11 Best Coffee Shops In New Orleans

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In today’s scenario, everybody likes to have a cup of coffee to boost themselves at the start of the morning or any part of their day. Coffee addiction is limited to youth, and many older adults are also addicted to coffee.

But the main growth of coffee began in 2000. Coffee shops began to open in different public places to offer coffee in a peaceful and soothing environment. Customers could enjoy their coffee with snacks like cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. 

From time to time, there is also an increase in variations or tastes of coffee like Cold Coffee, Latte, Coffee with ice cream, Cappuccino, and Espresso. But the public only prefers some coffee shop that gives them a chilling vibe with better services, so here are the Eleven best New Orleans Coffee shops where you can visit and enjoy the taste of your coffee.

best coffee shops in new orleans
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Best Coffee Shops in New Orleans

1. Mojo Coffee House

The best part about this coffee shop is its authenticity and uniqueness because of its locally roasted beans, established in 2006. This coffee shop is one of the first specialty coffee shops which gives a more welcoming vibe that starts with baristas and extends to the cafe’s airy space filled with people chilling and working on their laptops with free wifi. With the great ambiance, they also offer great coffee.

They make an exotic coffee that is hard to compete with their beans. They also offer food options like lemon scones, and breakfast tacos to complete the equation. Mojo coffee house has multiple locations and a cool place to hang out with your friends, and if you don’t drink coffee, you can also taste the cafe’s wide selection of tea, tea latte, and lemonade. Mojo opens early in the morning and does not close until late at night.

There are three locations where Mojo coffee house is located, the first is on 1500 Magazine street location, the second one is on 4700 Freret Street, New Orleans, LA, and the last one is on 3983 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA.

2. Cherry Coffee Roasters

Cherry coffee roasters are not just a typical New Orleans coffee shop. This coffee shop follows a farm-to-table concept, roasts its beans, and source product from local vendors like the Mauthe family dairy in Louisiana. This modern outlet serves washed beans from Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador and raw beans.

Lauren Fink opened this coffee shop in 2016, and this uptown coffee shop is proudly operated and owned by women. The ambiance is as unique as their coffee, a former firehouse, and its exposed brick walls are decorated with the local art deco design.

You must try their Tempting Cold brew coffee and Latte with the Avocado Bagel, which makes you a perfect combo with awesome indoor seating and natural lights. This coffee shop is located at 4877 Laurel Street, New Orleans, LA 70115, United States.

If you ever plan to visit this cherry coffee roaster, you can order a beverage flight if you want to try more than one coffee.

They also have a specialty in Chai Latte with strong and spicy scents of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and clove, which attracts most customers, and the tempting scents of chai insist customers order chai only.

3. HIVOLT Coffee Shop

This is one of those coffee shops in New Orleans that serves the best coffee in all neighborhood coffee shops with good food. This coffee shop is in a lower garden district that prides itself on serving the highest quality, healthiest, and freshest beverage items in New Orleans. In the coffee menu, you get to see many new and creative options ranging from cobb salads to green smoothies.

This outlet offers a large variety of milk like soy, oat, almond, and macadamia substitutes for a small surcharge. Many dishes on the menu are homemade.

This shop is a great option for health-conscious people as it offers a variety of vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options, including doughnuts also pour over some good coffee. Holt also serves pastries like a croissant, scones, with the varieties of Hivolt coffee drinks, and that makes a good combination.

Their art deco design is also good-looking because they have a Japanese Oji drip tower replica in the lower garden district. The Hivolt coffee shop is located at 1829 Sophie Wright Place, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States.

4. French Truck Specialty Coffee Shops

French Truck coffee maintains the balance between traditional chicory and third-wave coffee with its special blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans. These beans were created in collaboration with the commander’s palace, and the coffee blend is available at some iconic and selected restaurants and French Truck coffee. Many customers choose to drink a classic cappuccino in the French Quarter.

Suppose you are looking for New Orleans Cold brew and New Orleans iced coffee. In that case, you must visit the French Quarter in a French truck, as this place has a unique blend of Guatemala and Ethiopia to help you enjoy endless and refreshing summer days. The most popular drinks from their menu are Iced Latte, Iced Oji, and pour.

You can never rule out French truck coffee for coffee outlets in New Orleans. You won’t face any trouble in finding a French Truck location in New Orleans thanks to the cafe’s blue and yellow color palette in the central business district.

This coffee house is also available at multiple locations; and First is 1200 Magazine street location, New Orleans, LA 70130; the Second one is at 2917 Magazine street suite 104, New Orleans, LA 70115; the Third one is at 4536 Dryades street, New Orleans, LA70115; the Fourth one is at 217 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA70130; the Fifth one is at 650 Poydras street suite 102, New Orleans; Sixth one is at 420 North Scott street, Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119. Now you see, if you are in pl New Orleans, then you can easily find and visit the French Truck

5. Mammoth Espresso

Mammoth espresso is the only outlet in New Orleans that takes its coffee seriously because of its owner. Jonathan Riethmaier is the veteran barista and owner of this coffee shop that opened the outlet in 2016 in New Orleans. He is passionate about his coffee today; even his cafe’s mission statement is ”creating the best coffee, espresso, and tea”. When you visit the outlet, you can expect to taste coffee brewed with Madcap coffee beans at the warehouse district cafe.

This outlet offers more than just a coffee Tea menu, some selected New Orleans desserts, and exotic signature drinks. Some must-try signature drinks in the lower garden district are Metairie Mule, Cardamom Latte, Sweet Little Thing, Espresso Tonic, and park island brew. This outlet is also famous for its breakfast burritos and scones that taste excellent with world-class coffee In New Orleans.

This outlet serves meticulously crafted homemade tasty treats, offers warm hospitality in a light-filled contemporary space, and is open for outdoor seating. If you are not bothered by the price, then this place is more fun to spend time with your friends and loved ones. This outlet is located at 821 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70113, United States.

6. Spitfire Coffee

We all know that New Orleans is one of the country’s most hot and humid cities, increasing people’s cravings for all kinds of drinks, even coffee or anything else. Spitfire coffee is a tiny French quarter which served specialty coffee since 2013 in New Orleans. Here you also get outdoor seating with natural beauty, enjoying all this with cold brews.

The staff is very good in behavior and gives you very positive and homely vibes, so your coffee with the tasty breakfast burrito with full comfort in mid-century decor with French quarter. This is one of those specialty coffee shops in New Orleans, which is a great spot to quench the inevitable thirst with their cold brew.

Here you can order whatever you want, and no one will judge you if you order a hot Cuban cortado with oat milk or French quarter, espresso, and dark muscovado sugar instead. Spitfire coffee is located at 627 ST New Orleans, LA 70116, United States.

7. Congregation Coffee Roasters

This outlet is located on Algiers point in the former corner store, Lafitte’s Congregation, New Orleans. This coffee roaster is totally for coffee-obsessed travelers. When you visit this outlet, it involves taking a seven-minute ferry ride across the Mississippi river near the garden district. It takes a little time to reach, and I tell you it’s worth it and during this journey, you also get little time to see the river’s charm. Many people said that why to wait for just a coffee.

Believe me, and you don’t mind that little ferry ride when you taste flat whites served in alligator embellished cups. But still, we understand some people want coffee and don’t have enough time and patience to make that short journey so they can able to taste that coffee to some of the city’s best bars as that congregation’s beans are available for purchase on some spots like whole foods and Cochon butcher.

The Congregation Coffee roasters are located at 240 Pelican Ave, New Orleans, LA 70114, United States. You can always check the website for any update related to when you should visit the outlet, and if you are smart enough, you plan your visit on the day that will coincide with the roasting day, so you also get to see how these beans have been made and used in coffee. The light fare costs you 2$ normally.

8. Hey! Cafe

This Hey! This is one of the iconic music venues of New Orleans, and it’s still on the move after serving the coffee for more than a decade. This outlet started in 2009 and later opened a roastery on Annunciation street, New Orleans. The cafe is not just a place to drink coffee and eat sweet treats; when you visit this place, you can also pay homage to some of New Orleans’s greatest musicians on the Tipitina’s walk of fame.

This is the only one of the coffee shops in New Orleans which combines their awesome coffee with music and creates a pleasant experience. At these outlets, you can have coffee made with a selection of roasted beans in coffee-making methods such as press, drip, shot pull, depending on your request.

Hey! This outlet is mostly famous for its brunch menu items like Cortado with chill brewed espresso and park island brew. The cafe is at 2606 ST, New Orleans, LA 70119, United States.

9. Pond Coffee

This is the only outlet in New Orleans whose name has been suggested by many people repeatedly. If you ask some residents of New Orleans about some suggestions for the best outlets for coffee, then you will get to hear this name again and again.

Two baristas opened this shop in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, but even after so hard situations, this outlet tackles all the difficulties and earns its well-deserving goodwill. Pond coffee works as a pop-up coffee shop located inside a small mart, a deli in Bywater.

Pond Coffee exclusively uses oat milk when crafting its signature specialty coffee drinks. As an independent coffee shop, it doesn’t roast its coffee beans. They may take beans from Marigny coffee house, but still, it is one of the favorite coffee shops for many residents of New Orleans. Some of the most famous drinks are their Cappuccino and Iced Latte; these two always remain the standouts on their menu.

They also offer some of the interpretations of the traditional dishes of New Orleans with a very well-behaved staff which makes your visit more welcoming and memorable with the bean gallery. This cafe is located in the small mart at 2700 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70117, United States.

10. Coffee Science

From the Name of the outlet, you may get a picture of what factors make this outlet unique from all other cafes. This outlet is run by a New Orleans coffee professional who has the crafting specialty coffee for how brewing works. This place is a must-go for those who want science in everything and is exactly made for it.

They got a wide range of exotic drinks and a creative clock menu with more arrows if anyone wishes to go for brunch. The main popular items are Espresso, Late, Iced Coffee, and Honey Badger.

Se, health-conscious peoples visit this place without any hassle. Some popular breakfast and lunch items are Coppa Sandwich, Farro Bowl, Overnight oats. Coffee science also offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes.

This outlet follows the farm-to-table policies, which are good in many ways and help local farmers. You must try their Espresso Nebula if you visit the place. Outlet located at 410 S Broad ST, Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119, United States.

11. Cafe Beignet

A small group of friends established this outlet in the late 1990s at 334 Royal Street in New Orleans. This outlet is a good combination of New Orleans coffee shop and French coffee shop traditions through their business. This outlet takes pride in its beignets, tempting coffee, and some exotic food dishes, striving to bring the best to customers. Customer service is as good as their menu, and you will get homely vibes from this coffee shop.

Some of the favorite items of this outlet are their official doughnut of Louisiana and fresh beignets, which are hot and freshly served. They have a sweet corner and crispy outside, which makes it taste better, and when you try it, you get every flavor very clearly.

Both things are best paired with a cup of cafe au lait, which is coffee with milk. In this outlet, you can also partake in the tasty tradition and enjoy the magic of bean gallery and hole-less doughnuts with the classic espresso.

They also have chicory coffee available in their outlet. This outlet is also located at multiple locations, first is at 622 Canal Street, New Orleans; the Second one is at 600 Decatur Street, Ave, New Orleans, LA; the Third one is at 311 Bourbon Street, New Orleans and the fourth one is at 334 Royal Street, Ave, New Orleans, LA.


Here are all the best coffee outlets you can visit in New Orleans. These outlets all serve the best quality of coffee with their own exotic and creative dishes in New Orleans. You can visit these outlets with your friends or loved ones as these coffee shops got a better ambiance, like a bean gallery, with great customer service. When you go to these places, you never get disappointed or regret your visit.

Places are suitable for all your moods; if you want to work in peace and with concentration, you can work in a coffee shop without any hassle, or if you want to chill with your friends, so the coffee shops are a good place to hang out.

These coffee shops also bring you closer to your friends by knowing more about each other and spending more time talking instead of all busy on their mobile phones. So these are the places where you can easily socialize.

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