ceramics.

This furniture store started in 2004 due to the owner’s love for all things unique and ancient. They have a huge jewelry collection, mid-century furniture, lighting, chandeliers, lamps, original art, and other artistic sculptures.

These include things like lucite bar carts, rosewood furniture, and kilim rugs. Gain discounts on high-quality vintage products, but also keep a lookout for a few oddball finds and expensive designer bargains.

Both a vintage slot machine and a Herman Miller top roll desk have previously been on display in the store.

They also deal in much other stuff such as kitchenware, vintage purses, vintage clothing, dining, glasses, art, pepper and salt shakers, clocks, radios, advertising boards, pottery, and a lot of other things stuff.

Also, they are located in Belmont, which has many other stores that provide the same kind of things in their neighborhood.

8. Wings Resale


  • 8349 W Golf Rd, Niles300 W Golf Rd, Schaumburg
  • 1302 N Rand Rd, Arlington Heights

Wings Resale is another vintage furniture Chicago store that puts some effort into the well-being of society.

They fund and help people and families who have gone through domestic violence. You can help them in their noble cause by shopping with them and contributing your bit towards the good deed.

This is not the only reason to shop from them, but the main reason is the quality of things they have and what they sell.

Wings Resale has three stores in Chicago, though none is in central Chicago; they still are a top-rated store franchise in Chicago. They deal in good quality resold vintage furniture.

They also deal in men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, kitchenware, home decor, housewares, and other accessories.

People love to buy things from them because of their quality and contribution towards a noble cause. Their stores are located at Niles, Schaumburg, and Arlington Heights.

9. Circa Modern

Address: 1114 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Hours: Sat: 12-6 PM; Sun: 12-5 PM

“Iconic. Timeless. Vintage. Modern.”

Another popular and known vintage furniture Chicago store is located in West Town. You may find everything here, from Hans Wegner to Achille Castiglioni.

Circa Modern is famous for all the small and unique things it sells. The store has a subtle blend of modernism and antique pieces.

Lightings, showpieces, rugs, carpets, glassware, and other little and unique things are the USP of the store.

Suppose you are an interior designer or someone who has bought a new house. In that case, you must check this place out because of its American, Italian, and Scandinavian mid-century designs.

Jared Peterson and Don Schmaltz founded this place because of their love for everything unique and antique.

Their store draws collectors from all over the world by showcasing unique modernist pieces from a long list of architects and design studios that read like the greatest hits of mid-century modern.

The company says that high-quality mid-century modern products from all around the world are arriving every week, adding to its ever-expanding inventory.

Circa Modern is located in the Wicker Park district of Chicago. The shop also offers direct delivery of its goods to your front door.

They say it’s best if you look for the product on their website and then call them and enquire if the product is available or not.

10. Salvage One

Address: 1840 W Hubbard Street, Chicago

This vintage store is not as inexpensive as others on the list, but they have quality worth paying for.

They have a lot of variety, ranging from antique furniture and old collectives to modern art and home decor items.

But it was still a typical Chicago shopping experience. This industrial warehouse combines vintage furniture, spectacular sculptures, and various miscellaneous items from various eras and preferences.

Everything from forgotten industrial to discarded kitsch to retro-modern is present here.

They have a 60,000-square-foot warehouse that houses all the collectibles they have. Also, they provide many other services such as shipping, pick up and delivery, rentals, and custom-designed furniture.

They are located on Hubbard Street and are open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Everything in Salvage One has a narrative, which you’ll discover very fast. Before you go, you might even take a piece to incorporate into your tale.

End Note

If you live in Chicago or nearby and are looking for vintage furniture to add to your home, you have plenty of resources at your disposal.

The city has stores from where you can purchase your favorite piece of furniture or home decor.

Hopefully, this list has been helpful to you in selecting the furniture store you want to visit. Have fun exploring!

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