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Best Amusement Parks New Jersey – 7 Wonderful Theme Parks

From great heritage and rich culture to theme parks, New Jersey has everything you could wish for. Let’s review some of the amusement parks New Jersey offers you to enjoy.
Amusement parks new jersey
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Top 7 Best Amusement Parks In New Jersey

The famous Jersey Shore also has several amusement parks New Jersey has especially for summer fun games. In these parks, some you may have already heard, while others you will know.

There are many amusement parks in New Jersey from thrilling roller coasters to giant Ferris wheels to family-friendly rides that will fit your budget.

1. Clementon Park And Splash World Amusement Park

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Clementon Park and splash world are one of the most beloved amusement parks in New Jersey. Not only Hellcat, a wooden roller coaster ride, and the 100-foot-tall Thunder Drop tower ride but this theme amusement park also have the best water park activities, particularly the Laguna Kahuna, to keep you cool on hot summer days.

This amusement park in New Jersey offers you spinning roller coasters and kiddie rides, which are fun to see and do.

Clementon Park includes access to the adjacent water park Splash World. Torpedo Rush, and speed slides with launch chambers, are available as well as several other water slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and other attractions that Clementon Park offers you.

Clementon Park Splash world added four famous classic rides: a Scrambler, a Tilt-a-Whirl, a kiddie rides dragon coaster, and the Pirate Ship Spinning Ride.

Location: New Jersey, Berlin Road
Opening timing: 11 AM to 8 PM
Entry fee: 45 USD and free for kids under 36″ in height

2. Six Flags Great Adventure

Six flags great adventure
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This New Jersey six flags great adventure theme park located in the midway of New York City and Philadelphia is home to 14 amazing roller coasters including 58 amusement rides varying in sizes and plenty of activities for younger children like kiddie rides, Looney Tunes character shows and arcade games laser tag, go karts and family coaster train ride that you can all do together.

And there are many notable night amusement rides in this park, with safari park this Jersey amusement park was the largest amusement in the world, the park has always been considered in the chain and offers you cheap rides that feel like Disney or universal-level themed rides.

The 350-acre Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Drive-Thru adventure offers you an amazing chance to see 12,00 animals from six different continents such as rhinos, tigers, giraffes, and more.

And one thing is certain, the thrilling rides in six flags’ great adventure are always running, regardless of the weather. Weekends preceding memorial day are ideal for a visit. The best time to avoid Six Flags Great Adventure is around Fright Fest which is the busiest day in New Jersey.

Location: Jackson, egg harbor township, New Jersey
Timing: 2 PM TO 9 PM
Entry fee: 98 USD

3. Wild West City Park

amusement parks new jersey
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New Jersey is filled with food and fun, amusement parks, boardwalk fun, and more attractions for kids, but one of the more unique options you have in new jersey is Wild West City. This amusement park in New Jersey was opened by the Stable family in 1963 and is now run by the Stable-Benson family.

The main attractions include live-action shows, stagecoach rides, pony rides, train rides, mini golf courses, and fun events for kids, including a Ferris wheel. Don’t forget to pack your golf swing suit.

Take a step back to the Wild West, explore Stanhope, New Jersey, and experience Dodge City, Kansas, in the 1800s with demonstrations, dramatizations, and many historical characters at Wild West City.

Learn all about the printing press to see how they used to be created newspapers decades ago.
In addition, you get a chance to do a train ride around town aboard and play mini golf.

4. Diggerland USA

Dinggerland USA
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If you’re a construction lover and looking for a building theme park, this is the only amusement park based on a building-themed ride, then a theme park in New Jersey is your place to go, it’s the only construction adventure theme park in the United States.

You may drive a real backhoe, dig with an excavator, climb over the tallest ropes, and rock climbing wall, and participate in other construction activities at this entertainment park.

There is no better place for construction lovers to drive, ride, and operate specifically engineered real machines than at Diggerland in West Berlin. Each attraction has its area so people can drive equipment safely in a controlled environment.

Diggerland sits on 20 acres of land, with 25 attractions to drive such as ventracs, skid steers, scissor lifts, and bumper cars. Also, you can learn how to use a 7,092-pound big digger and little one’s turnpike tractor and dumper truck.

5. Dream Work Park

Amusement park NJ
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There are many theme parks in NJ amusement parks and Dreamwork is one of them.
When you enter the theme park, the first thing you will encounter is a water park and slides. This is America’s largest water park.

This park was opened in Oct 2020, located inside the New American dream mall is the biggest indoor theme park in North America. This New Jersey water park is an Atlantic City for water park lovers.

The park has two major slide complexes at the opposite end of the space and the middle is filled with a wave pool.

It’s a great place to enjoy swimming and enjoy the natural sunlight coming through the roof, this giant wave pool is well-known for professional surfing in the pool.

starting with stair A you will see a body slide that ends into a deep pool. Stair B is a record-breaking slide at 142 feet these are the world’s tallest drop slide.

These smoother slides did not cause friction. Also in stair B, there is two more drop slide which arguably that gives you a thrilling drop. From intense helix to higher intensity slide for younger ones.

6. Casino Pier And Breakwater Beach Haven

Casino Pier
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Well, there are many amusement parks in new jersey and Casino Pier is one of them. Casino Pier amusement park in New Jersey is a famous water walk park on Jersey Shore located on breakwater beach.

90-year-old this amusement park in new jersey is worth visiting and riding, Seaside Heights is one of the most popular holiday town destinations in New Jersey.

In the summertime, the park attracts a regular stream of tourists. From thrill rides of a steel roller coaster to bumper cars these amusement parks in New Jersey have everything.

This amusement park in New Jersey has prospered for nearly 80 years until the fall of 2012 when Superstorm Sandy caused a large area of the pier park to collapse and 18 rides were destroyed by falling into the ocean.

And after being rebuilt, it reopened in 2013. The Casino Pier is one of the central attractions on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

The pier is full of energy, especially on summer nights, Casino Pier is a theme park that has no theme, yet the roller coaster thrill rides are close together.

Depending on your preference, you can visit the Casino pier during the day or at night. The amusement parks in New Jersey is close to Point Pleasant Beach, so you can enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean city. The lights at the casino pier make it nothing less than a carnival at night.

6.1 Ride Cost Detail:

•You can pay for every ride, every time.
•Kiddie Rides- 3 to 5
•Adult ride- 4 to 10

• Always bring bathing towels.
•Go hungry – the best Philly cheese you will find.

7. Gillian’s Wonderland Pier

jersey shore
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Among many bigger theme parks, Gillian’s themed park is one of the most famous amusement parks new jersey has on the Jersey shore, Atlantic City.

The Boardwalk amusement parks consist of two parks and Gillian’s is one of them, located in Ocean City, New Jersey. whether you are looking for thrilling rides or tame theme parks for younger children Gillian’s attractions are for everyone. But this theme park is a superior option for families.

This amusement theme park in New Jersey, founded by David Gillian, has been passed down from generation to generation.

This park is only a short walk from the beach. The main entrance, which is immediately off the boardwalk, has an imposing palatial façade.

From thrill rides to steel pier to spinning roller coaster this amusement park has everything for you.

Inside Thrill Ride

  • The wonderland carousel- a decorative facade designed to resemble a Wurlitzer style.
  • Haunted dark ride
  • Giant Ferris wheel
  • Roller coaster and train ride
  • Bear bounce

Upper Ride

  • Jumbo Zamperla
  • Scooter bumper cars

Lower Ride

  • Moby dick
  • Canyon fall

8. Some Useful Tips And Tricks To Take Your Amusement Rides Thrilling!

From terms and conditions to restrictions, there are a few things to consider before visiting a theme park.

8.1 Book Ticket In Advance

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If you want to avoid long queues then book your tickets in advance, online tickets will also get a discount. You can know your rides in advance.

8.2 Check The Weather And Bring Essential

light color cloth
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Wear light cloth on a summer day to avoid heatstroke. Don’t forget your sunscreen. The most important thing do some research and check the weather forecast and pack your bag accordingly.

8.3 Have An APP For The Park

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Many theme parks have maps try to download that, you won’t get lost if you have a map.

9. Conclusion

When it comes to amusement parks in America, amusement parks in New Jersey claim the top spot for having the most exciting, fun-filled rides in the country. Theme parks are the perfect way to spend a hot summer day and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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