18 Fun Things to do in Ocean City, New Jersey

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This summer, do you want to go somewhere that both you and your family will enjoy? There are just a select few locations on the planet that can compare to the splendor of Ocean City in New Jersey. There is a wide variety of activities, adventures, and sights to take in at this destination, which is often regarded as the best family resort in the United States.

The Boardwalk is where much of the action and excitement takes place. Everything from amusement parks and restaurants to restaurants with themed entertainment and arcades that are open all year round may be found in this area.

You may soak up some rays, construct castles out of the sand, and even learn how to surf at some points along the coastline when you go to the beach. In addition, there is a vast array of ways to enjoy yourself in the great outdoors.

You may go kayaking around the bays and marshes, as well as check out some of the state parks and animal refuges in the area. Here is a list of things to do in Ocean City, New Jersey, to provide you with a taste of all the amazing experiences that are in store for you when you visit.

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1. Spend a Day on a Visit to the Boardwalk in Ocean City

The Ocean City Boardwalk is known for its picturesque storefronts that have been preserved from the past, as well as its thrilling attractions and the Music Pier.

Along its length of 2.5 miles, the boardwalk offers a wide variety of attractions, including restaurants, souvenir shops, exhilarating water sports, and thrilling rides.

The Ocean City Boardwalk provides a breathtaking panorama of the sea, making it an ideal location for taking photographs of a spectacular subject matter.

Have a picnic with your loved ones or some friends on the boardwalk in Ocean City, and you’ll bring back plenty of wonderful memories to look back on and treasure.

2. Castaway Cove at Playland Can Help You Reconnect With Your Inner Child

Do you want to experience the joys of your youth on rides such as a merry-go-round, huge wheel, flying saucer, pirate ship, and many more?

Castaway Cove in Playland is exactly where you should be because of how well it suits your needs.

This amusement park offers a wide variety of fun rides and other types of leisure pursuits that are suitable for individuals of all ages.

Castaway Cove at Playland features activities and attractions suitable for people of all ages, from five to fifty.

You can assure that you will have an experience that is full of fun and excitement by eating at one of the restaurants in this area, which provide meals that will make your mouth water.

At the Ocean City Historical Museum, you may learn all about the past of Ocean City.

The Community Cultural Center is the home of the Ocean City Historical Museum, which has exhibits that detail the history of the area before the city was established in 1879.

Additionally, it has an exhibition of artifacts dating from that historical period all the way up to more contemporary times.

This museum includes a wide range of topics, including the history of Ocean City and tales of shipwrecks, as well as religious history and information about the region’s talented businesspeople.

In addition to this, the Ocean City Historical Museum is well-known for its commitment to maintaining and guarding the United States’s Greatest Family Resort.

3. Explore the Waters Around Ocean City by Going Kayaking, Paddleboarding, or Sailing

Kayaking is one of the amazing water activities that Ocean City is able to provide for its guests, and it is one of the reasons why the city is so well-known.

You may go kayaking in the countless back bays and streams that are equal in beauty and peace whether you rent a kayak for a full day or a half day if you are a novice. These areas are perfect for kayaking.

You have the opportunity to hire kayaks for a whole week if you are an experienced and daring kayaker, and you can then embark on an exhilarating kayaking trip amid the churning surf of the ocean and the open waterways.

You are able to rent standup paddleboards, paddle boats, and sailboats in addition to kayaks at this location.

4. Have Some Fun Playing Golf at Haunted Golf, Where Things Get a Little Creepy

photo by cottonbro / pexels copyright 2020

You may be certain that Haunted Golf, which is a well-known and prestigious miniature golf facility, will be among the most enjoyable things you come across in Ocean City.

On an area of 5,000 square feet, the Haunted Golf attraction will astonish and fascinate you with its Disney-themed activities that have a humorous twist.

Your tour of the golf course will begin with Adam and Victoria’s wedding, which was a particularly unfortunate event.

You will meet a variety of colorful talking animals, a macabre piano player in a royal ballroom who plays out dance numbers for the visitors, and a singing skeleton called Bones who is always up to startling antics. All of these characters may be found in the princely ballroom.

You will be startled and entertained at the same time by the many terrifying special effects that are packed into Haunted Golf.

It is essential that you go there, particularly if you are going to Ocean City with your loved ones or close pals.

5. Take the Children to the OC Waterpark, Which Is Known as Every Waterchild’s Paradise

If you’re someone who lives for exciting experiences in the water, then the OC Waterpark is the perfect destination for you.

Relax in the warm rays of the sun while playing in the water playground that is packed with exciting new experiences.

Participating in activities like the Serpentine Body slide and the Splash Down Falls will get your heart rate up and get your blood pounding.

You may also take a relaxing float down the Lazy River or spend the day lounging in one of the cabanas that OC Waterpark has to offer.

In addition, there is a place called Lil Buc’s Bay, which is a realm reminiscent of a fairy tale and is populated by enormous palm trees, shipwrecks, and ancient forts. This place offers youngsters an experience similar to that of Peter Pan.

In addition to hosting birthday parties, family reunions, business parties, and group trips for its guests, OC Waterpark also plays home to corporate events.

6. Live the Adventure at Liberty Escape Rooms and Feel the Thrills

This alternative reality-based immersive experience enables anywhere from two to ten people to attempt to escape from a chamber. The experience is reminiscent of an adventure right out of a video game.

To be able to escape, all you need to do is figure out the clues, solve certain riddles, and decipher some codes; however, you only have half an hour to achieve all of this.

A live, interactive game, Liberty Escape Rooms challenges players to make use of and influence the environment around them while also drawing on their wits and fast thinking in order to break free from a locked room.

Enjoy a thrilling and spine-tingling time in a well-designed, secure, and unmistakably unique environment that is brimming with intriguing new experiences.

7. Take a Break at Shriver’s and Get Some Taffy

Your journey to Ocean City is not going to be complete until you pay a visit to Shriver’s, the city’s oldest establishment, which also happens to sell saltwater taffy, fudge, and a variety of other delectable candies and confections.

The average number of customers that visit Shriver’s each day is 2,000, and they provide more than 47 different kinds of candies.

For customers who aren’t lovers of saltwater taffy, Shriver’s also has a broad selection of other mouthwatering candies, such as fudge, macarons, chocolate mint rolls, and a lot more of these kind of treats.

8. Take Some Time to Relax in Corson’s Inlet State Park

Corson’s Inlet State Park was established in 1969 with the primary goal of preserving and protecting the last undeveloped areas of land along the state’s oceanside. This goal remains the park’s primary focus.

The diversity of the region’s native flora and fauna contributes to the richness of its natural environments.

It is made up of main and secondary sand dune constructions, coastline overwash, marine estuaries, and highland ranges, all of which provide a habitat for and breeding ground for a diverse array of flora and animals.

The park is home to an incredible variety of resident and migratory bird species, including the American Oystercatcher as well as several species of herons, gulls, ducks, and sandpipers, to name just a few. The park also features a breathtakingly beautiful landscape and never-ending opportunities to observe a vast number of resident animal species.

Visitors like the park for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it offers opportunities for activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, and sunbathing.

state park
photo by Rachel Claire / pexels copyright 2022

9. Spend Some Time Window Shopping on Asbury Avenue

Asbury Avenue, which can be found in the heart of Downtown Ocean City, is always buzzing with activity and has more than a hundred charming stores and boutiques from which to pick.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for particular things to take home to your family and friends or if you just want to hang out and unwind on Asbury Avenue; you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

Asbury Avenue is home to a plethora of businesses catering to a variety of customer needs, from quaint gift stores to delectable restaurants.

10. Enjoy the Performing and Visual Arts at the Ocean City Arts Center

The Ocean City Arts Center, which can be found on Simpson Avenue, is a location where individuals may cultivate an appreciation for the many expressions of humanity via the visual and performing arts.

The Ocean City Arts Center strives to provide opportunities for creative expression that are accessible to individuals of all ages and levels of interest.

Additionally, they provide financial aid to students who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts.

New exhibits showcasing local and regional artisans working in a variety of media are introduced on the first day of each month.

The “Meet the Artist” gathering that kicks off the beginning of each presentation provides an additional personal dimension to the whole experience.

11. Soak in Some Rays on One of Ocean City’s Picture-Perfect Beaches

Ocean City has a reputation for having some of the nation’s greatest and cleanest beaches, all of which are open to the public free of charge.

Enjoy yourself to the fullest at Ocean City Beach, Peck Beach, or Great Egg Harbor Bay and have a ball doing it!

Shoot a dip in the crystal-clear seas, ride the crashing waves on a surfboard, chow down on some delicious food, or just lay out in the sun and take some photographs.

You could even have the chance to see some dolphins swimming about in the water if you’re really fortunate.

12. At Jilly’s Arcade, You Can Relive the Fun of Your Youth

During the summer season, Jilly’s Arcade is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, making it one of the most popular attractions at America’s Greatest Family Resort.

A one-of-a-kind merry-go-round vault is one of the most striking aspects of this turn-of-the-century show.

You will find more than one hundred classic and modern arcade games under the vault. These games include pinball machines, crane games, plunk-down driving games, air hockey, pool tables, and amusing attractions for children.

There are many different kinds of computer games, ranging from classic favorites like Pac-Man and Asteroids to more recent titles like Star Wars and Jurassic Park.

Skeeball is obviously a creation of Jilly’s Arcade, and despite the fact that it hasn’t changed in any way since they originally opened their doors in 1976, you can still play it for just ten cents.

13.At the Ocean City Music Pier, you may see Some Very mesmerizing Performances

The Ocean City Music Pier is an iconic structure in Ocean City that has been there since the year 1928 and is a destination that just cannot be missed.

It was built in 1927, not long after a large stretch of the community’s boardwalk was wiped out by fire the previous year.

The Music Pier was formally opened to the public for commerce on July 4, 1929, after a great deal of pomp and preparation prior to the event.

Visitors were able to take in the city’s illustrious musical history at the Music Pier, which lived up to its name by hosting enthralling performances of the city’s rich musical tradition twice daily by the Municipal Orchestra.

The Ocean City Music Pier is a leisure venue that is suited for a remarkable diversity of events, ranging from stand-up comedy shows and musicals to solo concerts and performances by the Ocean City POPS Orchestra. The Ocean City Music Pier is located in Ocean City, Maryland. The following are some instances of occurrences that fall within this category:

This venue has in the past played home to a large number of different pageants, in addition to concerts including singers and artists with worldwide reputations.

Ocean City Pops produces a concert series in the late spring that goes from July through October and contains not only the lovely music of the orchestra but also spectacular guest appearances by well-renowned performers who have made a name for themselves in their respective fields.

14. Corson’s Inlet State Park, Located in Ocean City, in the State of New Jersey

The property that is now Corson’s Inlet State Park is one of the few places along the New Jersey shore that has not been developed. It was founded in 1969, and its overall land area is a little more than 340 acres. This region’s preservation and defense is the fundamental goal of this organization. The state park has a variety of natural ecosystems, some of which include sand dunes, highland areas, coastal estuaries, and shoreline overwash. These may all be found inside the park.

These natural environments are home to a wide variety of creatures and include both main and secondary ecosystems. They are also beautiful places to visit. In addition to crabbing, boating, and saltwater fishing, hiking, kayaking, and sunbathing, Corson’s Inlet State Park, which is another popular place for outdoor recreation, offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of other outdoor activities as well. There are a variety of natural trails and viewpoint locations in the area, in addition to the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail.

15. Ocean City Historical Museum

photo by Ena Marinkovic / pexels copyright 2022

Inside the Ocean City Community Center is where you’ll find the Ocean City Historical Museum. This museum displays a wide variety of artifacts, some of which date back to when the city was established in 1879, while others are from Ocean City, New Jersey’s more recent history. The history of the city is filled with a great deal of diversity as well as intriguing features.

At “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” there is thrill and fun in plenty. The both indoor and outdoor entertainment park may be readily accessed by those not acquainted with the Ocean City.

These elements range from religious devotion to the spirit of entrepreneurship; from princesses to shipwrecks; from the renowned boardwalk to marshes and fauna; and so on. The history museum is committed to expanding upon its long history of preserving “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” and it does so by displaying artifacts and memorabilia from its enormous collection.

16. Ocean City, New Jersey’s Life Saving Station

Visitors are invited to take a step back in time at the Ocean City Life Saving Station so that they can experience what it was like for the many courageous surfmen who put their own lives in danger in order to respond to shipwrecks in the waters near the Jersey shore and any other people on the ocean waters who were in need of assistance. The Ocean City Life Saving Station, which is also known as the United States Coast Guard Station No. 126 and the United States Life Saving Station 30, is the only life saving station of its design that still remains in operation in the state of New Jersey today, and it is one of only six such stations that can be found anywhere in the country.

17. Greater Ocean City Theatre Company

As a not-for-profit arts organization, the Greater Ocean City Theatre Company in Ocean City, New Jersey is dedicated to providing residents of Ocean City and the surrounding regions with a wide range of professional theatrical shows. Residents of Ocean City and the surrounding Delaware Valley area have access to a variety of educational theater options made available by the theater group, in addition to the live presentations of theatrical works. The Greater Ocean City Theatre Company was founded with the intention of providing residents of the Jersey Shore with access to professional theater. Some of the company’s previous productions include Tis the Season and collaborations with the Ocean City Pops Orchestra on productions such as The Wizard of Oz and 42nd Street.

18. The Hula Grill, Located in Ocean City, New Jersey

The Hula Grill in Ocean City, New Jersey is generally regarded as the best restaurant in the area to visit if you are searching for delicious, real Hawaiian food. This holds true for both residents and visitors. In point of fact, the restaurant is the sole establishment in the whole of Cape May County that serves Hawaiian food. The Hula Grill serves lunch and supper, seven days a week, and provides customers with the option to dine either indoors or outside. The restaurant’s menu includes traditional American fare, Hawaiian specialties, and very fresh seafood. The giant oysters, the fried coconut shrimp, the cooked-to-order ahi filet, and the crab cake burger are some of the most popular seafood items on the menu.



If you are seeking a beach vacation in New Jersey that is both entertaining and suitable for families, Ocean City is the place to go. This resort town is a favorite weekend destination for New York City residents because it offers a wide range of activities and attractions that are enjoyable for people of all ages. Additionally, there are a number of charming bed and breakfast inns in the area, which contribute to the town’s overall allure.

Ocean City is known as “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” and it is less hectic than the adjacent city of Atlantic City, which is a nice thing for those who appreciate a pace that is less frantic. Since there is no provision for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in this town, you won’t have to worry about rowdy revelers waking you up at midnight or annoying individuals congregating on the boardwalk late at night.

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