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Shop in Style: 6 Furniture Stores in Oahu

Furniture stores in Oahu are creating a buzz. Oahu, Hawaii’s third-largest island, known for the famed Pearl Harbor in its capital city, Honolulu, is THE place to shop for furniture. 

It is a perfect combo of the ancient and the modern, which serves the taste of all. The cultural museums and historic sites are just as captivating as their surfing beaches and buzzing nightlife. Drop into the Lolani Royal Palace in Honolulu to walk the regal corridors. 

Oahu is blessed with the bounties of the dreamy ocean, beachfront living, moderate temperatures, balmy air, and blissful mountain valleys. It only fits to have appropriate furniture to match the beauty of island living. To meet this demand, the aisle is filled with furniture stores, which are becoming increasingly popular. 

Furniture stores in Oahu are aplenty, and now you can drop by these on your next visit.

List of Furniture Stores in Oahu 

1. Red Knot

Red Knot furnishing inspirations

One of the largest furniture stores in Oahu, a world of modern furniture awaits you in Honolulu. A Hawaiian locally owned family business, Red Knot promises to cater to all styles with its wide variety of furniture, ranging from chairs, sofas, dressers, benches, ottomans, beds, and headboards to mirrors, rugs, and wall art! 

The furniture store also offers a special assortment of accents such as barstools, sofa and console tables, side and end tables, swivel chairs, TV and wine cabinets, stools, sideboards, and all to meet one’s standards of living. Other branches are located in Pearlridge, Kapolei, and Salt Lake.

2. Homeworld Furniture


Another one of the local family-owned furniture stores in Oahu is Homeworld Furniture. It is a one-stop destination for all your home and office needs located in Honolulu.

It offers a unique set of outdoor furniture, such as lounge chairs, fire pit tables, chair sets, loveseats, and sectional sofas, besides the numerous choices in indoor furnishing. The other thing that the store has in store for its customers is a rare collection of “occasional table sets” that are of contemporary style.

The store also presents furniture based on themed styles to make shopping convenient. Shop online or get a virtual tour of their products on their site. This website enables you to view the pieces with descriptions and shop, visualizing one’s home easily.

It also has branches in other Hawaiian locations like Hilo, Kapolei, Maui, and Pearlridge. A member of this store, Ashley Homestore, an ideal store to shop furniture at, is also in Maui and Salt Lake. 

3. ABC Furniture 

ABC Furniture Hawaii

Designed especially for island living, ABC Furniture Hawaii distributes elegant home and commercial décor items that are sure to take one’s breath away. Their theme seems to be propriety, as the display items are all finely modeled and well-arranged.

Founded in 1977, this business is now popular among restaurants as well in terms of home furnishing needs. The store provides restaurant stools, chairs, and booths, as well as customized tables. 

This enterprise also provides re-upholstery services to old and worn-out furniture, with several fabric options for the furniture in question. If giving a personal touch to your furniture is what you seek, custom foams are made available to make it happen! The store is located in Honolulu, Oahu.

4. Bali Aga

This woody paradise in Honolulu is sure to catch your fancy with all that it has to offer. Stylized bookstands and desks, modern tables and chairs, and wooden things create an aesthetic of their own here.

Pigeon hole beds and sofas sold at this tropical shop are practical as well as attractive. They also offer a range of day beds to suit the climate of island living. 

Besides furnishing, of all Furniture Stores in Oahu, this one also provides standard home accents such as windows, doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, buffet, and TV stands. One can find rustic tables, chests, and outdoor furniture like pool boxes and folding chairs that reflect sea-style living. 

furniture stores in oahu
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5. Pacific Home Furniture

A unique and chic shop consisting of products from over a hundred brands, Pacific Home is the ideal furniture shoppers’ destination. Stylish lounge chairs and modular tables on display here are beckoning. The woven range of tables and chairs captures one’s attention. It is a store full of curios without missing the conventional styles. 

The office accents this store offers are sturdy and efficient yet fashionable. A huge selection of beds, choice dressers, and large bedroom cabinets are visually pleasing. The outdoor chaise, barstools, and swings are tempting, coupled with plush ottomans and accent chairs.

Different-sized consoles, block tables, and rattan lounges are certain to liven up your living room. A choice range of décor in the store is captivating. This place has it all to appease all tastes and requirements, from supple poufs and patterned rugs to decorative mirrors, vases, creative candleholders, and artistic trays. The Furniture Store Oahu is located in Honolulu, Oahu.

6. Lalana, Premium Modern Furniture

This modest furniture store has quite a bit to offer. Located in Honolulu, this shop provides a wide variety of furniture it sells. The table collection varies from squat flat tables to winged and angular quad tables.

Chairs, here, are simple and elegant and also sleek and stylish. They differ from each other greatly, some with deep seats, long-legged, and all very attractive. Also, a modest range of beds is available here, along with a diverse and rare collection of chests. Lamps and wall hangings adorn this center, as well.

They also offer a range of modern interior accessories like hanging lights, paintings, and table lamps. 

These Furniture Stores in Oahu and many others spread across the Hawaiian island are at your disposal. Whether it is redecorating or furnishing a new home or office, you now have the solution to all your furniture needs in Oahu. Drop by these exquisite stores when in Oahu, or visit their online stores remotely.

You can also try out their delectable local cuisine while you are here.

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