12 Best Luau In Maui

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The best luau in Maui
The best luau in Maui


There is not just one best luau in Maui, but so many. If you plan on vacationing in the Hawaiian Islands, you have to add visiting the best luau in Maui to your vacation bucket list.

For those of you who don’t know what exactly a luau is, a luau is a Hawaiian feast or party hosted in the traditional Hawaiian style and includes traditional Hawaiian entertainment.


12 Best Luau in Maui

If you are a party lover or a party animal who loves feasts and entertainment, do pay a visit to the best luau in Maui. And if you don’t know where to start, we are enlisting a few of the best luau in Maui below.


1) Old Lahaina Luau

The best luau in Maui
Old Lahaina Luau

This authentic best luau in Maui ensures that you enjoy traditional hospitality, entertainment, and food along with an amazing sunset view.

Enjoy the tropical beverages and cocktails included with the food. You can choose your desired seating area with either table chair seating or the traditional floor and table seating.

Visit their site to learn more.


2) Myths of Maui Luau

The best luau in Maui
Myths of Maui Luau

Visit the myths of Maui luau and experience the amazing Wailea Polynesian culture of the island.

The beautiful oceanfront setting of this luau will keep you feeling captivated and enchanted. The whole setting is based on the beautiful Kaanapali beach, making the whole dining experience even more memorable.

Engage your senses in the music, the ocean, the food, and the culture here at the myths of Maui luau.


3) Wailele Luau

The best luau in Maui
sip on the exotic mai tai

Here at the Wailele Polynesian Luau, you will get to see the greatest fire knife dance troupe. The whole show is held in a very secluded and private garden where you get to enjoy this exotic traditional dance form along with the tasty Hawaiian cuisine.

The best luau in Maui in terms of entertainment and food. You get to have end number of drinks from mai tai, cocktails to fruit juices during the three-hour show.

Book a table today and be ready to be amazed!


4) Aha’aina Wailea – A Grand Wailea Luau

The best luau in Maui
Fire dancers performing at the luau

Enjoy a grand and entertaining evening at the Lahaina Wailea with your family as they take you through the rich and unique culture in the form of a luau.

You will be led to your private dining table that overlooks the Wailea beach. Here you will be served a three-course luxurious traditional Hawaiian cuisine meal.

Enjoy the authentic Hawaiian music in the background while dining.


5) Drums of The Pacific Luau

The best luau in Maui
Be a part of the tradition

The next in the list of the best luau in Maui is the drums of the pacific luau. You would definitely not miss the grand commencement of this loud luau with conches and drums and fire torches.

The drum show that goes on here during the luau is brought about by the Hyatt Regency Maui and has been entertaining tourists for almost 40 years.

Experience and enjoy the staff’s world-class facility and hospitality during the luau while they bring you your favorite Hawaiian dishes and drinks.


6) Feast at Lele

The best luau in Maui
Enjoy a delicious feast

This best luau in Maui promises to offer an exceptional luau experience.

They feature a proper sit-down dinner with a five-course delicious traditional Hawaiian meal all gathered together from the lands of the Pacific, Tahiti, Samoa, Aotearoa, and Hawaii.

They are located alongside the historic town beach of Lahaina.

Enjoy various entertainment sources from the different aforementioned lands that will take you through their historic cultures respectively.

Enjoy drums, fire dancing, the hula dance, and many other Hawaiian traditional forms of entertainment.


7) Te Au Moana

The best luau in Maui
cookies in the shape of Hawaiian culture

Te au Moana stands for the ocean tide, which, true to its name – promises you an exciting experience and the best luau in Maui – like the ocean tide waves.

Enjoy the beautiful beachfront resort and the sunset while you dine at the luau.

This luau depicts the lavish history of the Hawaiian and Polynesian people.

The performers here are amazing, and make sure that you have the best experience of your life at this luau. The scenic location and the beachside vibes make your experience even more memorable and enjoyable.


8) The Feast at Mokapu

The best luau in Maui
Enjoyment for all age groups

Enjoy a ravishing feast along with luxurious vibes at this best luau in Maui.

The Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort is a beautifully decorated resort with grassy lawns and a culinary dining experience. This resort is located on the sandy beach of Mokapu beach.

Relish the amongst a variety of handcrafted beverages and drinks along with tasty cuisines and courses.

Learn the essence of the true Hawaiian values through their dances and songs.


9) Huaka I’ Luau -Journey Through Polynesia

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The performers do an amazing job to keep you entertained

Enjoy a terrific show and a delicious dinner at the next best luau in Maui- the Huaka I’ luau.

The name says it all. The luau offers and takes you through an exciting and enticing journey through Polynesia.

The feast consists of various dishes from the famous traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi salmon, kalua pork to a variety of free-flowing drinks like the mai tai, pineapple juice, and other alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

The exotic vibes of the luau are something you will remember for a very long time.



10) Wailea Beach Resort – Marriott Maui

The best luau in Maui
Witness aspects of the traditional Hawaiian culture

Be a part of the beautiful celebration of the Hawaiian traditional culture here at the Wailea beach resort that hosts Maui’s best luau.

The luau is brought to you by the famous five-star hotel, Marriott in Maui.

Enjoy a luxurious stay here at the resort that spreads over the sandy Wailea beach’s vast acres. Enjoy a drink at the shack in the mid-evening and go for a lavish dinner at the luau at night.

The entertainers make sure to give you a memorable night as you gulp down some of the famous cuisines and dishes.




11) Kaanapali Beach Hotel

The best luau in Maui
Spectate the breathtaking view of the beach from your beachside resort

The next entre on the list of the best luau in Maui is the Kaanapali beach hotel located on the beautiful Kaanapali beach.

Take a stroll down the beach with your loved ones as you spectate the breathtaking sunset or sunrise.

As for the luau, enjoy fire dancing and hula to traditional Hawaiian music.

Feast on the variety of dishes as you sit at the table in a very cozy seating made just for the luau.

Don’t forget to visit the famous black rock beach, a part of the Kaanapali beach.



12) The Westin Maui Resort and Spa

The best luau in Maui
Participate in the many events at the luau

Surrounded by loads of palm trees and located by a beautiful beach in Lahaina, this enormous resort and spa ensure that you have the best vacation with them.

They host the most luxurious and best luau in Maui, where you get to feel the vibe and energy of the performers dancing to loud drum beats and performing amazing stunts.

The cute hula girls dancing to the traditional Hawaiian music look really adorable and welcoming.

Enjoy all this while having a grand feast at the luau served by the friendly staff members.



Considering that this list of luaus in Maui might have helped you choose your preferred luau, we would suggest trying and visiting them all as it is really tough choosing the best luau in Maui as all of them are unique in their own way.

Do visit and make sure to share your beautiful experiences below in the comments section.

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