10 Thrilling Water Parks In Washington to Explore

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Water Parks In Washington
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If you are making a list of fun things to do with little kids and your entire family, you can visit these adventurous water parks in Washington. An amusement park is the best place to visit with children as they give a boost to your adrenaline and help you make the most of your vacation. These places also offer several facilities and have a variety of thrilling rides for people of all ages.

Water Parks In Washington

A water park is an amazing place to visit with your family as it has several rides and offers various snacks. Here is a list of ten water parks in Washington that feature amazing rides and have a lot of facilities and amenities. These water parks in Washington feature a variety of rides for people of all ages. The swimming pools in these parks are kept at a nominal temperature all year round.

1. Henry Moses Aquatic Center

Henry Moses aquatic centre is located in Cedar River Park on 1719 Maple Valley Hwy, Renton, Washington, the United States of America. This centre offers swim lessons as well. Many events are organized by Henry Moses Aquatic centre. The park in which the centre is located has a lot of other facilities as well. These include a wave pool, a big pool, and water slides. The place is well maintained and has a very helpful staff as well. This aquatic centre also has a wading pool and a lap pool. It has a nine-thousand-square-foot pool. It also has a zero-entry pool for kids.

1.1 Wave Pool

In a wave pool, waves are artificially generated and attractive in indoor and outdoor waterparks. Ocean Dunes Water park has two wave pools. This water park also has a mini-golf area. The blue bucket bath and the hot tub are the prominent highlights of this place. This water park also has several water slides. There are many other water parks in Washington with a wave pool, which are really famous among people who visit the parks. North Clackamas Aquatic Park has Oregon’s largest wave pool.

2. Southside Family Aquatic Facility

This water park is located in Spokane Valley, Washington, and is one of the best water parks in Washington, as it has an outdoor pool with a water slide, a playground, and concession stands. The playground of this water park in Spokane Valley also features a climbing wall, a lazy river with rapids, and a basketball court. This water park also has sessions for swimming lessons. Outside food or beverages cannot be brought into the area. The park features a picnic area with picnic tables too. It has a heated swimming pool too.

2.1 Lazy River

A lazy river is a water ride consisting of a shallow pool flowing like a river. It is a great ride for family fun. Many waterparks in Washington have a lazy river. Some of them are Splash down Cove water park, Granger splash park, Terrace view pool in Spokane Valley, and Windjammer park. These parks also have long water slides, a kiddie pool, and other outdoor pools.

3. Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound has several amazing attractions. One of these attractions is a famous indoor water park. People can get life jackets as well as towels in the water park. The park features various rides like fort Mackenzie and Alberta falls. One of the most attractive features of this place is its friendly staff.

3.1 More Details

People of all ages can access several pools in this water park. There is also a water playground in which you can play basketball. The Great Wolf Lodge is open year-round. It has a rope swing, an amazing water slide, and tube slides. It is one of the most amazing theme parks in Washington, the United States of America. They also have an official website where visitors can get all the necessary information.

4. Birch Bay Waterslides

Birch Bay Waterslides is a lively water park located on 4874 Birch Bay Lynden Rd, Blaine, Washington, the United States of America. Even though it is a small water park compared to others, it features several swimming pools and slides and organizes many events. Birch Bay Waterslides has been in business for more than thirty years. The amusement park has four main slides, two pools, and a hot tub. Your whole family can have an enjoyable day in this park.

Birch Bay
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5. Enchanted Village

This amusement park opened in 1977, and later its name was changed to Wild Waves Theme and Water Park. Enchanted village is an amusement park and water park in Federal Way, Washington. There are a lot of things you can do in this theme park. There are plenty of rides in this park with varying thrill levels. Some of them have incredibly high thrill levels and will make you experience butterflies in your stomach.

It also offers daily parking and is open on all days. Enchanted village is one of the best amusement parks and water parks in Washington, as it has rides for people of all ages. One of the rides you can try is the Konga lazy river.

5.1 More Details

Wild Waves Waterpark has a wave pool with extremely small waves regulated carefully using a wave machine. This park in Federal Way, Pacific Northwest, has one of the best wave pools and also has a hot tub. One can save money by visiting this park as it has everything in one place. The wild waves theme park also has roller coasters. Your whole family will have a great time at wild waves park, especially at the raging river ride. The family raft ride and funnel ride are a must-try.

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6. Kiwanis Kids Spray Park

Located in Pioneer park, this spray park features a children’s water playground where kids can interact and play together. Kiwanis Kids Spray Park also organizes events with live music every Thursday. The water park also has ample seating with tables and benches. The kid’s play area is also huge and offers plenty of room for kids. If you are looking for a place to have a family fun time, then this splash park must make your list. Younger kids can enjoy it.

7. Surf ‘N Slide Water Park

The location of this water park is 401 W 4th Avenue, Moses Lake, Washington. It is one of the best water parks in Washington, with three water slides and a huge swimming pool. One can get admission to this park by paying just a few dollars. This aquatic center in Moses Lake offers many activities and is designed for people of all ages and abilities. You can also enjoy sand volleyball in this park. It is also one of the best theme parks in Washington.

water slides
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8. Slidewaters

Slidewaters is one of Washington’s most thrilling water parks with a floating river and hot tubs. The purple haze ride is very famous among people who visit this park. It has nineteen water attractions spread over twelve acres of land. People can enjoy gorgeous views of the water park and Lake Chelan while floating around the lazy river added in 2012. It also has a zero-depth entry beach and a tube slide. It also has an aqua zoo and an activity pool for kids under the age of four.

Lake Chelan
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8.1 Other Things To Explore

There is also a retail gift shop that sells Chelan merchandise. Apart from a gift shop, you can also find a surf shop and a lost and found corner near the park. You can also explore several areas where delicious food is offered. It also has body slides and an amazing funnel ride. The zoo has two kid-friendly slides and a mushroom waterfall. The activity pool is located near thunder rapids. One of the distinctive features of this park is that one can book a free surf session at the lakeside surf website.

9. Slide ‘N Splash

This water park is at 1688 S 384th St Pool Building, Federal Way, Washington, the United States of America. This place in Federal Way is one of the best amusement parks with tube slides and body slides. People can access the slides after a specific time, but the rest of the rides are open at most times. It also has a hot tub that can accommodate ten people. Children can also use the diving board.

10. Lynnwood Recreation Center

This recreational center and water park at 18900 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, Washington, the United States of America, has an indoor swimming pool for all activities. Some of the facilities this center offers are a lap pool, a fitness studio, locker rooms, and racquetball courts. They also have different swimming schedules for swimming classes suited for kids of all ages. The swim school has two categories of classes. They are safety school and stroke development classes.

Other Amazing Water Parks In Washington

If you are still searching for water parks in Washington with thrilling rides and plenty of facilities, here is a list of some more amazing parks in Washington, the United States of America. These places have amazing rides and areas where people can dine and have a fun time. These parks also host exciting events with live music and games for visitors. They are a great place to visit with your family or friends.

1. Ritzville Water Park

Located at 109 E 10th Avenue, Ritzville, Washington, the United States of America has a pleasant atmosphere and a snack place that serves delicious food. Some of the facilities visitors can find in this place are heated pools, a large twisting water slide, shower rooms, a splash pad for kids, and a diving board. They also have clean changing rooms with ample space.

spray water park
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1.1 More Information

They also have a recreational pool, pop-up jets, and a large lap pool for the older kids. There is also a separate picnic area where you can relax with your family after trying all the rides. If you plan to visit this park, you can read all the necessary information on their official website.

2. Splash Down Cove Water Park

Splash Down Cove Water Park in the Pacific clinic is an amazing water park with a relaxing atmosphere and wonderful and friendly staff. They have a 28 feet thrilling slide. Visitors can also play basketball in the water. They also have a kids’ play area. One of the most attractive features of the place is that it has a restaurant near it. Craves n’ Waves is a great restaurant for grabbing a delicious meal. One of the drawbacks of this place is that most of its events are exclusively for people of the community.

2.1 Things To Do

Some of the things you can do if you decide to visit this place are rent a cabana or play volleyball. They also organize several events during the summer. The hours of the water park vary according to season. People can also celebrate their kids’ birthdays by reserving the water park. One can also take lessons in swimming at this place. They have a carnival day which members can enjoy for free.

3. Ruston Spray Park

The splash park in Grand Plaza and Children’s spray park in Ruston, Washington, is open every day from noon to ten at night. They also conduct a light show in the evening, a day’s highlight. The Island lagoon slide is entertaining. Some of the other things one can do at the Grand Plaza at Point Ruston are enjoy gorgeous views of the Puget South Waterfront and enjoy amazing events. During the holiday season, the plaza converts into an ice rink.

3.1 Things To Do

There are many restaurants near the water park that serve delicious food. Some of them are Wildfin American grill and Mio Sushi. There is also a public market with diverse vendors. They also have an account on several social media platforms, so if you plan to visit here, you can follow them.

These water parks in Washington are a must-visit for people who like to swim or do other adventurous activities. Some of these are indoor water parks, so people who like comfort can visit them. These water parks have a lot of facilities and are great places to visit, especially during summer vacation. All you will need to pack while visiting these water parks in Washington are sunscreen, goggles, and towels. Most of these waterparks offer towels too.


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