10 Amazing Things to Do in Key Biscayne Beach

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Key Biscayne Beach
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A white beach, calm waters, and wholesome restaurants make an idyllic nature. You do not need to think this hard! You’ve got all of these parts of Key Biscayne beach with a portion of the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

The island of Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida, will provide you with a complete paradise package. So, if you are visiting Florida, you should certainly look at this vacation spot!

A unique feature about Key Biscayne Beach is its pretty coastal barrier reef. The barrier reef is famous for the variety of creatures it houses. The place offers everything from blue neon gobies to loggerhead sea turtles! It is a treat for the eyes.

An island is a place where one will not get bored of exploring.

Biscayne Bay will offer you all the good things about South Florida. Also, Key Biscayne Beach is stuffed in between two stunning parks. Crandon Park Beach is Biscayne’s northern charm, while Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park forms the south-end attraction.

Here is some of the great stuff you can do while on a family vacation! So, why wait? Keeping these alluring aspects in mind, stay tuned!

1. Cape Florida Lighthouse

1.1. Relishing Fragment of History

Okay. If you are visiting Key Biscayne beach in Florida, your trip is incomplete without having a glimpse of this historic lighthouse. In 1825, it was created as a 65-foot structure with wooden steps. But sadly, this was burned down in a Seminole raid.

Key Biscayne Beach: Historical Lighthouse
ACEZandEIGHTZ/Flickr. Copyright 2015

Since this incident, the lighthouse has been restructured several times. This makes it the oldest standing structure in Greater Miami. Now, isn’t the history that Key Biscayne Beach harbors interesting?

1.2. The Lighthouse Cafe

This wonderful area is at 1200 Crandon Park beach, Key Biscayne beach, FL 33149.

This place holds a different fan base. Located in Bill Baggs Cape Florida state park, the cafe shares its name with a unique landmark. As the name of the cafe highlights, you can get a complete view of the picturesque landmark from right here! It is an excellent place for cuisine varieties that range from American to Cuban. It offers several amenities as well.

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Visit Florida/ Flickr. Copyright 2012

So, why wait? Hurry up and visit this waterfront location with your loved ones. Spend your fun time in this southern end.

2. Stiltsville

2.1. A Colorful Place to Stop By

Just do not miss this place at any cost! The place offers you a batch of wooden stilt houses. It is these unique huts from which the place derives its name! You’ll be able to explore this place on the edge of the bay of Biscayne present in Miami-Dade County.

2.2. These Are Not Ordinary Structures

At Key Biscayne beach you’ll find these 10 feet above the shallow part of the ocean. These are abandoned houses that were built a long time ago. These also add up to the unique history of Biscayne land.

Let us note an interesting fact here. The very first wooden shack was built by a man called Eddie Walker. He carried on with these establishments for a long time! So, here stands the ultimate masterpiece of his work. The clear sky, green waters, and scattered village on this water-top add to a great beauty!

The place associates itself with intriguing stories. These tales include the gambling of illegal alcohol and police raids. So, visit here to know more about the colorful account it offers!

3. Crandon Park Beach: Must-see Features 

3.1. Crandon Park Beach Includes a Peacock Shelter in It

The best part of this place is that you can visit here without any pay!

The peacock shelter is located in a secluded portion of the park. Here, you can view the colorful birds in full glory, flaunting their beauty. The shelter also offers a barbecue grill. So, you do not need to stay hungry to enjoy this pretty view.

3.2. A Failed Zoo

I need to state a worth-noting fact. The place was initially established as a zoo. But the place got shifted to a larger area, leaving its majestic peacocks right here. The peacocks wait for you! So, do not think about getting your kids and family to take a close look at this rare sight.

3.3. Golf Course

Well, there is an extra feature to note about Crandon Park beach. This place has a golf course. This is the only golf course you’ll find in Key Biscayne Beach. It will take you 10 minutes to reach this spot from downtown Miami.

3.4. Bear Cut Preserve

Also, a portion of Crandon Park is called Bear Cut Preserve. This preserve offers hiking facilities. The presence of the waterfront and the green shade of several trees provide a perfect hiking atmosphere.

These hiking trails originate from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne nature center. This serves to be a fantastic place for nature lovers.

Did you know an interesting fact? Once upon a time, Crandon Park had the most extensive coconut plantation in the city! The Matheson family owned this. They were the ones to provide 800 acres of land to build Crandon Park. So, pack your bags and do not miss out on these surprises!

4. Taste Luxury at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Beach

4.1. The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne beach Is a Fabulous Resort

This is situated along the coast of the barrier island. The waterfront vista is not the only plus point it has. The place houses a vast collection of amenities. Fitness centers, spas, and restaurants form the other spotlights here. This place also offers pool facilities. So, you can always take a dip on the hot summer days!

Key Biscayne Beach: Ritz Carlton
South Florida Food/Flickr. Copyright 2012

You’ll not be disappointed when you are in Biscayne town. You can use the free Wi-Fi and relax on your private balcony. So, add this place to your bucket list.

4.2. Lightkeepers Restaurant

The Lightkeeper’s restaurant is the exclusive eatery in The Ritz Carlton resort. This diner is a must-visit because of its top-notch facilities. You cannot miss it. The place comes with the advantage of private dining too. If you are planning a good surprise for your partner, consider this undoubtedly.

One of the best features here is the crafted cocktails and a wide variety of seafood. So, get yourself a fine Miami-inspired drink and enjoy the luxury of this stunning oceanfront eatery

5. Virginia Key Beach Park 

5.1. A Biscayne Paradise

You can find this place near Miami Beach, Fl 33149.

Virginia Key is another historic site you’ll find in Florida! August 1 is noted as the official historic Virginia Key Day. This forms a slice of its cultural heritage. Just drive downtown Miami beach to get a glimpse of this wonder.

If you enjoy swimming or strolling along the shore, this place is meant for you. The most attractive features are the antique carousel, a playground for kids, picnic areas, and a miniature train.

5.2. The Miami Sea Aquarium

The Miami Seaquarium is located right on Key Biscayne beach! The place houses impressive creatures. The place forms a haven for these endangered creatures, ranging from dolphins and sea lions to penguins. So, this forms one of the south beach attractions in Florida.

Key Biscayne Beach: Miami Aquarium
Eugenia/Flickr. Copyright 2014

6. The Miami Marine Stadium 

The stadium is an example of a failed venture. It was built for motorboat races, but it eventually had to close down like the Crandon Zoo. But fortunately, it now serves as a place for concerts, boxing matches, and much more stuff! These qualities make it the best Key Biscayne beach.

You cannot get bored here if you do not wish to spend a silent day walking on the beach. You can always have a bike ride on the 4.1-mile bike path that the place comes with. You even get guided tours in the area to give you a good knowledge of the natural spot. So, set your family vacation over here without any delay!

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Inhabitat/Flickr. Copyright 2015

7. Hobie Beach

7.1. A Miami Boost

Also popularly called the Windsurfer beach, the activities in Hobie beach sync well with its name. You can always consider windsurfing over here for the light winds. It has gained the unique name for the place served as a manager to a windsurfing concession.

7.2. Dog-friendly Beach

The calm ocean with low currents lets your pets run around freely. This keeps you worry-free.

You can reach this spot via the Rickenbacker causeway. Due to this, this beach is also named Rickenbacker Causeway beach. So, visit here to make your adventure journey special.

8. Discover an Underwater Cemetery

Key Biscayne does not step back when it comes to surprising stuff. The underwater cemetery forms one of its rare wonders. So, take a scuba dive to explore these underwater specialties whenever you visit the place.

The memorial reef present here serves to be very ecologically sound. It seems to be the depiction of the Lost City of Atlantes. This reef is manufactured and is an excellent work of art.

So, being respectful, you can admire this particular space. This makes us wonder if the future of human burials will be an underwater business.


9. El Gran Inka: Place for Authentic Serve

If you are looking for a diner that provides a great cultural experience, this is it. The place will serve you the best of Peruvian cuisine!

This restaurant also takes care of your dietary affairs. It offers special gluten-free foods to suit your needs. Another plus point it carries is the outdoor patio. If you are a nature lover, you can always choose to have your dish in the open air.

This eatery is a Key Biscayne Beach highlight. The restaurant’s decor provides you with the feel of the ancient history of Peru. So, why wait? Make your reservations right now!

10. Donut Gallery Diner

The list of restaurants at Key Biscayne is never-ending. Yes, the Lightkeepers and El Gran Inka are fine restaurants. But this diner is iconic as well! It is a pretty old eatery, serving since 1972. However, its quality remains ever new!

This place is pretty famous for the brunch meals it serves. It satisfies the hungry tourists with its diverse range of dishes. The menu ranges from the light breakfast of pancakes and sausages to heavy meals like Ancar Supreme.

Also, it does not step back when it comes to beverages. From iced coffee to Champagne, the place serves it all!

Key Biscayne Beach is just a three-word name with multiple facilities. It offers such a variety of good places that you will not be able to help but swoon over them.

Are you looking for outdoor activities? The beaches will not leave with a speck of dissatisfaction. The place offers everything from iconic restaurants to wholesome strolls in the sun-kissed sands.

So, do not waste a single moment and visit this layer of paradise. Indeed, you won’t regret it!

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