15 Fun Things to Do in NJ

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Fun things to do in NJ
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New Jersey is a popular tourist destination; people come here to enjoy its beaches, boardwalks, and amusement parks.

Perhaps the most underrated vacation spot on the East Coast is New Jersey. The state offers a wide range of beauty, excitement, and charm. The state has a lot going on, from top-notch casinos to peaceful countryside.

1. New Jersey

New Jersey is a popular tourist destination; people come here to enjoy its beaches, boardwalks, and amusement parks.

Perhaps the most underrated vacation spot on the East Coast is New Jersey. The state offers a wide range of beauty, excitement, and charm. The state has a lot going on, from top-notch casinos to peaceful countryside.

With its small historical towns, opulent resorts, and hilly interior, New Jersey, situated against the Atlantic Coastline, provides a lovely east coast vacation.

The Garden State is small but mighty, packing a wide variety of scenery and activities, and is simple to get to from New York City and other east coast cities.

Shopping, outdoor activities, arts & culture, gastronomy, and entertainment are all year-round draws to New Jersey. Visitors to New Jersey can find something to fit their needs, regardless of their interests or budget.

A few enjoyable activities in New Jersey include its vast natural beauty, white sand beaches, exhilarating adventures, art museums, and outdoor pursuits.

Whether you’re traveling right now, tomorrow, or this weekend, choosing the finest tourist attractions for you and your family from this vast list of New Jersey attractions will be difficult.

In addition to its amusement parks and beaches, New Jersey is home to many historical sites, museums, and beaches.

To start organizing your trip, look over our list of the best things to do in New Jersey.

Our list features many excellent free activities, well-known tourist attractions, undiscovered gems, and hideaway locations. Due to the range of interests and activities it provides, New Jersey is one of the nation’s hidden gems.

The following is a list of New Jersey’s top attractions. Continue reading.

2. 15 Fun Things in NJ

2.1. Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

The northernmost point of Long Beach Island in Ocean County, New Jersey, is where the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park is situated.

It was constructed to safeguard ships as they approached the dangerous Barnegat Shoals and Barnegat Inlet.

Along with its historical value, the park offers outdoor pursuits, including hiking, swimming, and fishing.

This state park is perfect for couples looking to spend a quiet and romantic weekend together due to the pure air and laid-back attitude.

The state park also offers a variety of outdoor pursuits for adventurers, including hiking and fishing.

Fun things to do in NJ
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2.1.1 Things to do

A beautiful spot to visit is Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, which has miles of trails, beaches, and a magnificent lighthouse.

You can go fishing, birdwatching, picnicking, and take pictures here in addition to other things.

For expansive views of the lovely ocean and the surroundings, you can also ascend the 217 steps to the top of the building.

This is the spot to go if you appreciate learning about the past because you can learn everything there about the history of the lighthouse and the surrounding area.

Do you have any doubts about the worth of a trip to New Jersey? Historical sites like Barnegat Lighthouse State Park are worth visiting.

2.2. Sterling Hill Mining Museum

This abandoned iron and zinc mine in New Jersey is one of many exciting spots to see if you’re looking for somewhere new to go today.

You will be led through underground tunnels at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum while learning about the mine’s lengthy history.

You’ll discover information on the machinery used to extract zinc and iron, the challenges the miners experienced while working, and the geology of the mine.

You may also view remnants from the mine’s heyday, which began in the 1830s.

Let’s say “The Rainbow Tunnel,” one of the museum’s most popular displays, will genuinely brighten your experience.

Remember that the mine will be chilly and damp and you’ll probably walk a lot, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Among the numerous stunning destinations to visit in New Jersey, the Sterling Hill Mining Museum comes highly recommended.

Visit the Sterling Hill Mining Museum close to Ogdensburg if you’re interested in learning more about the history of mining in America.

The museum exhibits geology, mining, and the practical applications of various minerals.

You can choose from a wide variety to bring some minerals on your journey.

Fun things to do in NJ
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2.2.1. Things to Do

The museum is divided into three areas focusing on a distinct aspect of mining life: the mine shafts, the milling area, and the laboratory.

You can participate in a range of interactive activities while visiting this museum!

Only two of the museum’s noteworthy features are the Mine Tour and the Demonstration Pit. Visitors can now enter the half-mile underground tunnel miners used to transport ore cars from the mine to the processing plant.

There are also some enjoyable kid-friendly activities available at this museum.

2.3. Liberty Science Center

Visit the Liberty Science Center with your loved ones, close friends, or even yourself.

Liberty Science Center is a beautiful way to spend time outside. Visitors can enjoy the museum’s science displays and educational materials.

They periodically hold private science seminars for those who want to learn more about a specific topic with their resident scientists.

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Liberty Science Center is an excellent destination for families with kids in New Jersey because there are so many things to visit there.

The LSC is home to a sizable planetarium and various interactive exhibits.

One of many fantastic sites to visit in New Jersey if science is one of your interests is the Liberty Science Center.

2.3.1. Things to do

The Liberty Museum, one of the largest science museums in the country, is a great place to spend the day partaking in enjoyable activities.

There is the skyscraper! The Achievement and Impact exhibit features some of the world’s tallest and most recognizable structures.

You will see their models and discover more about the materials and construction methods used.

Additional shows include Eat and Be Eaten, Communication, and numerous traveling exhibitions.

These, however, are merely the proverbial “tip of the iceberg.” At LSC, there are a ton of activities suitable for families.

2.4. Six Flags Great Adventure Aquarium

Six Flags Great Adventure is a family-friendly amusement park with more than 100 rides.

Six Flags Great Adventure, situated about 20 miles southeast of Trenton, is the biggest amusement park in New Jersey.

Along with exhilarating and family-friendly thrills, Six Flags Great Adventure’s 350-acre Safari Adventure includes live animals, food, entertainment, and shopping.

All visitors can make reservations on the park’s website. If you’re lucky enough to go in the summer, Hurricane Harbor, which is adjacent to Six Flags and offers water attractions and splashing fun for all ages, might be on your schedule.

If the thrills of the roller coasters and water slides are too much for you, Six Flags also has many fantastic entertainments, animal attractions, shops, and food options.

When you take young children to Six Flags, they have a special section called Bugs Bunny Land.

Make sure to include a visit to Six Flags Great Adventure in your itinerary if you’re unclear about what to do while in New Jersey.

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2.4.1. Things to do

The second-largest theme park in the world is Six Flags Great Adventure. Three of the attractions there, roughly speaking, are among the ten highest roller coasters in the world.

Other entertaining family activities are available at the park, including water slides, carnival games, and entertainment.

The top three attractions in the world—El Toro, Batman: The Ride, and Kingda Ka—offer additional thrills for adrenaline lovers. Kingda Ka is the name of the best steel roller coaster in the world.

A trip to New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure will guarantee a fun-filled family vacation.

2.5. Atlantic City Boardwalk

Since 1870, New Jersey has included its famous boardwalk in its tourism industry.

The Boardwalk, which stretches six miles of coastline, is well-known for its nightlife and casinos, which run along its side.

The Ocean City Boardwalk, dotted with eateries and retail establishments, is an excellent choice for beach-going families or anybody looking for a laid-back location to stroll and people-watch.

Enjoy surfing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing along the beach. The Ocean City Boardwalk is a must-see if you’re travelling to New Jersey because it offers something for everyone.

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2.5.1. Things to do

The Ocean City Boardwalk offers upscale and tourist-oriented stores, fine dining establishments and snack bars, rides and other amusements for people of all ages, live entertainment, a taste of the neighborhood, and hours of entertainment.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk offers a wide range of activities and is located near numerous internationally recognized hotels, casinos, and resorts.

It makes sense, given the city’s vibrant nightlife, bars, and casinos. One of the major attractions in Jersey is the Steel Pier in Atlantic City.

2.6. Liberty State Park

The Hudson River divides New Jersey from Lower Manhattan, and Liberty State Park offers the best views of the New York neighborhood’s cityscape.

The stunning 1,212 acres of Liberty State Park are located between Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

Liberty State Park, the original location of the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, now receives four million people yearly.

Get some exercise by strolling the two-mile Liberty Walk or take the ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty from the park.

15 fun things to do in NJ
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2.6.1. Things to do

The park’s several pathways are accessible through hiking. More than 9 miles of hiking trails in the park go through wetlands and up onto hills that provide views over the city.

Eight distinct trails with various levels of difficulty are available. On Martin Luther King Drive, bicycle! Most of Liberty State Park is circumvented by this road, which also provides fantastic views of Lady Liberty.

Other activities that make the park one of the top destinations in New Jersey to visit include fishing, picnics, and sightseeing.

2.7. Turtle Back Zoo

The Turtle Back Zoo is a zoo in West Orange, New Jersey. The fantastic zoo is home to around 800 animals, representing nearly 100 species.

Among them are alligators, turtles, penguins, polar bears, snow leopards, cheetahs, river otters, parrots, and bald eagles.

animal 1868046 1280
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2.7.1. Things to do

An excellent fabulous Turtle Back Zoo that is an ideally wonderful place to spend the day with the family is the Turtle Back Zoo.  There are so many activities available here.

You may explore more than 20 acres of land at Turtle Back Zoo and may study more than 20 acres of land.

2.8. Garden State Discovery Museum

One of the best family-friendly tourist spots in South Jersey is the Garden State Discovery Museum.

Your children will love Garden State Discovery Museum’s hundreds of interactive galleries, exhibitions, and activities for kids aged newborn through ten.

The Dinosaurian, a miniature professional ice-skating rink, an interactive news and weather station, Digger Land, an interactive veterinary clinic, a fake diner, an auto body shop, and many other attractions are among the most popular ones.

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2.8.1. Things to Do

Take the kids to the Garden State Discovery Museum while traveling to New Jersey.

The Garden State Discovery Museum provides services, including a nursing area, family restrooms, a coat room, a snack area, and a restaurant.

Each of these interactive shows featured little, lifelike objects for your children.

2.9. Newark Museum of Art

A cultural center with sizable collections of both American and foreign art in a variety of media is the Newark Museum of Art.

The Newark Museum of Art, the most significant art museum in the state, is one of the most visited places in New Jersey.

The museum’s current exhibition areas feature art collections from Africa, Asia, America, and the Mediterranean. At the Newark Museum of Art, you may expect a cultural experience.

2.9.1. Things to Do

There are decorative arts, science, foreign art exhibits, and even a museum garden at the Newark Museum of Art in New Jersey.

There are frequently kid-friendly workshops, presentations, movies, performances, and chances for creative play, in addition to the fantastic museum exhibits.

The Newark Museum of Art is a must-see location in New Jersey close to New York City.

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2.10. Princeton University Art Museum

There are numerous reasons to visit Princeton University’s historic campus, but one of the most well-known NJ attractions is the school’s art museum.

This culturally diverse museum is located on the Princeton University campus in New Jersey and has a range of exhibitions, well-curated collections, daily talks, and performances.

The museum’s current exhibits are Women Artists and Abstractions, Blue Green Realms in Chinese Painting, Landscapes of the Mind, and Picasso Prints.

By Mysticsartdesign / Pixabay Copyright 2022

2.10.1. Things to do

The Princeton University Art Museum also routinely hosts artist discussions, live art exhibits, special guest lectures, and family-friendly self-guided tours in addition to these complex collections and exhibitions.

The Princeton University Art Museum genuinely has something to interest everyone.

While visiting New Jersey, the museum is not only enjoyable but also instructive and enriching.

The Princeton University Art Museum offers curated collections in addition to exhibitions, presentations of art, and performances.

Paintings, sketches, prints, photos, and sculptures from around the world are included in the museum’s collection.

2.11. Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium is an outstanding experience for visitors of all ages in Camden.

More than 8,000 creatures, including stingrays, sharks, and penguins, are housed at the site.

By mikakaptur / Pixabay Copyright 2022

2.11.1 Things to do

Experience a show where you can get up and personal with dolphins while also laughing aloud! The dolphin shows feature.

Not only acrobatics but also aquatic ballet, dancing, and synchronized swimming! The Manta Ray Touch Pool and the Turtle and Shark Encounter are other attractions.

Visit the smaller interactive exhibits ideal for children of all ages if you’re visiting the aquarium with kids in tow.

2.12. Ellis Island

Don’t limit yourself to just taking in the scenery—you may tour Ellis Island. Numerous immigrants arrived in the United States via the well-known Ellis Island.

You may easily reach this historical tourist attraction from Liberty State Park in New Jersey by taking a quick ferry ride.

You can journey back in time by taking an affordable historical and educational tour of Ellis Island.

Fun things to do in NJ
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2.12.1 Things to do

You can take a historical and instructive tour of Ellis Island for a reasonable charge, and you’ll travel back in time.

A tour of Ellis Island makes it simpler than ever to immerse yourself in our country’s history fully.

You’ll have the sobering opportunity to “meet” some of our ancestors who came to this country via Ellis Island. Additionally, you’ll read the accounts of how so many people used the land.

You won’t miss any sightseeing opportunities in New Jersey, including this unique experience.

A tour of Ellis Island makes it simpler than ever to immerse yourself in our country’s history fully.

You’ll have the sobering opportunity to “meet” some of our ancestors who came to this country via Ellis Island. Additionally, you’ll read the accounts of how so many people used the land.

You won’t miss any sightseeing opportunities in New Jersey, including this unique experience.

2.13. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk — Point Pleasant Beachfront Water Parks

This boardwalk, which is a mile long and faces the Atlantic Ocean, can be found in Point Pleasant Beach.

Along this bustling section of Point Pleasant Beach, there are plenty of options for entertainment.

The excitement never ends with arcades, ice cream shops, and gift shops. For those who enjoy animals, there is also an aquarium.

Ice cream
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2.13.1. Things to do

Go to the boardwalk’s southernmost point to enjoy its exciting amusement park.

There are rides here for the daredevils and the kid-friendly attraction, including the Wave Swinger.

Visit Jenkinson’s Aquarium, as well as also mammals like penguins and Pacific sharks.

2.14 Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks

Do not stress about what to do if you intend to spend the summer in the southernmost region of New Jersey.

The fun-filled and exciting network of interconnecting boardwalks known as Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks is located in Wildwood Beach.

A trip to the Piers is necessary after a long day of sunbathing and swimming in the Atlantic.

There are a ton of exciting rides and activities at Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks, including many suitable for younger children.

atlantic city
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2.14.1 Things to do

The piers include many eateries, concession stands, and games for everyone.

Two fantastic water parks with exciting attractions for visitors of all ages are also located at Morey’s.

Morey’s Piers offers so much entertainment that you might want to stay there for several days while in New Jersey.

2.15. Howell Living History Farm

Hopewell Township has a living history museum called Howell Living History Farm.

The museum was founded to preserve and teach people about agricultural life in the 19th century.

Since 1977, the farm has been protected by the National Register of Historic Places.

atlantic city
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2.15.1. Things to do

The Howell Living History Farm is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for an enjoyable family activity.

Children can participate in hayrides, corn mazes, and pumpkin picking, to name a few activities.

Adults would also delight in discovering this gorgeous region and earlier farming methods.

The visit to this 200-year-old farm, which offers year-round educational programs and special events, is one of the most exciting things to do close to New Jersey.

3. Summary

New Jersey may not be the largest state in the US, but it has a lot of character concentrated in a small area. The main attraction of this hideaway on the east coast is the beaches.

New Jersey is home to many museums, historical sites, beaches, and theme parks.

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New Jersey continues to draw tourists because of its amusement parks, historical sites, stunning scenery, and retail opportunities.

You’ll enjoy this simply accessible state prepared to welcome you to play with so many things to do in New Jersey.

You may visit New Jersey all year long and enjoy many different attractions.

There are countless family-friendly attractions, romantic getaways, historical attractions in their thousands, and countless additional activities and locations to visit.

Natural outdoor attractions, sophisticated art, music, cultural offerings, historical sites, miles of beaches, and various dining and shopping alternatives are all available.

Start planning, pack your bags, and don’t wait not for her second to visit the lovely Garden State with so many fantastic things to do in New Jersey.

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