A view of a person windsurfing in the middle of a waterbody. A view of a person windsurfing in the middle of a waterbody.

Get Ready for Windsurfing in Miami at the Biscayne Bay!

Get ready to do windsurfing in Miami taking place on various dates and times for 1 hour at Miami Watersports: Hobie Cat & Windsurf.

Windsurfing is a boosting and cool activity to do in summer. Besides, Miami is the perfect place to learn windsurfing or just have a fun time while surfing.

1. About Windsurfing in Miami

Miami is no doubt an ideal location for windsurfing. This is because it receives a good amount of wind all around the year and that is why people come here to windsurf.

Additionally, this is also a safe location to learn and try windsurfing for the first time. 

For beginners, you will be taken to windsurf in the shallow part of the Biscayne Bay area as the area also receives a  lot of wind. This makes it the ideal location. 

A view of two people windsurfing in Miami at the Biscayne Bay.
Go For Windsurfing in Miami/ Courtesy: Fever

If you are someone who is trying windsurfing for the first time then you must try in the shallow water which is only waist deep and can practice surfing confidently.

But if you are someone who has already learned the skills of windsurfing then you can go further into the water and explore more about this activity.

You will get to learn a lot of new things from the people around you and this will be a fun social activity also.

2. About the Tickets

The ticket price for a windsurfing activity in Miami will be forty-nine dollars and can be purchased from Fever, additionally, a total of fifteen people will be allowed in a single group.

A single ticket for an adult will include standard windsurf gear: beginner board (145-210 liters), and Dacron sails size (1.5-5.5).  

The ticket will also include all the safety equipment and free parking. Access to the bathroom and storage space will also be included in the tickets.

You must know that the tickets are non-refundable.

You can also add lessons when you reach the venue. An additional amount of forty dollars will be charged for thirty minutes.
You can also upgrade your surfing board if you want to.


You can upgrade your board to the JP magic rides boards (195-134 liters); and mono film sails size (4.5-8.0).

But additional charges will be applied to them. This means that if you decide to upgrade the board or add some more lessons then you will have to pay extra money.

3. Additional Details about the Miami Windsurfing 

The duration of Miami Windsurfing will be about one hour and the dates and time for this fun activity can be chosen while buying your tickets from Fever.

There is also an age requirement for this activity where you must be 5 years or older and if you are under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult.

The location of this windsurfing activity is Miami Watersports: Hobie Cat & Windsurf and additionally, the timings could be changed due to weather or other factors. 

4. Get Your Tickets Now for the Miami Windsurfing

  • What: Windsurfing in Miami.
  • When: Choose while buying tickets. 
  • Time: 1 hour.
  • Where: Miami Watersports: Hobie Cat & Windsurf.
  • Tickets: From Fever

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